View Full Version : Allow selection of languages which are not pre-loaded on Nokia's phones

11-22-2010, 12:42 PM
Nokia's phones, even S^3, have severe limitations in the language packs provided. I bought my phone in Denmark, and so it comes with English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. Stop.

I use to write in English, Danish, Italian. But Nokia won't give me an option to get Italian as an input language (well... unless I take the phone to a store where someone manually install the language, but I heard that not all stores do it, and then if I need to reset it to factory standards this would be lost again...).

Swype is fantastic! But as long as I know, one has first to select the phone's input language, and then, if Swype's available for that language, it'll be possible to use it.

I.e. when Swype will release its Danish version, I'll be able to choose it... but when Swype will release Italian, I won't, because my Nokia phone doesn't natively support Italian. Right?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if Swype could be developed as "independent" from Nokia's choice of languages? This would benefit Nokia greatly... as the limitation in its choice of languages is a very hot topic in Nokia's forums and among users...

11-22-2010, 2:16 PM
PLEASE IGNORE. Yes, Swype is independent from Nokia's languages (great!!!!!). I can swype in Portuguese on my Danish Nokia!! Just found out how to do, and it's easy!!!