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  1. yet another emoticons Q using android/swype ( still need help, plz ! )
  2. Install Swype on Second Device
  3. Swype already installed on my Samsung Galaxy S2 - where do I find my dictionary?
  4. Can't set Swype as default input method
  5. Can't install Beta version
  6. Cannot download additional languages - "can't connect to our server"
  7. dear swype company....
  8. Terrible application that makes itself my default keyboard without asking
  9. Accessing Swype's default dictionary
  10. swype on s2/s4
  11. Hey Swype company ... I have some questions
  12. How print secondary keyboard characters?
  13. help
  14. can't install language pack in swype
  15. Unknown error -24 on install
  16. multiple activation codes
  17. Swype (Beta) vs 1.5.15 (Play Store)
  18. Remove Orange Trace After 'X' Seconds
  19. Swype key doesn't highlight previous words
  20. Is using the phone layout on tablet possible?
  21. uninstall and reinstall of paid version
  22. Beta expired but no option to buy in play store
  23. Importing dictionary to paid Swype+Dragon
  24. New Roots Beta
  25. Buy Swype WITHOUT Google Play
  26. Cursor panel in paid version
  27. change keyboard layout?
  28. check back for available updates
  29. Language changing depending on an app (tasker)
  30. Mobile Assistant
  31. How can I add to the dictionary
  32. File location of the swype dictionaries
  33. adding many words to the dictionary makes ma prediction to stop working
  34. Frequent freezes/crashes with
  35. Paid version not working
  36. Swype Beta Expires - but now the 'original' Swype is faulty
  37. Swype plus Dragon with Samsung docking station?
  38. Unsupported devices that ran fine using the Beta Version (kobo vox and SC-74jb)
  39. viewing Removed/Deleted words in user dictionary, not just Added
  40. Any Advice For Choosing an External Battery Charger For My Galaxy 3??
  41. Problem with added phrase to the dictionary
  42. Uninstalling BETA?
  43. Import dictionary from v3.26 beta to latest paid version purchased via Play Store
  44. Is there a swype SDK?
  45. swipe to spacebar?
  46. Jolla Sailfish
  47. Dictionary Edit Question
  48. Questions about living language
  49. Cant Swype Sentences / Color Changed
  50. Import dictionary from preloaded version to paid version
  51. Function key input
  52. Haptic feedback for word delete gone?
  53. Dragon emoticons
  54. Swype Beta in Play Store using Beta mechanics
  55. How to uninstall Swype Beta 1.4.11?
  56. Swype change between multiple language
  57. padfone 2 - problem with split keyboard on phone
  58. Luv swype-don't luv how nuance is handling the default reversion prob with goog play.
  59. User dictionary size
  60. Google Play version not overwriting pre-installed version of Swype...??
  61. Gmail integration
  62. Development ongoing?
  63. Is there any way to stop "BEEP" if no word suggestion available? (inaccurate Swype)
  64. Delete language combination from "recent languages"
  65. Thank You For the 1.6.2. Update
  66. Swype for PIN numbers and passwords
  67. difference: trial vs paid
  68. v1.6.2.22328 requires hold-swype-select for alternate characters, bad
  69. v1.6.2.22328 long-press for alternate characters, timing error
  70. Memory usage after update
  71. Swype compaitability
  72. Disable "Help" Bubbles
  73. Recovering my word list after transition from beta to Google Play versions
  74. Where is the user dictionary stored?
  75. How do I add words to the Dictionary?
  76. Trying to update through Play Store, getting errors
  77. How to delete words in speech mode?
  78. Swype beta
  79. Uninstalling stock keyboard/make Swype default
  80. uninstalled swype and reinstall had lost My Words
  81. Asus MemoPad not approved
  82. traditional Chinese handwriting recognition
  83. Normal for 2 processes and 1 service to run constantly?
  84. Swype Nuance
  85. swype saying it isn't licensed
  86. screens
  87. How to Stop Backup & Sync Reminders
  88. Why am I not getting the latest (1.6) version?
  89. Is there any way to get a dedicated number row?
  90. speech recognition training
  91. Automatically add words to the dictionary without auto-correct?
  92. How did I get on Swype???????
  93. Desktop version?
  94. Arrows Keys on Swype when creating message
  95. Swype on Kindle Fire HD
  96. Swype doesn't let me swype the word "God"
  97. Swype sending/receiving background data even when disabled? I want a refund
  98. re-installing paid version
  99. Bilingual Feedback
  100. add a word to dictionary with "special characters" like "[" ?
