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Oesten Sapp Nelson
10-19-2010, 5:54 AM
I love swype, but the "Hidden Word" window is driving me up the wall. Any time I type in a "standard" word that is superseded by one of my custom words, once I select the standard word, I get a window popping up that tells me that the word I wanted was hidden, and how to delete the custom word that I added to the dictionary. This then causes problems, like gmail not searching email addresses beginning with that word and providing a drop-down to select the word I want - instead, I get an additional 2 error windows telling me the email address I selected is invalid. I don't want to delete my custom word, and I don't mind selecting the "standard" word that has been hidden. But the "Hidden Word" dialog is driving me up the wall, and I can't turn it off!

To reproduce this:
OS: Android 2.2.1, build FRG83
Gmail: v2.3
Device: Nexus One
Carrier: AT&T

Create the word "Horan", and add it to the custom dictionary
Go to Gmail.
In the "To:" field, enter the word "Joan"; if you enter it a certain way (close to "Horan"), a word selection dialog starts, with "Horan" at the top
Select "Joan"
The Swype hidden word dialog starts; select "back", then "OK" twice for the recipient error. Try to fix the recipient error by clicking on the To: field again, and typing in the next letter of the contact.

Net effect: 6-8 extra clicks


10-20-2010, 8:58 AM
I know they were planning to take this out - or at least make it configurable - and I'm surprised it wasn't in the last update. Given that Swype's prime raison d'etre is speed, even without your gmail bug (or in reality any application that starts doing a network/local lookup in the background whilst you fiddle with word selection), this is a pain and contra to swype's aims. The sooner it gets taken out the better...

11-07-2010, 10:15 AM
In fact this screen makes me typing slower than without swype!!!!!! Btw is it possible to update swype independent of samsung firmware on galaxy s? I have another bug that swype often capitalizes the first letter of the second word... For whatever reason. I don't want to wait for another samsung update which can take months......

11-07-2010, 1:01 PM

Unfortunately no, there is no way to update Swype on devices that come preloaded with Swype without a firmware update from the carrier/manufacturer.

I've added this issue to our growing list of problems with the Hidden Word popup. We have an update coming any day now that will significantly reduce the frequency of the hidden word dialog, and are planning to completely redesign the feature with the following update (estimated late december/early january?). We know how frustrating this issue is. Thanks for being patient

11-24-2010, 9:22 AM
hidden dialog bug again???