View Full Version : Improvement to Hidden words.

David Parish
12-02-2010, 3:00 PM
The hidden word tip dialog that comes up when you swap a user-added word for a dictionary word is a source of frustration for many. The frequency with which it comes up bothers a lot of people. A second issue is that the tip suggests you write the word, select it and then press the Swype key to remove it from the dictionary, this is a very long winded solution.

I propose two changes:

Easy Deletion
- Add a button on the tip to remove the word from the dictionary instantly. This is good for removing erroneously added words.

Don't display again for this word
- Provide a button or tick box to prevent the dialog being shown again for the particular word in question.

EDIT - Just seen the sticky and seen that both of these have been suggested and are being looked at by the devs. Sorry for the unnecessary thread.