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  1. Is Swype save to use with writing a book?
  2. Dragon - if it's not on my symbols key, I don't have it?
  3. Delete whole word at a time
  4. Smileys on swype
  5. [Workaround] For all people with low performance and lags
  6. Is Swype already dead?
  7. Accented letters
  8. Two long-standing space-related sillinesses in DD
  9. Swype on a tablet
  10. Restore
  11. Space inserted before paragraph and before periods when dictating
  12. Where is my Swype (logo) Key?
  13. completely disable swype on my my galaxy s5
  14. Typing or swyping?
  15. Disable Space After Period?
  16. So Swype for OPPO is much more responsive than standard Swype in Google Play? Great!
  17. why is iOS preferred over android?
  18. Swype in amazon appstore
  19. awesome update February 2015
  20. My word sync
  21. Using the New emoji input
  22. Words that can convert to Emoji
  23. Attachment Upload to forum, not working for me
  24. Candid Reply Forth Topic Close to Imputation Cards
  25. Swype secondary symbols on the keyboard.
  26. Delete key
  27. Questions to emojis
  28. Is there any way to export my dictionary offline for back-up?
  29. Turn off the new phrase correction feature and gesture bugs.
  30. Keyboard shrunk-Can't change the size back
  31. auto complete sentences
  32. What to do with Android..??
  33. Text shortcuts on Galaxy S6
  34. Is there any way to have a trimmed down version of English?
  35. Enable/Disable Emoji Now In Settings
  36. update may 2015 ... sigh
  37. Handwriting on qwerty keyboard
  38. Swype
  39. How does automatically adding words work?
  40. How Can I Roll Back My Dictionary?
  41. What The #!&+ Happening To "My Words"??
  42. CCTV Camera in Android Mobile
  43. Swype auto "corrects" the word prior of the last word inputted
  44. Does Swype continually get worse?
  45. Swype comes with my device. Should I download and pay for the app?
  46. Question about resilient personal dictionary surviving factory reset
  47. tio - any way to prevent it?
  48. detached keyboard
  49. Word list not transferred to new phone
  50. Download Android 2.3 Version?
  51. keyboard size
  52. Swype's abysmal autocorrect feature
  53. Turn off automatic capitalization of i
  54. Swype Forums from Tapatalk - How?
  55. Some Swype features don't work in some apps - How to address?
  56. Restrictions on amount of devices per gmail account?
  57. tablet/phone not getting "my words"
  58. New Update! (Late August 2015)
  59. Version 2.0 sucks and developers didn't add preferences for new features
  60. Glitches with be update (same as old glitches)
  61. Suggestion - More expansion of the new number input
  62. Swype Connect Backup it's not being restored
  63. Why I don't buy any themes
  64. Not syncing
  65. changed google account
  66. I want my enter key back!!!
  67. Geiler Spass vor der cam
  68. A way to have a paid version before 2.0 ?
  69. What things can I say in dictation mode apart from words and punctuation?
  70. Dictionary automatically removes words if used less
  71. Why are most newer themes missing alt-keys?
  72. Voice recognition seems to be going crazy!
  73. Swype, stop pushing the Store on me, I don't care!
  74. How to find gestures?
  75. Minor issues with Dragon
  76. How can I manually add hundreds of words to the Swype dictionary?
  77. Context engine?
  78. No Voice-to-text with Swype + Dragon
  79. Keys don't show symbols
  80. Huawei Swpe Themes
  81. How do I turn off "phrase correction"? (NOT AUTOCORRECT)
  82. How to stop popup about hidden words?
  83. 25-feb-2016 | User Dictionary Syncronization dissapeared.
  84. Huge bug in update
  85. Disbale undocked/floating keyboard
  86. Words in dictionary
  87. Numerals on main keyboard?
  88. How to save my dictionary for a new phone
  89. Where Has Swype Gone?
  90. Swype for NokiaN8 Symbian?
  91. I like Swype
  92. After re-installing swype, why isn't my dictionary showing???
  93. Has the actual Swypers found a better keyboard app?
  94. Keyboard not showing up automatically: bug or feature?
  95. Where Can One Get The Latest Swype?
  96. ZXCVBNM row alignment
  97. Where is the old quickness vs accuracy meter?
  98. save dictionary, not sync to cloud
  99. Migrating dictionary from Trial to Full
  100. Dictionaries too small
  101. Shouldn't Swype be documented?
  102. Enters word I don't want when I press space
  103. Swype acts like/is a keylogger
  104. Умные часы Smart Watch DZ0
  105. Bumf On Glow into b berate In the vanguard side Android Locks Wigs
  106. Dot after word
  107. Doesn't anyone feel that Swype keyboard has been pretty laggy?
  108. Voice to Text Icon Missing
  109. Roll back to the previous version, HOW?
  110. The good AND bad about the latest update.
  111. Accuracy
  112. Capitalisation?
  113. How to remove a phrase suggestion
  114. Swype 3.0 on Amazon AppStore?
  115. Does anyone know where I can get 3.0.1 apk?
  116. New phone: does not see my previous phone/device...
  117. Migration of dictionary from Trial to Paid version AFTER end of test period
  118. I'm trying to change my email on this website but I keep getting "email is banned"
  119. How does sync work?
  120. Website issues
  121. Where is some options?
  122. Huawei Swype VS Play Store Swype
  123. So you managed to kill the best keyboard
  124. How can I get my dictionary back after flashing my phone?
  125. No text shows until I lift my finger