  101. HTC Desire HD problems after updating from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean
  102. How can I delete a combination of wrong autocorrect, but it is not in my dictionary ?
  103. Will Swype beta be available again?
  104. Price on PlayStore
  105. New confused user
  106. dropdown second language words
  107. Swype: Thou let me down :-(
  108. Swype: Thou let me down :-(
  109. Lost my OEM copy.
  110. Intermittent Problem using Swype
  111. How to delete via speech?
  112. Samsung Galaxy S3
  113. Help!--Swype giving me gobbledygook!
  114. Help, I've messed Swype up!
  115. Import settings and dictionary from trial version to paid version
  116. Is it possible to use Swype's Dragon voice input everywhere?
  117. over and over
  118. Updates on Amazon
  119. really confused as to how to install what
  120. Swype edit screen
  121. How to access Google Voice recognition instead of Dragon
  122. requirements for tablet
  123. Help! No Swype keyboard!
  124. Swype lag on Galaxy Tab 3
  125. Possible to erase or go back and spell in swype speech?
  126. Enable autocorrect ???!!????
  127. "abd"
  128. preloaded Swype on E739
  129. Sync address changed
  130. "I" just stopped capitalizing
  131. Swype + Dragon is using about 250MB of memory
  132. 2 Things Google Keyboard Does Better Than Swype Dragon: Period spacing and sound cue
  133. Lock keyboard option button
  134. Help needed, auto spacing is off
  135. How Battery Stories works on smartphone ?
  136. Swype not working on Jelly Bean
  137. can saifish os work on tablet? just like nexus 7
  138. Jolla Sailfish OS on GS3
  139. Jolla on mtk mediatek devices??
  140. Sailfish on N900
  141. Possible to swype complete sentence?
  142. New Beta - when will it start?
  143. adding popular words automatically (goodness forbid)
  144. Voice input
  145. Swype V1.6.5.23769 RAM consumption
  146. WCL hidden (gray) in mapmyfitness
  147. Tapped word correction different on tablet than phone
  148. Swype auto correct issue, cannot delete word
  149. Does anybody know how to turn this Swype off?
  150. voice input: learn new words, unlearn unwanted ones
  151. Get full version of Swype from new Google account when I've paid it with old account
  152. Why does Swype keep adding the letter v to my sentences??????? v IS NOT A WORD
  153. Multi Language Mode is too large
  154. Hi all, and a teaser for you.!
  155. Nuance suing competitor over swipe-patents, loses
  156. Unable to import my dictionnary
  157. Swype and Tapatalk
  158. General Feedback on Issues and Requests
  159. So when is this annoying lag issue going to be fixed???
  160. Dockable, sizeable keypad for tablets.
  161. Suggesting to Swype developers missing words
  162. punctuation
  163. Skins
  164. Can't reactivate SWYPE on Sony Xperia U with Android
  165. Every word is red underlined
  166. How to escape pop up
  167. nintendo
  168. Can I transfer pre-installed version?
  169. Nuance's Swype coder
  170. LOOKOUT Antivirus say that SWYPE is riskware
  171. Is emoji ever coming to swype?
  172. Can i install in tow mobile phone?
  173. Will you guys EVER fix the backup?
  174. Speech to text start stop notification volume? I want it OFF!
  175. No enter key?
  176. unlicensed alert after paying for app months ago
  177. How to insert the Symbol "¬"?
  178. When will you release the new version of swype?
  179. Does SWYPE have EMOJIS ??
  180. Microphone Button.
  181. Paid for Flex T9
  182. Where is the Underscore?
  183. Bought swype after trial ended, dictionary not transferred?
  184. Swype lags while tapping letters
  185. Battery Drain Being Addressed?
  186. Recent Login issues 'Wrong username/password'
  187. How to disable bilingual keyboard and go monolingual?
  188. After Phone Update, Says My Swype Has An Invalid License.
  189. Shrunked keybor after update Huawei
  190. my words are gone
  191. Backspace
  192. is there a way to get swype beta?
  193. Importing phone contacts to Dictionary
  194. Often wanted feature: Text Replacement Macros
  195. Typo on site's metadata
  196. Pre-Installed on S4...
  197. [PLEASE HELP] Swype - app not installed - "Google Play unknown error -24"
  198. superscript number?
  199. Changing entered words - what is this useless white box popping up?
  200. Dragon voice command documentation?
  201. So much spam!!!
  202. Hide some keys
  203. Swype and Nexus 7 2nd Edition
  204. - what is this?
  205. Activation email address
  206. Swype on iOS, FINALLY!
  207. New To Swype And Am VERY Confused About The Keyboard!
  208. swiftkey has just gone free .. permanently
  209. Windows 8.1
  210. Does anyone else experiencing unusual lag?
  211. ASCII chars? and Gestures
  212. iOS 8 Beta
  213. Capitalizing dictated words
  214. Nuance sale news
  215. Idioma Swype inválido
  216. Change phones -
  217. Help for blind with swype
  218. Swype available for Samsung Galaxy phones?
  219. Modify swype version 3.26.92
  220. How to Retrieve Forgotten Swype Connect Password?
  221. Can't Access Themes?
  222. Swype keyboard with numbers at the top.
  223. Swype on GT-N7000 trial or full license?
  224. Keyboard Question - Regarding Special Characters / Symbols
  225. Licence issue
  226. Swype benefit of ART compiler or is faster and more reliable with Dalvik?
  227. Seriously? Still no emoji?
  228. Hooray for hyphens!
  229. Bold key labels
  230. Can I take it with me?
  231. No saved words in the dictionary
  232. Remove downloaded language possible?
  233. Swype for Windows 7
  234. Deleting Swype
  235. Manual on Website
  236. Swype won't launch
  237. Multiple Devices with one Amazon Appstore license?
  238. Delete profile on this board
  239. Is there a way to swype words with no spaces in between?
  240. 2 concerns about privacy
  241. changing size of keyboard
  242. Nuance news
  243. Language support Android vs iOS
  244. Pictures instead of words? I would like to opt out.
  245. Turn off swype?
  246. How to correct swiped words?
  247. Which kind of words to add to the dictionary?
  248. Is there a "How do I ..." Swype place?
  249. iOS vs. Android Forum
  250. Can I hide the keyboard?