View Full Version : Question regarding the Airplane Mode/Configured for another device issue

09-05-2010, 6:02 PM
First off: I LOVE Swype! Great app and will happily pay for it when it comes out officially.

Secondly, a "bug" issue:

I turned the phone to Airplane Mode so I could use it on the flight and then as a data only phone when I was in an area with no coverage. Then I shut off the phone and turned it back on still in airplane mode, hence Swype not working and the "Configured for another device" error message...
I read all the related posts and "fixed" the problem by simply turning airplane mode on and restarting the phone in a coverage area BUT nothing and no one answers the real question here:

For those of us that live in areas of spotty coverage and/or fly a lot where we will turn off our phones on long flights or might use a phone as a wifi only device:
WHY hasn't this been fixed OR is it not considered a problem???
This IS a real issue especially with the ability to use a phone as strictly a wifi/data device when traveling internationally without using a "local" carrier...
So: IS this going to be fixed?



09-08-2010, 7:33 PM
This issue doesn't apply to PreLoad devices, as they use a different registration method. Beta-only issues aren't receiving much attention lately, as we've been very very busy with OEM partner requests. It's something we know is an issue, and want to fix, but it would take a lot of time and likely require a brand new licensing method - something we just don't have the time to dive into at the moment. Rest assured, we're aware of the problem and intend to resolve it when we can.