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  1. Why can't I see letters as I type ?
  2. Dvorak Swipe
  3. User database for different languages and multi dictionary
  4. Swype should have directional keys on the main keyboard
  5. Create a shortcut gesture
  6. Vibration Feedback for Swype
  7. Swype as only a portrait keyboard
  8. Change the french keyboard layout
  9. Swype & Android Market
  10. Easier way of deleting incorrect entries
  11. Custom Smiley Key
  12. Colon on numeric keyboard
  13. Minimize Swype
  14. A "Never Use" Dictionary
  15. Add emoticon button while in handcent SMS on android.
  16. Emoticon button - option to shrink?
  17. Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Dictionary
  18. Display/Hide SWYPE keyboard
  19. Add Voice Input Button
  20. .com dedicated button
  21. Cancel a word mid-swype
  22. Swype for smileys/emoticons - Different directions to result in different pre-configured smileys
  23. Visit our main website for updated news!
  24. Migration Issues - Email, Username, Ets.
  25. Swype is wonderful, Swype is terrible
  26. Swyping without looking!
  27. This forum & a minor request... favicons
  28. Update notification without reinstalling?
  29. Advanced Forum Search is Broken
  30. This Forum: COLORS ARE PAINFUL!
  31. I have 2 phones
  32. Septemeber Update Dictionary
  33. Phone swapped for repair
  34. Probably an old question...
  35. version #
  36. Love you, Swype
  37. Terms of Service.
  38. Just a question
  39. What's been updated/bugs fixed
  40. Email
  41. To swype, or not to swype. What kind of question is that?
  42. Nothing to say!
  43. thank you for the new beta
  44. My 2 cents about Swype.
  45. Am I missing something?
  46. please please please may i have a beta? here is a rose @-----
  47. I was never sent the September updated Swype!
  48. Swyping not working......
  49. Unwanted full stop
  50. Love swype!!
  51. Happy and Sad
  52. does anyone know
  53. Swype INC Business model
  54. Oh, Mighty Lords of the awesome Swype
  55. Surprised/confused: lack of shortcuts
  56. Bye, Bye Swype
  57. Swype + Samsung Galaxy 4G = TRUE LOVE
  58. Vibration on keypress???
  59. Swype not swyping at all
  60. Christmas Wish
  61. Please take my money
  62. SWYPE in french
  63. Number Defaults
  64. Can I share my invitation with a family member?
  65. How 'bout Hebrew?
  66. Can we disable the very irritating popup Tips screen?
  67. How to setup a custom word RehabGuest
  68. problem swype on htc desire
  69. Removing words from dictionary or memory
  70. swype take ~20% battery use in display battery use
  71. Why Swype over SlideIT or Shapewriter
  72. Swype in Portait mode not allowing double tap on words
  73. Support for easy language switching
  74. multiple phones
  75. Dell Streak running Steve Hyde's Froyo build
  76. Can't delete certain word, (editable dictionary availability)
  77. swype for droid incredible
  78. WTF? How to RSS this new forum
  79. Please help with licensing issue-in desperate need of advice on replacement phone.
  80. Can't add word "that's"
  81. suggestion regarding time entry
  82. When is there going to be a swype in German/English for the Nokia N8/Symbian ^3?
  83. Swype for Nokia N8: when?
  84. - not a beta build?
