View Full Version : Swype downloading but not working...???

12-06-2010, 6:11 PM
I recently had to wipe everything on my phone and do a fresh install. I download the installer without any problem. I then download swype and it seems to download and install without a hitch. It then asks if I want to watch a video, go to the tutorial, or finish. I hit finish and then head to my sys to make sure it works. When I open up a message swype pops up right away and looks like it always has. But when I start swype-ing words, nothing actually types. I can press the individual letters and they show up, but when I actually swype, nothing works.

What to do???

Well, I just got down downloading and installing for the 4th time and now, for some reason, it works. BUT, if anyone has any idea why it didn't work the first time that would be great for future reference.

12-06-2010, 9:41 PM
Next time, instead of uninstalling/reinstalling, use the new repair feature. If the installation fails the first time, simply relaunch the installer to try to repair your current installation. Should save you a lot of headache :)