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11-11-2010, 8:00 AM
Announcing the 5th release of the Swype BETA for Android

We're happy to bring you version of Swype BETA for Android. We've made some pretty fantastic upgrades with this version, including adding some new requested features and addressing some reported bugs. Read on for details...

First and foremost - We've resolved an accuracy issue that was introduced in the last beta update. Refer to the <a href="http://forum.swype.com/showthread.php?1499-Swype-BETA-for-Android-UPDATE-November-2010#changelog">changelog</a> for more detail on this critical fix.

Second - Swype BETA for Android now supports Double-Tap-to-Edit! Swype choose a wrong word? Just tap the word twice to bring up the word choice window, pick the correct word, and the cursor will return to wherever it was before. It doesn't get any simpler! See a video demonstration (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcMy3G5xXGY&feature=player_embedded#!), and check out our other tips and tricks (http://www.swype.com/tips-tricks.html).

And Third - Swype BETA for Android now includes a Voice-to-Text button (available for QWERTY layouts ONLY)! You MUST have Google Voice Search pre-integrated in your ROM for this feature to work. We wish everyone could access it, and are working to adapt our existing code to support versions of Voice Search downloaded from the market, as well as other voice search providers, in our next update.

Users with access to the beta can begin downloading the update immediately by pointing their device's browser to http://beta.swype.com/android/get

Some additional details...

You'll see much less of that pesky "Hidden Word" popup (though it will still show up once in a while)
Names from the address book will no longer muscle out all other words for top spot in the word-choice-window.
NEW SELF-UPDATING INSTALLER! This update includes a new installer with some long-needed feature updates. The new installer will self-update when you launch it, if necessary, so you'll NEVER have to uninstall and re-install the installer via our website. Just keep the installer on your device, and launch it periodically - If needed you'll be given the option to update it with just a click. We've converted the installation app from an "application" to a "service" so that the Android activity manager and other 3rd party task killers won't end the install process prematurely. That means no more rebooting, swap file, or voodoo witchcraft required! The installer now includes a repair function. If for any reason Swype stops working, simply re-launch the installer and you'll be guided through the steps necessary to get Swype running again.
Pour nos utilisateurs parlant franšais, nous avons ajoutÚ le support de langue franšaise. Profitez Swype dans la langue de l'amour!
EXPERIMENTAL support for Chinese Pinyin. The way you enter text is significantly different from other languages, so you'll need to read the Chinese Help (http://swypeinc.com/help-chinese.html) to learn how.

Enjoy the update and make sure to leave your feedback here on the forums!

11-11-2010, 8:03 AM
<a name="changelog"></a>Current versions
Installer: 1.1.15759
Revision history

INSTALLER v.1.1.15759 (11.1)
Added support for selecting different versions to download

MICRO BUILD - SWYPE BETA v2.17.59.15552
English/Spanish only, to keep filesize down.
No changes

INSTALLER v.1.1.15121
Revised installer workflow. Users can now enable Swype and select it as the default input method from within the Swype installer.
The installer now includes a repair feature. If a previous installation failed, or if the existing Swype BETA installation is broken (missing/corrupt license, etc), the installer will attempt to resume the installation process and repair any broken elements.
Clarified error messages to give a more accurate description of the specific problem encountered.
Added links to the tutorial and tips-and-tricks videos to the end of the installation.

SWYPE BETA v2.15.56.14870
Added support for new installer features, such as version checking and installation repair.
Merged the most recent changes from trunk (mostly device-specific bugfixes)

INSTALLER v.1.1.14002
Converted installer from "application" to "service", preventing the premature death of the installer in low-memory situations
Added update notification. Users will be notified when launching the installer if a new version is available.
Added notification to inform users if Swype is already installed at app launch, instead of halfway through the process.
Added support for landscape screen orientation

SWYPE BETA v2.10.52.13753
Resolved an accuracy issue that was introduced in the last Beta update. New software features supporting additional languages were included in the beta before the test plan for those features was complete (it is a beta after all). Subsequent testing identified the accuracy issue and corrections made. These new tests have been incorporated into our regression testing to prevent future accuracy issues.
Added Double-Tap-to-Edit and Cursor Restore
Added microphone button (QWERTY only. Requires Google Voice Search be pre-integrated in your phone’s ROM)
Added French & EXPERIMENTAL Chinese Pinyin languages
Modified new word priority defaults. The word-choice-window will now be ordered more intelligently when encountering custom dictionary words
Fixed a bug where an extra space would be added when replacing a word by Swyping after opening the word choice window
Improved the "Hidden-Word" dialog handling so it doesn't show up as often (more improvements to this next time)
Improved prediction when handling various path collisions
Lots of minor bug fixes

SWYPE BETA v2.4.44.10912
Added German and Portuguese languages
Added the auto-space suppression short-cut gesture: Swype from the spacebar to backspace
Added the quick language switch short-cut gesture: Swype from the Swype Key to the Q key
Improved the word prediction algorithm to provide better support for additional languages
Improved handling of several gesture collisions, including want/wasn't, to/too and others
The Android IME no longer sometimes hangs/crashes when Swype scrapes the user's address book for dictionary entries
Tips and help menus now accessible when a password field is active
Backspace now works in applications which use raw key input instead of an editable text field (e.g. terminal emulator)
The single character "i" is no longer incorrectly auto-capitalized in non-English languages (reported by many of you!)
Tons of other minor bug-fixes, including many device-specific issues

SWYPE BETA v1.56.30.7625
Added better context sensitivity for the “magic button” (go/search/enter/smiley)
Added automatic apostrophe insertion for contractions (e.g. won't, don't, wasn't, etc)
Added the Italian language dictionary
Improved sensing of field type to prevent the display and addition of passwords to the UDB (user dictionary)
Improved suppression of auto-spacing in fields such as URLs and email addresses
Updated the built-in dictionary to include several common words that were previously missing
Rewrote some settings descriptions to be more clear on their functionality
Fixed licensing issue causing “Limited Functionality” errors when rebooting devices running Android 2.0 and later
Fixed licensing issue causing some users to receive an “Incorrect ID” error when installing Swype
Fixed a bug where manually typing some words with word-prediction enabled would cause Swype to crash
Fixed a bug which caused some words added to the UDB to erroneously override other words when word-prediction is enabled
Many other minor bug fixes!