  85. Remove V-to-T button?
  86. Latest Android Beta Update
  87. Which phone are actually supported?
  88. Expanding beta test?
  89. French canadian keyboard missing
  90. Swype Praise! Finally...
  91. User report: Nexus One FRG83D. Successful re-install of Swype.
  92. Swiftkey is #60 in best 101 Android Apps
  93. My Swype experience across multiple devices
  94. I am having a problem with my swype on my g2 google phone>>>please help!!!
  95. Swype for accessibility
  96. Is swype avaialble on Huawei IDEOS?
  97. Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives
  98. Sent letters are received as symbols
  99. Erros in polish language 2.10 android
  100. Future of Swipe for 'Advanced Users'.
  101. Retreive password doesn't work.
  102. How do I tell if an update is available?
  103. Waited to long for this app!
  104. December 7 Install on Nexus One went just fine. But December 16 and my Nexus S?
  105. Screen resolution needed
  106. Just a quick question
  107. Size?
  108. Should we install upgrades on pre-installed Swype?
  109. Question regarding email notifications
  110. Swype A Period Or Comma!
  111. Love Love Love it!!!
  112. "Enable Swype" Garmin asus
  113. Can you close the keyboard.
  114. December update finally works for me
  115. Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives
  116. credit card
  117. Thumbs up for Swype on Dinc
  118. Worried about the "input method may be able to collect all the text you type"......
  119. Essential Tremors
  120. Theme/color change?
  121. Genuinely believe that Swype could tranform the PC market
  122. Excellent!!
  123. Great Work !
  124. Next line please?
  125. Thank You for letting me into the BETA!. Love it.
  126. WOW! You can write a txt even when the bar maid can't understand you
  127. Battery Drain?
  128. From registered to activated
  129. Great app!
  130. is "added word" database lost when upgrading to new beta
  131. Now that Swype is included on HTC EVO's can we still use the beta?
  132. to get Swype beta to work on my Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 i needed to do this
  133. Language Pak (especially Italian)
  134. New User In <3 Swype!
  135. Is Swype using the Network to look-up words
  136. Great Text Input!
  137. Micro Build - Great
  138. Swype Preload Forum
  139. does not work in tablets! archos 101 here
  140. New BETA release for Andriod
  141. Can I space without lifting my finger?
  142. Request
  143. ATTENTION and Jimmy Wales
  144. Can I add new languages to Swype preload on the EVO 4G?
  145. AT&T - 3rd Part App not allowed
  146. Affects running speed (on 2.2 htc legend)?
  147. No Swedish Support Swype Version
  148. Phonetic russian key layout
  149. Lovin Swype
  150. PLEASE: Fix Swype Beta downloader for Evo!!!
  151. Not working on 1.5
  152. Bug, ChineseCN - "niu"
  153. PLEASE VOTE for my suggested fixes to the user dictionary problem!
  154. Force Closing after installation!!??
  155. Keyboard input not showing but voice works?
  156. Install Versions
  157. Who uses Swype? (Beta for Android available again)
  158. Multiple downloads
  159. Music in videos
  160. swype is broken
  161. Beta on MIUI
  162. Rooted android device
  163. LG Vortex, Facebook for Android Chat Issue
  164. Help with quick input
  165. swype forgets recent words
  166. unregister my droid after it was stolen
  167. HTC Incredible (Verizon)?
  168. Release v Beta ver #?
  169. is there any dev support for this beta?
  170. licenced swype beta and metamorph
  171. Use Beta after Provider Software Update?
  172. Dutch Language
  173. Make it easier to cull bad words from the dictionary
  174. When comes the Dutch language in Swype for the Nokia N8?
  175. swype
  176. Beta after 3 months will expire?
  177. Keeps stopping
  178. Supported with FRG83D ota update?
  179. How to uninstall swipe when clear data but not use uninstall?
  180. Updates to OEM
  181. swype for Galaxy 551
  182. Make it easier to cull bad words from dictionary
  183. Generate License - "Uncheck the box next to swype"
  184. Nexus One new OTA to Froyo 2.2.2 FRG83G breaks Swype
  185. 2.3.2 breaks swype beta on Galaxy nexus S
  186. Easy Capitalization- Add capitalized letter to Long Press; Swype Up; multitouch Shift
  187. Memorize explicit capitalisation "PaSsworD"
  188. FYI For new Android update (2.2.1)
  189. Most amusing mistakes?
  190. Erratic Behavior on Android 2.3.1
  191. Disable dictionary learning from phonebook
  192. Let me remove words from the factory dictionary
  193. Get proper issue tracking system
  194. SMS to swype app
  195. Quit Working ...
  196. HTC Incredible Stopped working
  197. Installation headache and fix
  198. What languages come with the Multi-language ???
  199. Problem getting rid of dictionary word
  200. Full Mockup of My Alternate Keyboard Layout for Swype
  201. Is There a Way to Use Swype in Portrait/Vertical Mode Only???
  202. love swype
  203. How to swype emoticons?
  204. Why I'm going to stop using Swype. One word: BEER
  205. No confirmation email for beta?
  206. Missing languages in my beta version
  207. Login & Password lost...
  208. What we need is a developers blog.
  209. "Hidden" Word Tip - Can I disable this?
  210. Latest Beta- my frustrations
  211. Can't activate accounts.....
  212. Forgotten Username
  213. Guinness World Records attempt for "Fastest Hands-Free Typing"
  214. Difference
  215. single letter popup
  216. Swype Installer completes with a Not Properly Licensed status - To Fix does not work.
  217. Android Market
  218. German umlauts and special characters
  219. Rooted and now swype doesn't work
  220. Does Swype consider the previous word when making suggestions?
  221. buying swype
  222. Why won't the installer let me sign in?
  223. where do I even begin...
  224. Is there any chance to disable fullscreen display of swype Beta?
  225. Spam prevention
  226. Emails broken again?
  227. Swype keyboard starts on SYM not on ABC
  228. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to Swype "BC"-I DARE you to do it!!
  229. How to delete the world "amd" from Swype dictionary
  230. Can't install
  231. This screen size is not supported... HTC Fuze 480x640
  232. Rules of this board :
  233. Will not install on Droid
  234. Can I burn beta into ROM for private use
  235. AT&T Atrix 4G beta install?
  236. Error: Says Swype is not properly licensed, "To Fix" does not work!
  237. E-mails broken?
  238. Received New Phone and I must be missing something
  239. Bug or problem with HTC Incredibles ??
  240. Installing swype on HTC Inspire
  241. insurance replacement, already reset ESN online
  242. Where to acutally download Swype
  243. Error when trying to re-install Swype on Droid 1
  244. Suggestion for the "Blue Box" sticky
  245. Decreasing accuracy and all caps?
  246. Att?
  247. Swype Not Working Correctly on Nexus S after Android 2.3.3 Update
  248. Installing on HTC Inspire help?
  249. Anecdote
  250. Reinstall Swype on OG Droid - Gingerbread ROM