View Full Version : Multi touch for faster input

09-29-2010, 10:34 AM
Hello. I've been using shapewriter and haven't had a chance to use swype.

For me I use my thumb to type and my other thumb feels neglected. With multi touch the other thumb could be used and save a lot of traveling across the screen.

If I was going to write the word "of", I would need to drag from O to F. How about if I just held down the O and tapped the F with my other thumb, swype could assume a straight line.

For me to spell the word "that"(i'm right handed) I would like to start on T, move to H, tap the A with my left hand and move my right hand back to the T.

Hope that made sense. The only problem would be how to incorporate it. Does one thumb do all the moving and the other all the tapping, or do you switch which thumb moves when tapping.

A good word that shows how useful it would be is the word "how". Slide from H to O and tap the W. The word "new" shows why swapping which hand moves is useful. Press N, tap E and drag from the E to W.

If you liked this idea, do consider letting me try the beta.