View Full Version : Installation fails on my new C7

11-19-2010, 2:07 PM
Hi, after having seen Swype in action on a friend's Samsung, I had to get it too!

Something went wrong on the installation. After having downloaded and installed Swype, and rebooted the phone, I am pressing "Start" from the list of downloaded applications on my account tab in Ovi. I then get a message "inst.fail".

Swype is visible under "settings/program mgmt" (sorry my English may not be precise... my system is in Danish, and the menu is "Indstillinger/programstyring)s, and Swype's own settings are visible in the applications menu.

I tried the following:
1) to reboot the phone and relaunch the application. When I press "start" something happens (reading = "læser"), but I get a new message... "error during download" ("fejl under overførslen) - I am offered to fetch the program again - downloads starts again, installation etc... no success
2) I removed Swype from the phone via settings/program mgmt. rebooted the phone. the failed Swype is still on the Ovi menu... restarting from step 1 above gives no better result.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

11-20-2010, 9:59 PM
Update... after having "uninstalled" and rebooted, I found 4 (!) copies of a sysx file named swype-0x200... I deleted them... tried to install again... no success...

Any chance there is a conflict with the C7 updates I received from Nokia and installed?

I guess the next step would be a reset to factory standards...

11-22-2010, 12:20 PM
Me again... The solution is simple: the language offered by Swype must match the input language set on Nokia's phone (ie. not the language of the menues, the one used for writing). My phone was set for Danish input. Danish is not offered in Swype's current release. I changed the input language to English, and Swype is there.

Why does Ovi market show it as a failed installation? No answer... but the guy who provided me the answer on Nokia's forum, mentioned that sometimes Ovi market does weird things... anyway... case closed for me :cool: