View Full Version : Surprised/confused: lack of shortcuts

09-26-2010, 7:47 AM
Hello all
I've been searching and testing out keyboard apps for quite a while now and using a pda since 2001. Used Calligrapher for 4 years until the recognition error rate drove me crazy. Tried various qwerty options and hate qwerty. Settled on Fitaly and love it. Along comes Swype which ALMOST makes me want to change from Fitaly. Almost. It's far and above every other qwerty app option going.

Here's what surprises and confuses me. I've yet to find a text input app, other than Fitaly, that incorporates easy, quick access to user customized shortcuts for commonly used words, phrases, common key combos, program launching, etc.

It's the ONLY reason I won't switch to Swype, which I consider the 2nd best text input app out there because it doesn't have this feature. Come on Swype Inc., get this happening!! It would take your excellent product and super-charge it to amazing levels.