View Full Version : This forum & a minor request... favicons

09-02-2010, 1:22 AM
Favicons give you another small opportunity to add branding to your company's websites. They also help users distinguish sites within their bookmarks, especially important when used on browser toolbars.

I for one have a toolbar in Chrome packing in my favourite 40 sites, only possible as I rely on the icon alone to identify each site. This falls down when a site provides no icon or, as in this case, uses a generic site software icon (vBulletin). I now have four such icons on my toolbar & am coming round to the idea of relegating them all to a less visible & less accessible folder within my bookmarks.

Could you please add a suitable swype inc icon - even if you need to resort to the malformed blob used by http://swype.uservoice.com/forums/ ;-)