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  1. AZERTY-keyboard with dutch language!
  2. DO NOT POST requests for your device to include other languages!!!
  3. POLISH Letter "i" is always uppercased
  4. ENGLISH - UK [SWYPE BETA] Separate keyboard layout from language chosen
  5. FRENCH thank you for adding french to the beta !
  6. GERMAN I have no directory on my phone
  7. Portugueses words "a" and ""
  8. SPANISH Issue when I download
  9. RUSSIAN Russian language
  10. POLISH Polish language in beta
  11. DUTCH Dutch language support for version
  12. NORWEGIAN (Bokml) Any plans?
  13. ROMANIAN Beta available languages (7) < Supported languages (47)
  14. JAPANESE In Development?
  15. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Just got into the beta and...
  16. TAGALOG Are there any plans of developing this?
  17. FRENCH First names to be integrated to dictionary
  18. DANISH Are danish planed
  19. TURKISH language support request
  21. DUTCH How can we contribute to get other languages released for Swype
  22. SERBIAN (LATIN KB) Serbian swype
  23. NEW LANGUAGE Arabic
  24. CATALAN Supported language?
  25. Norwegian/disable dictionary?
  26. INDONESIAN Indonesian Language Request
  27. ESTONIAN Support for my language?
  28. SPANISH Issue to start a word with an " a "
  29. SPANISH Swype doesnt works after turned on the phone
  30. HUNGARIAN Missing characters
  31. SPANISH Add spanish words to dictionary, but with special characters; ,
  32. NEW LANGUAGE Request to develop LUXEMBOURGISH language Pack
  33. GREEK Why no greek in the Swype beta?
  34. PORTUGUESE - PORTUGAL Improvements & question
  35. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Numbers can't be typed continuously under Chinese language
  36. FRENCH Suggestions very slow in french
  37. FINNISH an announcement for the linguistics team.
  38. JAPANESE Japanese Language Beta Feedback
  39. HUNGARIAN Hungarian Language Beta Feedback
  40. ITALIAN Italian language required
  41. NEW LANGUAGE Request for EMPTY language
  42. FRENCH Accented single letter word (like )
  43. CROATIAN Support for Croatina?
  44. ESTONIAN Estonian Language Beta Feedback
  45. Words from english in another language
  46. SLOVAK Is Slovak language planned?
  47. LITHUANIAN Is Lithuanian speech releasing planned
  48. SPANISH Beta; New words added>> is there a limit for user words?
  49. LITHUANIAN Llithuanian keyboard design
  50. ENGLISH - US English and non-english beta on a single device
  51. Bugs in Landscape Mode, not existing wrong words in library (german)
  52. Japanese beta, symbols displayed on english
  53. Word priority in the French support
  54. FRENCH Weird issues with word precedence in the French dictionary since version 2.29.71
  55. DUTCH Changing words with de swype-key in whatsapp
  56. ALL will be possible to choose languages instead of getting all of them?
  57. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) showing bopomofo and the word....
  58. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) some time will FC
  59. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Problems with one syllable terms.
  60. ITALIAN "e" vs. ""
  61. FRENCH CANADIAN please include it in beta
  62. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Taiwanese Keyboard?
  63. ALL The Possibility of making the language packs external?
  64. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Should it come with "Chang Jie" IME for Traditional Chinese
  65. FRENCH No double quote available
  66. ESTONIAN Unable to install it
  67. swype crashed after changing input method
  68. DUTCH Qwerty keyboard -> Azerty keyboard
  69. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Lack of whole series of words.
  70. FRENCH "er" shortcut
  71. ITALIAN italian please!
  72. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Export/import language dictionary?
  73. DANISH QVGA languages - danish
  74. NEW LANGUAGE Is the Swype team working on hindi?
  75. ALL Why not decouple language and keyboard layout?
  76. GERMAN German language on HTC Sensation
  77. ALL Closed Beta is sh**
  78. ITALIAN "la" article not "l" and words that don't exist.
  79. SWEDISH Change the keyboard layout to match the standard please!
  80. ALL Swype...to change language!!
  81. CROATIAN slavic languages
  82. FINNISH No finnish language??!!
  83. FRENCH CANADIAN French Canadian
  84. Bugs that only seems to appear with GERMAN language
  85. SWEDISH new beta languages, layout
  86. HEBREW HEBREW for swype
  87. GERMAN composed words in German
  89. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Help! Portuguese, MOTOROLA XOOM Type: MZ605_3G8_19_21, Swype Ver:
  90. UKRANIAN no Ukrainian language in
  91. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) About the blank key.
