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12-06-2010, 3:35 PM
I know that there are already a number of discussions here about the "hidden word" popup. However, all of the ones I found are closed, so I am starting this one so I can offer my own, alternative suggestion.

First of all, I believe that the purpose of a keyboard is to efficiently enter text. Anything which interrupts that process detracts from the value of the keyboard ... especially an excellent keyboard like Swype.

I understand the need to alert the user about the existence of hidden words. However, having a dialog that pops up and interrupts the typing or swyping process is, in my opinion, a serious flaw which severely lowers the usefulness of Swype.

There are other ways to solve the hidden word problem. Here is one suggestion that does not involve a highly intrusive popup which inhibits our ability to enter text. This suggestion consists of two interrelated features:

1. In the situations when a hidden-word dialog would now pop up, instead, the word that is entered is highlighted in some way: a different font, a different color, a different background, etc. However, typing ("swyping") continues unimpeded. Or perhaps these words could be appended to a scrollable list as we type.

2. The dictionary of added words is interactively user-editable. That dictionary can be entered via the info button or some other mechanism. The user can then add, delete, or modify the hidden words in that dictionary ... or any of the words. Furthermore, if any words are highlighted as I described above, pressing on the highlighted word will open the dictionary and position us to the hidden word (or the list of hidden words), which we can then modify or delete, if we so choose.

What I like about this mechanism is that our normal flow of entering text is not annoyingly interrupted, and we can deal with the hidden words later, at a more convenient time. Also, I like that we could directly access the dictionary and make changes to it, ourselves.

I don't see any drawbacks to removing the intrusive "hidden word" popup and replacing it with a mechanism such as this, or something similar ... aside from the fact that it requires person-hours to implement a new feature. And there are clear advantages to getting rid of the popup.


05-27-2011, 12:19 AM
Your ideas are brilliant! I am about as far from a techy person can get, but even I realize how horrible of flaw the hidden word pop-up is. I read somewhere in a thread that fixing this issue was low on the priority list, but I specifically chose a phone with the swype function for its efficiency, and this pop-up completely defeats that purpose. Though I've already invested a decent amount of money in the LG Optimus I'm so frustrated with this issue I'm willing to concede and get a different phone. How difficult can it be to remove this? Please, oh please swype tech engineers, do all your potential and current customers an enormous favor by ridding us of this incessant pop-up. Thank you

06-01-2011, 5:41 AM
I agree! Hidden word is nearly driving me away from Swype!

Adding a word in Swype is nearly as difficult as removing an error.

Tap out a new word,
The next type you type it, Swype STOPS YOU COLD with the hidden word dialog,
You have to close the dialog, double-tap the word and click the Swype button to add it to the dic.

I agree that highlighting the word instead of stopping with a modal is MUCH BETTER.
Even just an option to DISABLE the dialog permanently (check box in the dialog for 'never show this again' would be great!)

06-01-2011, 8:36 PM
I've been a faithful Swype user since February 2010. This hidden word popup has always bothered me and every few months I check the forums to see if it's been resolved. Late 2010, there was a post claiming this is low on the priority list, which is understandable.

As much as I love this app and how useful it's been over this past year and a half, this issue has become so big that I have decided to stop using it. I'd been dabbling with SlideIT and I have become comfortable enough with it that I am ready to switch.

I will check back occasionally to see if it's been resolved and when it is, I will probably reinstall Swype again. But for now, I simply can't take the constant popups anymore.