View Full Version : My Swype bug/issue list:

12-03-2010, 9:49 PM
Let me start by saying I love Swype. I've been using it for close to as long as it's been available. I have a Droid on Verizon. Bugless Beast Froyo .5. I feel like the accuracy and functionality is less now than in previous versions, and here are what I've noticed:

User dictionary preloaded with incorrect words

I asked a friend of mine with the same phone who is also a beta user to compare and we noticed the same issues. One example is when trying to type the word "lame," the word that comes up is "lamee." I would have never typed that, nor would my friend, and it's a strange coincidence that that word would come up unless it came in the dictionary included.

Sometimes cannot remove words from user dictionary

I've seen a couple posts about this but they were typically talking about contact names. One problem that I've had is the word "i'm" (which, again, I didn't type in manually). I've tried to remove it so that "I'm" is the default, but it isn't removed, no matter how many times I've tried.

Names are no longer handled correctly

Some names are recognized as names and some are recognized as user dictionary words. For example, I would try to type "gary." The word that would show up was "kate." I would then use the Swype key to change it, and upon changing it, the Swype "hidden word" box would come up. "Kate" is a name too.

Some contact names are placed in dictionary, some are not

I've noticed that some contact names, whether it be a weird first name or a last name, work and some do not. I don't quite understand why this is happening.



The "Hidden Word" box is not needed anymore

People that have used Swype understand what happens when a word in the user dictionary shows up. If it's the wrong word, we know that we can use the Swype key to change the word and tap it twice to have the option to get rid of it. We should be able to disable that pop up.

Proper nouns should always be capitalized

If I send a text to my friend named Gary, "gary" should never show up. That is never a common noun, and since proper nouns are always capitalized. The stock Android keyboard does it, Swype should too.


I may add more to this over time. Again, let me say that I love the product. I just hope that there will be some improvements.