View Full Version : Error message after MR update to Motorola DROID

11-17-2010, 10:14 PM
Hello, I'm reporting an issue after using Swype with my Motorola DROID phone.

Earlier today I received notice there was a new MR update for the phone, and downloaded and installed it. Afterward, I noticed that Swype would not swype anymore. This has happened before with MR updates, so I uninstalled the keyboard and installer, and re-downloaded the installer using the link sent to my email. This has worked in the past, but this time when launching the keyboard and changing the input type, I got an error message.

I didn't jot down the exact message, and I can't reproduce it right now, but it said something along the lines of "This copy of Swype is not configured for your device and will not have optimal features." Notably, I cannot swype, although I can tap to input on the Swype keyboard.

Below are the specifics as requested in the sticky:

Device Make/Model: Motorola DROID (A855)
Wireless Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Android Version: 2.2.1 (the MR update is what bumped it to 2.2.1, it was previously 2.2)
ROM Version: Stock ROM
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