View Full Version : anyone running UD here is how to get the new sype to work

11-15-2010, 2:36 PM
if anyone is running UD 1 or 2 here is how to get the new swype working

1. Uncheck Swype in keyboard settings.
2. Clear data and uninstall Swype first and then the installer (if you still have it).
3. Delete installer from your download folder.
4. Delete the libSwypecore file from your system/lib folder (I used root explorer).
5. Reboot
6. Log on to beta.swype.com and re-download the installer and install but don't run yet.
7. Go into settings/running services and kill everything you dare.
8. Go into settings/manage applications/running and kill everything you dare (probably not system processes).
9. Run Swype installer and download Swype.
10. Install Swype but when it say done, don't hit done rather, hit the back button.
11. On the next screen (the one that says "Download Swype", WAIT until it gives you the "Enable Swype" message

if u get the this swype is for another device download swapper2 and set it up then do the steps again and it will work!

i take no credit for this found it on the UD forums but figured it will also help here

11-22-2010, 11:38 PM
simple version for installing beta on ANY phone with a preinstalled, outdated Swype

1. Using root explorer or other root method, find the Swype apk in /system/app, back it up and remove it.
2. Back up and remove /system/lib/libSwypeCore.so
3. reboot
4. install beta like normal.