View Full Version : Shortcuts would definitely make Swype the fastest way to type text

11-06-2010, 10:25 AM
With my move from the Palm T|X to the Samsung Galaxy S the input of text became faster, but not the input of standard text/phrases. Sywpe really is the killing app that made me go for an smartphone. But what I miss the most is the ability to make a small database of words/phrases that I use a lot and take time to input.
With the Palm it was possible to enter a snake-like symbol followed by a few letters and the system would then input the word or phrase.
Within Swype this would require an extra button on the Qwerty keyboard. But maybe the Swype-button would be enough if followed by the database-letters in one go.

It must be possible to make me forget all about the Palm I would think...

11-06-2010, 9:37 PM
As mentioned several times the dictionary is something that we all believe needs a major overhaul. What I'd personally like to see if a way to alias one custom word to another. For instance the username I use on the majority of websites I visit is 'i208khonsu'. Swyping this is just simply impossible. However if I could enter a custom word of 'itbckhonse' and have Swype alias that word so 'i208khonsu' would come out it would eliminate much of the times I need to slide out my keyboard. .//edit Correction, this already works by default. Heh, didn't notice. Shortcuts/Aliases still stand however.

Similar to what your saying I'd also love to be able to alias my passwords to some silly obscure alias. For instance if my password was 'Swyp3ru11z' and made an alias for it to something like 'zqzbz' the password would be easy to enter and still obscure to recognize.