View Full Version : Swype Backend Dictionary w/ Filtering

11-22-2010, 6:01 PM
Hi there,

I've been using swype for a little over a month now.
And I must say, it is ingenious!

I've never really had any sort of major glitches with it.
But I do have a few questions/suggestions.

Where does the swype dictionary pull from? And how are words being added to i?
It seems like somehow, it has granted itself acces to my contact list (gmail and facebook).
It's a little odd to have it auto predict names in my contact list, this just isn't something normal people use in their conversations on a regular basis.

From what I've been reading in that other thread, there is no way to turn it off. :(

Ideally, the end user would be able to control the settings from where Swype is pulling in it's auto-detect word list.

I think this form of control should come as a filtered list, similar to the native Android contacts "Display Options" filter,
The end user should be able to toggle such items as:
- contact list name (first and last)
- facebook name (first and last)
- user custom dictionary (it'd be absolutely wicked to have this cloud controlled with a web interface).

I would assume that the backend would be tapping into multiple dictionaries, and keep them prioritized in terms of Frequency of use vs Accuracy

With these filters, if i'm talking about people, I can quickly toggle on more fiters allow swype to suggest more words, however,

most of the time, I can just leave swype to handle it's native dictionary and the user custom leave accessing less words for auto detect to be confused with.

I don't know, just a suggestion on how I'd like to see swype work.
Maybe i'm dreaming, but it definately seems doable, just maybe a fair bit of work.

Any thoughts/insights into this?

thank you!