  92. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Cannot find the Swype Beta Chinese/English version?
  93. NORWEGIAN (Bokml) When will norwegian language be added?
  94. NEW LANGUAGE Afrikaans
  95. NORWEGIAN (Bokml) Creating your own dictionary
  96. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Adding Portuguese to my Swype
  97. BASQUE Basque language when?
  98. PORTUGUESE - PORTUGAL Special characters - worse in new version
  101. JAPANESE Japanese Language Beta for Honeycomb
  102. RUSSIAN differentiating between several words sharing the same path
  103. KOREAN Would love to see Korean support
  104. SLOVAK Really please - bring back Slovak language to Swipe 3- Android!
  105. SPANISH This lenguage pack is not inclusive enough
  106. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Is it really difficult to develop chinese version for 480*854?!
  107. ALL Please separate language from keyboard layout
  108. Stiill the SAME error as in the earlier beta...with GERMAN language...please fix!
  109. hypen in russian words
  110. No mic in russian layout
  111. FARSI swype with other language
  112. THAI Crappy dictionary
  113. FRENCH Punctuation doesn't respect typographic rules (spacing)
  114. VIETNAMESE Is it possible to include Vietnamese in recent beta version ?
  115. ALL Different user dictionaries for different languages
  116. VIETNAMESE Improve Vietnamese layout
  117. GERMAN GERMAN - How to make it work?
  119. DUTCH How to change from version English/Spanish to version All Languages?
  120. GERMAN Compounds
  121. ALL Important suggestion for improving Swype (syntactical analysis)
  122. ALL Incorrect and placement in new keyboard layout
  123. SPANISH no "" on spanish layout 3.26
  124. FRENCH French apostrophes support
  125. FRENCH French accents
  126. Different user dictionaries for different languages
  127. RUSSIAN 3.26: issue with Russian keyboard
  128. THAI Please Change the keyboard layout a little bit.
  129. FRENCH CANADIAN Unnecessary "" key on French Canadian keyboard
  130. GERMAN Quotation marks
  131. TURKISH Not in beta ? all regions pack? no single topic?
  132. NEW LANGUAGE Tamil Keyboard Layout
  133. DUTCH The vowel combination "ij" is a digraph
  134. Consistent crash when spelling words starting with leter "i" with Dutch keyboard
  135. SLOVAK Change possible in keyboard layout?
  136. GERMAN Option for using / not using auto capitalization on nouns
  137. Umlaute on German keyboard layout
  138. RUSSIAN Language switch
  139. JAPANESE Where is the Pan-Asia pack?
  140. FRENCH Keyboard layout and broken dictionary
  141. poor swype experience since last update
  142. FRENCH poor swype experience since last update
  143. HEBREW Problem with Hebrew suggestions
  144. DANISH Correct Danish Keyboard layout
  145. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Chinese Traditional (w/ PinYin)
  146. ITALIAN new layout: missing stressed chars in italian layout
  147. RUSSIAN Priority choice of words
  148. ENGLISH - US No french keyboard
  149. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) After installed Beta version, can't download the Chinese
  150. DUTCH "n" in stead of "een"
  151. CZECH Swype experience appallingly BAD with the last beta (Czech language)
  152. ROMANIAN Keyboard layout
  153. FRENCH CANADIAN No QUERTY available, no French (Canadian) option since update
  154. ITALIAN Italian keyboard does not show up
  155. TURKISH Irrelevant results makes swyping meaningless
  156. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Some Problems when Swyping Chinese
  157. HEBREW Future singular first person form of verbs is missing from Hebrew dictionary
  158. ARBAIC Arab Language
  159. FRENCH French Tips ?
  160. SLOVENIAN HP Slate2 additional language
  161. CATALAN The word "NO" in catalan is ALWAYS uppercase
  162. ITALIAN Using apostrophe in elisions
  163. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Is Swype considering adding the 9-key keyboard layout to enhance effieciency?
