View Full Version : Gingerbread-ish suggestions...

12-09-2010, 9:11 AM
I made sure to read your sticky on consolidated requests. I will touch on those briefly so you may count my vote:
The smileys: I use probably one in every text, but mainly because I just love the little green Droid robot (in fact, I waited to root my phone for a long time before I found a rom that kept the smileys), but I use Handscent and they have a handy little button to easily add smileys, so no complaints.
I do feel we need an editable dictionary. I am being extra careful not to accidentally add any crazy words for now.

Also, I used the new Gingerbread keyboard got a few days prior to this Swype Beta and found some things I loved and some I hated.
The long press option that acts as the shift key to select numbers and symbols was a short and quick ' long press'. I liked it a LOT. Really added to the speed of my typing. Never messed me up either. Also liked the option to have a ' settings' button on the keyboard, as I'm always messing with stuff.

So, I'm looking forward to the official release with all these great updates and thanks again for the opportunity to test this out. I'm lovin' it!