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09-06-2010, 8:48 PM
I've been a Beta user since getting my Droid a few months ago and have been loving Swype...really, really loving it.

That said, I was recently given a Swype update to version Since running this update Swype has become much less usable for me. Some examples of the issues I've been encountering since the update are:

When I try to enter simply the word "a", the top suggestion is not that very common word but instead is the word "amber".
When I go back and try to extend some existing text to make a new word, Swype aggressively substitutes new word recommendations instead of using the characters I am typing.
Overall accuracy seems somewhat diminished.

I have searched and found a number of similar issues, but as I am unable to reply to those posts and they do not mention the version update aspect of the issue that I have experienced, I believe this is appropriately filed as a separate bug. Those posts include:


A few specific things that distinguish this issue from those:

As noted, this issue has only manifested recently for me, since receiving the version update to Swype.
While the "single letter" issue report cites similar behavior as a bug, the problem I am experiencing goes beyond just usefulness of the recommendation popup. Not being able to easily type "a" or even some common 2 letter words significantly compromises the usefulness of Swype, making it unreliable in normal use and hard to use quickly.

I look forward to being a continued avid user and advocate of Swype's technology. Thanks for all the excellent work!

Ps. I am running Froyo.

09-08-2010, 7:35 PM
Thanks for the feedback eethann.

The "suggestion" problems you're receiving are indicative of our admittedly poor "word prediction" (it's not even really word prediction...it's word completion). We recommend leaving the "Word Prediction" option in Swype's settings OFF, as it only does anything when tap-typing anyway, and if you're Swyping, you shouldn't need to tap-type except when adding a word that isn't in the dictionary anyway.

As to overall accuracy, please try moving the "Speed vs Accuracy" slider more towards the "accuracy" side. This slider is also found in the Swype Settings window. You can access the settings page by long-pressing the "Swype" key and pressing the "options" button.

09-13-2010, 1:31 PM
I've been having the same accuracy problems described above. I have adjusted my "speed vs. accuracy" settings to several different positions, but I have not noticed any increase in accuracy.

To be clear, the lack of accuracy was not only the first thing I noticed about this recent version, but it is VERY inaccurate for me - several words are wrong, and some of them SEVERELY wrong (for instance, when I try to type "problem", "plutonium" is the word that frequently appears.) In fact, I just registered here so I could report that problem. It's pretty invasive, actually. For me, it is ruining the experience (some messages have more incorrect words than correct ones. That really slows down the process!), and I did not have anywhere near this level of problem with the previous version. BUT I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! Please make it work! :)

09-25-2010, 5:24 PM
Ditto on everything breebo said. The September update is way worse at guessing the right words than the old one. Many times I have to tap-type a word because no matter how many times I swype it (slowly, so I'm getting the right letters) Swype just won't pick up on it. I love Swype, too. I HATE to think about switching back to that stock keyboard, but I'm starting to wonder if I might be more productive if I did.

Godspeed on the fixing, Swype Team!

HTC Hero
Android 2.1