View Full Version : My Swype experience across multiple devices

11-25-2010, 11:24 AM
Hi all,

At the request of one of the staff, here's a thread detailing some of my experiences with Swype.

On the Nexus One running CM6 Nightlies, things have been relatively smooth. Going back and forth between the Nightlies and the stable would require a reinstall. Also at one stage where I believe they upgraded the kernel version going from one nightly build to the next it also required a reinstall. Not a big issue.

Installation on a Vodafone 845 ( http://www.gsmarena.com/vodafone_845-3212.php ) went through and installed the installer, it registered it as a device against my account, downloaded the Swype package through the installer, began installing then popped up with a lovely little error telling me it wouldn't work because of the screen resolution. Perhaps having that error pop up during the installation of the installer would be a little better, prior to going through downloading it, having it associated against my Swype account as a device etc?

The Haipad M701-R is a cheap iPad knock-off, 7" screen just like the Samsung Tab, but with a resistive touch-screen. Installation was smooth, but using Swype in landscape mode feels terrible. Partly I think it's the screens fault, but what I think would be really cool is if I had the option of having a half-width keyboard, perhaps that takes up the right-hand side only? I usually use my thumb to Swype, instead of my finger, so it became really difficult on this device to hold the 7" screen in my left hand, and press firmly enough to make the screen register. On top of that, the CPU is a little slow so occasionally I have to redo the odd word. It's pretty good for a very very cheap Android tablet though!

The Eken M001 just doesn't work at all, fails during installation because it has no unique identifier that most other devices do. After using it on the Haipad M701-R, it's CPU is probably far too slow to really be functional with it's combined low amount of RAM.

I'd be interested to hear how others have gone with the last 3 devices?