View Full Version : some features i'd like...

09-12-2010, 6:42 PM
An easy way to turn off auto add to dictionary when hitting individual keys.

Specifically for entering passwords, or if i'm on a forum where i'm using a lot of formulas (I'm a chemist, so weird combinations of letters and numbers are common for me). I like swype, but it's frustrating when you swype certain patterns and get a random number set or worse, a password from a site/email etc because it stored it automatically. I don't wish to have to manually remove passwords from my dictionary.
Long press of the Swype button, perhaps?

Second, It'd be awesome if we could have a way to manually de-select the keyboard.
By this i mean make it drop away from the screen. I've found a few places where i have to type in multiple boxes that all fit on one screen. So because there is no scroll on the page itself, you can't get the keyboard to drop down. The native keyboard on the HTC desire has this, and I've found i use it pretty regularly.

To give you some idea, I just downloaded the new beta for Android. To input my login details at the installer page, i have to enter in email and password. If i'd been using swype, i have no way (that i'm aware of) of getting to the second box. With the HTC keyboard i just drop it down, select the box and everything moves.

Now that may be a problem with Android itself or my phone/browser whatever. But it is something i do use a lot.