View Full Version : Verizon update to froyo on Droid stops input from being recognized via swype

09-01-2010, 2:41 PM
I had the froyo update a few weeks ago, which stopped my phone's input device from accepting words that were swyped. I was able to correct the problem by reinstalling the application, and everything was fine until this morning when I received another update to my phone from verizon, which seems to have addressed slowness issues intorduced by the first android 2.2 download. It seems though that it has broken swype, and after uninstalling and reinstalling several times I still am unable to get the input method to work. Any direction you can provide would be appreciated.


EDIT by Admin - Please follow the instructions in the sticky at the top of this forum. This is a) not a bug, but a troubleshooting request, b) already being discussed in the troubleshooting forum, and c) missing the required information to provide support. The forums are here for you to read, not just post :) Thread locked.