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09-12-2010, 3:04 PM
Hello Swype,

First of all, congratulations with the great app.
Each update it gets better and better.
It all really works smooth and easy.

Now the point why I'm creating this thread.
I've been using the app for a while and been testing the english and currently the new released deutsch.

But with me quite a lot of dutch beta testers are really waiting for a dutch/nederlands language pack to test out.
So could it be a possibility to add a dutch/nederlands language pack to a upcoming beta?

Another thing, maybe it's an option to add the possibility to move the app or at least the language packs to the SD.
So you will reduce the size of the app on the phone itself but you are able to increase the languages included with the app.
So instead of a 6mb app you can make it 15mb (or more) but move the app to SD, and decrease the actual size of the app on the phone back to 6 or even less.

But with a dutch/nederlands language pack in one of the upcoming beta's you would do the dutch beta testers community a big favor. That way we are even able to do more tests, and let some dutch android sites write previews about the dutch language and how great it works.

Anyway keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

12-08-2010, 5:13 PM
I agree on the dutch there, i was happ yto see an email in my mailbox reading i finally got into the beta. I rushed in and after some woes (using MIUI) installing and rebooting, i saw there was no Dutch support available. That makes me a bit sad.

Hopefully dutch will get support soon in the beta, the language is readily availble i recon since it's available on devices...

12-11-2010, 2:19 AM
True, great app. Can't wait to get Dutch language on it.