View Full Version : Easier feedback mechanism

Oesten Sapp Nelson
10-19-2010, 5:41 AM
I really think there needs to be a more streamlined feedback process. I understand wanting to do forums so that you don't have to process numerous duplicates, but you still get duplicate requests on forums because people don't know how to/want to search, people who have a serious annoyances but are busy at the moment are likely to put off posting and then forget the annoyance, and you don't get feedback from the lowest common denominator; you just get feedback from users who are comfortable online and don't mind signing up for forums. So, I'd suggest having a more direct, simple-message feedback process. If you don't, you risk missing out on feedback to make yourself a better application, and depending on patents/how vigorously you defend patents, you either let the customer down or get surpassed by a competitor who listens better/more efficiently.

Also, there really should be something within the application pointing us to the feedback/bug pages. It would be best if it's a simple-message interface that includes app info, but it should at least be a link to the forums. Same arguments as above, but this time referring to the hurdle of getting to the feedback mechanism in the first place.