  164. ALL UserDictionary words
  166. NEW LANGUAGE Malayalam
  167. POLISH Beta tablet
  168. FRENCH Swiss French voice recognition
  169. FRENCH Dreadful dictionary
  170. NEW LANGUAGE Belarusian Language Development and Contribution
  171. GERMAN German tastatur
  172. FRENCH CANADIAN Layout for French (Canada)
  173. ALL Language key to be moved?
  174. GERMAN Swype beta in German for ICS Android?
  175. POLISH Changing Swype languages on ICS
  176. NEW LANGUAGE Armenian language
  177. GALICIAN Is there a Galician dicctionary?
  178. TURKISH Turkish Language with English-Q Interface
  179. BULGARIAN Natinal layoutt not available while phonetic is
  180. SWEDISH Voice recognition
  181. FRENCH Punctuations rules
  182. Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong/Taiwan) Cangjie input keyboard bug
  183. ITALIAN shortcuts to accented characters doesn't work in new beta
  184. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Trad chinese (hk) - hkscs
  185. CATALAN How the apostrophe works in the new Swype Beta v.
  186. ROMANIAN Romanian dictionary update is actually a regress
  187. CATALAN Missing words and apostrophes problem
  188. HEBREW No question mark
  189. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) The keyboard is very small..
  190. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Great Firewall Of China blocking Languages download
  191. Romanian language or keyboard bug
  192. THAI Thai Keyboard Layout is totally wrong!!!
  193. NORWEGIAN (Bokml) Heri?
  194. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) PinYin stop auto capitalization/space
  195. FRENCH Shortcut for "" has disappeared, and still useless "" key.
  196. NEW LANGUAGE How can I help?
  197. HEBREW Suggestion for a better layout
  198. NEW LANGUAGE BENGALI Language request
  199. ALL Non English and multi-lingual Layout
  200. GERMAN Wie bekomme ich Swype 3?
  201. UKRANIAN Ukrainian language discussion
  202. MALAY No exclamation marks
  203. FRENCH Touche Entre/Smiley
  204. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) chinese input for nokia n9
  205. NEW LANGUAGE How can i add my language to swype beta ?
  206. GERMAN Sprachbefehle
  207. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Availability expectative
  208. GERMAN Can't write ":)" by swyping over "J" and "H"
  209. SPANISH Keyboard layout for Spanish
  210. KOREAN Changing alternate language on the Korean keyboard
  211. HEBREW Bad keyboard, easily fixable!
  212. ENGLISH - US Problem: Language voice input
  213. GREEK NEW LANGUAGE Add Greek Nuance Dictation,it's super easy!
  214. SPANISH No problems so far on Sense 4.1 or whatever cyanogenmod
  215. FRENCH Symbian FP2, bug a la frappe.
  216. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Options to select Traditional Chinese in Pinyin Input
  217. NEW LANGUAGE plees add hindi on s60v5
  218. NEW LANGUAGE Serbian Cyrillic
  219. GERMAN New update, old layout
  220. NEW LANGUAGE please add Macedonian
  221. GREEK Capitals include accents
  222. SPANISH New keyboard layout is bad and many words are way too hard to select
  223. TURKISH misspelling words in dictionary & learning new language
  224. SPANISH Opening symbol gesture inverted
  225. KOREAN Problem with Cheonjiin(천지인) input method (spacebar)
  226. CATALAN Not present in Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
  227. ARBAIC Add Tashkeel marks "حركات" & Make Arabic Numbers primary
  228. KOREAN After latest update, switching to English slow or force closes.
  229. HEBREW No Hebrew after upgrading to Android 4.0.4
  230. ENGLISH - US The arabic language invertes after latest update of galaxy s3
  231. ITALIAN Apostrophe and Accent
  232. ARBAIC Arabic Dictionary for the nokia swype does not exist
  233. ALL How to add new language
  234. CATALAN Little help for Catalan users...
  235. SERBIAN (LATIN KB) Problem with keyboard layout
  236. TURKISH layout bug
  237. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Adding number and punctuation to the changjei keyboard
  238. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong/Taiwan) Handwriting input keyboard Problem
  239. DUTCH Can not select dutch (nederlands) anymore
  240. CHINESE (Trad. w/ Bopomofo) Input Trad. Chinese with the built in writing pad
  241. GERMAN Some Words missing
  242. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Version Not predicting correctly common words
  243. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Swype Beta Cannot Not Download Languages
  244. GERMAN ,,
  245. TURKISH Swype.v3.26.92D.38303.t0.8611.ENSP
  246. NEW LANGUAGE can swype add hinglish language for symbian on betalabs.nokia.com
  247. NEW LANGUAGE Malayalam Language Support
  248. PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL Is there already a version to brazilians users?
  249. CHINESE - MANDARIN (SIMPLIFIED) Some Chinese punctuations don't exist
  250. ALL Albanian (Shqip) layout