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  16. have to recorrect spelling quite a lot :/
  17. My Proposal for a New Swype Layout
  18. Some key missing characters (—, –, “, ”, ‘, and ’)
  19. adding the QuikScript alphabet for English
  20. adding the QuikScript alphabet for English
  21. Beer
  22. Bracket Placement on English Keypad
  23. Keyboard key size.
  24. four vs. for
  25. What the hell is up with the word god instead of good????
  26. I didn't see any improvement
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  42. What the F is lsat?!
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  45. even faster entry!!!
  46. combining languages
  47. Question Mark Swype (mm.)
  48. Remove Pronouns
  49. Question Mark Swype (mm.)
  50. Dictionary on galaxy tab 10.1 with less words than galaxy s?
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  54. Why, why, WHY can't we remove any words we wish from the dictionary???
  55. New number keys layout
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  59. Full stop versus period, dictation capitalization, and double tap
  60. Brand name "Rezound" takes precedence over real word!
  61. Remove "sooooo"
  62. ENGLISH - UK "Yak" missing from default dictionary
  63. Saving Capital Lettered word
  64. Can't add word "there's" to Swype, driving me mad!
  65. Swype Mysteries: It chooses "Ch'in" instead of "chin"
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  67. ENGLISH - UK please remove ICBM and IBM from default dictionaries
  68. ENGLISH - US None of the words are correct!
  69. ENGLISH - UK Loads of missing words
  70. ENGLISH - UK Defaulting to words that aren;t even words.
  71. ENGLISH - US The word "mars" does not capitalize the m by default.
  72. £ sign and * symbol.
  73. Switch off Dictionary completely?
  74. ENGLISH - US Missing word
  75. Please put minus/dash/hyphen symbol on first page of number/symbol page(s)
  76. Disable user dictionary suggestion
  77. ENGLISH - UK Instal but no Install
  78. How do I add words to the Swype dictionary?
  79. ENGLISH - US Dragon Speak vs Google Voice
  80. Deleting words from the dictionary and maybe being able to customize symbol placement
  81. Turning off auto complete...
  82. Some default words i HATE
  83. ENGLISH - US word choice bar disappeared on top of the keyboard.
  84. "I" First Person Singular -- always lowercase unless the first word in a sentence.
  85. The word atleast
  86. Are you working towards making swype better?
  87. Does the symbol page *need* to keep the same layout as QWERTY?
  88. ENGLISH - US personal dictionary
  89. ENGLISH - US Another Word to add for Default Dictionary
  90. coexist, dispensable, excise as a verb
  91. Training Dragon
  92. suggestions for word removal
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  97. Language request: Australian English (UK english with $)
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  100. best way to enter time of day
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  103. Beta keyboard vs. trial version
  104. McGee
  105. Medical/Drug Dictionary would be awesome. Such as this list....
  106. ENGLISH - US Pokemon Dictionary
  107. Fix better placement of spacebar
  108. English - US - Force stored word to be capitalized?
  109. ENGLISH - US The dictionary is not working
  110. Select default dictionary type
  111. Dictionary
  112. about = allot
  113. Disable user dictionary suggestion
  114. Mediocre missing from dictionary?
  115. Question Mark Swype (mm.)
  116. multi word swype with space?
  117. v3 english looking good
  118. English (Australian) Option
  119. ENGLISH - US learned words issue
  120. Optimised layout for Swype
  121. ENGLISH - US lower case singular i
  122. Changes "U" to "I" and vice versa, it makes me nuts!
  123. Please give us a basic standard dictionary to build off of, instead of a huge one
  124. URDU Urdu Language
  125. ENGLISH - US Speech to text (dictation) keeps switching to what looks like German
  126. Please remove abd and from English dictionary
  127. Long term Swype user frustrated with non-words in dictionary
  128. Can I change auto corrected words
  129. How can I remove words from the suggestion bar but not from the dictionary
  130. Please remove Erik, wok and pleas from English language
  131. Teach dictionary to capitalize my wife's name
  132. ENGLISH - US Please remove "U hate"
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  134. How to Improve My English Communication
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