View Full Version : My 2 cents about Swype.

09-16-2010, 1:22 AM
Well, I just tried all 3 "swype" keyboards - SlideIT (Windows Mobile), ShapeWriter (iPod Touch 3G) and Swype (Windows Mobile, the old old OLD public beta on my dad's HTC HD2).

And I must say, Swype is purely amazing ! I first tested out Swype on my dad's HTC HD2, and I was able to type as fast as my typing speed on my iPod Touch ! (which decently fast, faster than my dad on the computer). I found that I was able to swype so quickly and it had an amazing accuracy rate (part of being able to type quickly was due to being able to swype a little sloppily). This was in about 10 minutes, before my dad went to work.

Then I tried ShapeWriter on iPod Touch. It was so much worse. My typing speed dropped by half from my iPod Touch typing speed (stock keyboard). It was so bad at recognising my swyping when I typed fast (and thus a little sloppily), and the algorithm was much worse as well. A swype of "for" returned "four". (I know that they're on the same swype path, but obviously, the word "for" is used much more often than "four". Typing at a slower speed (and therefore more accurate) yielded better results, but still much more "fail-like" than Swype's, I had to correct a third of the words, whereas I only correct one word when swyping with Swype. SlideIT, well, it was pretty much ShapeWriter done all over again.

So that's amazing work, and that was the very first open beta from ages ago! I just wish I could get my hands on your (closed) beta, because I'm thinking of purchasing the HTC Desire HD soon, but the lack of Swype availability on it has stopped me, and I'm thinking of some other low-end, JME phone instead for at least another year.

Amazing work! As with the thread title, it should be 20 dollars, not a mere 2 cents.