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11-12-2010, 2:23 PM
I am using a droid incredible 2.2 and when I tried to update I had some problems. I reset the phone followed all troubleshooting steps but when I tried downloading it again I keep getting the same error, "Parse error... There is a problem parsing the package." How do I fix this?

11-12-2010, 4:48 PM
Please read the POSTING GUIDELINES and supply ALL of the requested information in order to receive help.

In addition to the information requested there, can you tell me if you are using a third-party browser to download the installer?

11-13-2010, 9:15 AM
- Droid Incredible
- Verizon
- 2.2
-"Parse error... There is a problem parsing the package."
-Uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted.

11-13-2010, 9:23 AM
I tried downloading it again today and it actually worked so never mind. Thanks for your help though.

11-24-2010, 7:56 AM
I experienced the same issue with my Sprint HTC Evo. I'm also running 2.2. I persisted with clicking "start download" and after the 3rd try, the download worked.