View Full Version : Swype + Dragon on the fritz

03-13-2014, 12:47 PM
I purchased Swype + Dragon for my Samsung SGH-T769 - Galaxy S Blaze. It was working great until recently when the keyboard would stall coming up or while swyping would just stop. Awful! Not the Swype I know and love. I decided to remove it from my phone and reload it.
1) No longer was there an option for the paid version - OK, fine, I will go for the free. Now the free one is exactly like my old one - cool - but
2) now my Business Calendar no longer has Swype - only a regular keyboard. Why is Swype no longer on my calendar and how can I get it back?
3) Also, very frustrating, all my words I added to my dictionary are gone.

This is a real piss off. What happened to Swype? You used to be so great!

03-13-2014, 2:09 PM
Hi WiseHeart,

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with Swype.

When you say that you reloaded Swype, did you complete the installation again? Have you gone through the start up process? It sounds like you might just need to set the full version of Swype as your keyboard.

Follow these steps to set Swype + Dragon as your keyboard:

1. Enter a text field
2. Pull down your device's notification bar (from top of screen)
3. Select "Choose input method"
4. Select Swype + Dragon

If you don't see Swype + Dragon in this list, check your Input settings (found in Settings > Language and input). Make sure that "Swype + Dragon" is enabled in the list of keyboards shown there.

When you remove an application it deletes data that is stored locally on your device (for Swype that includes personal dictionary words and your language model, unless you are registered with our cloud Backup & Sync feature). Did you register with the "Backup & Sync" feature before you uninstalled Swype?