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  1. autocapandautospacearegone
  2. Swype beta updates in mainland China?
  3. How to remove preprogrammed dictionary words?
  4. How do I start Swype after installing?
  5. How do I use backup & sync across devices?
  6. swear words not swypable - even when in dictionary
  7. Words Turning Orange
  8. Security Warnings - Credit Card Information?
  9. Why isn't Swype available for iOS?
  10. Help about keyboard layout
  11. Chinese language download problem
  12. Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?
  13. Do you scroll through words?
  14. Swype 1.4 RAM Use
  15. Galaxy Note 2 speech to text with swype
  16. Enough is enough...
  17. I can not re-install Swype
  18. swype not learning anything from gmail/Twitter/FB
  19. Word choices no longer appears
  20. As a mobile website developer: can I give hints to Swype?
  21. Cannot add new words to Personal Dictionary.
  22. mini keyboard shux
  23. want to purchase swype
  24. Handwriting on Galaxy Note
  25. Speech input: Line breaks and punctuation marks
  26. not sure if its a bug
  27. Request to better understand dictionary sync & backup
  28. Which Android version do you use?
  29. phone contacts not in dictionary?
  30. Restore to new device.
  31. change language quickly or change version
  32. Re-adding .com to the dictionary
  33. In addition to the numeric pad (hidden part?).. Please check!
  34. Swype 1.4 enter vocab words
  35. CyanogenMod Space Problem with Download
  36. New version 1.4.5?
  37. Thanks so much nuance!!!
  38. Swype - Is there a privacy issue here?
  39. The theme previews never match the keyboard
  41. swype 1.4 does not work with android 4.2.2
  42. Swype on a cheap 7" tablet?
  43. swype updtate for nexus 7 users
  44. Q from an app developer - Swype expectations
  45. Double first letter
  46. added words no longer in Word Choice List
  47. Swype representatives
  48. [Italian, accented letters]: Which ways?
  49. Can personalize keyboards on the SG3?
  50. Blackberry 10 (Z10)
  51. copy a paragraph
  52. Please help with error i keep getting!
  53. Today finished the best version of swype
  54. problems since update to 1.4
  55. 1.4
  56. LG Optimus l9 no Swype?
  57. words from contact list & auto spaces
  58. ? updated to jellybean 4.1.2, now no swype
  59. Version 1.3.6
  60. Auto-add to dictionary is terrible, get rid of it.
  61. Requesting for older swype version that is under 9MB for android 2.2
  62. Offensive language
  63. what happened to Dragon voice
  64. Swype Beta privileges (Android)
  65. Downloading, installing and getting Swype on my new phone
  66. Bad job in newer Swype versions
  67. personal features problems
  68. Install issue-ish
  69. Check this for a poor imitation
  70. Swedish swype never seem to learn
  71. Is this a bug?
  72. Cannot Enable Handwriting Recognition
  73. swype beta 1.4.5 (android) consume lots of ram??
  74. Can't update from
  75. Can't re-enable Swype
  76. How do I get my Stock Swype back?
  77. Dictionary issues, unsyncing etc.
  78. Computer Version?
  79. how do i get the number keypad to come up?
  80. Activation code email not received
  81. Another update, yet major issues are there! What's up guys?
  82. First timer, can't get Swype to work on my Droid Incredible. Enable? select? what??
  83. sometimes can't type the character behind the main character on the key
  84. Upgraded from old 3.26 to new 1.4.9 - Some things that makes me crazy!!!
  85. How to add another language to the N9 (Meego) ?
  86. Add new language to existing stock swype
  87. Delete diff language dictionaries without reinstalling?
  88. Why Swype needs to stay truer to their older versions
  89. Info here talks about Swype Beta 1.4.9, my Razr Maxx has
  90. Button to select Voice recognition language
  91. Change Log? For
  92. what happened to my threads/posts?
  93. Swype won't spell "theatre" for me
  94. Swype not using correct capitalization
  95. English conversion
  96. can I use Dragon as the global voice input ?
  97. Phone goes back to Android keyboard after reboot
  98. Using DRAGON in Spanish
  99. Smart Editor Feedback
  100. Android: Latest version of Swype under-performs previous version
  101. 2nd look at smart editor
  102. removing
  103. Disable record feature
  104. drag n drop is unwanted and cannot be disabled
  105. why does swype change so many words?
  106. Single qoutation mark
  107. Swype (all versions) does not type what I want it to type
  108. Cannot get the swype dictionary to remember my words.
  109. Galaxy S3 clipboard access
  110. No weight on certain words?
  111. Swype replacement?
  112. New Version: No Themes??
  113. Alternate characters on caps menu
  114. Swipe beta installer won't install
  115. Swype invalid license notice?
  116. Trouble installing Swype on new Note 10.1
  117. How to go back?
  118. uninstall
  119. Swype 1.5 incompatible with Nexus 10
  120. Force update check
  121. Can't buy with my Debit Card
  122. Swype on Play Store... what happend with beta testers?
  123. Introduce direct PayPal purchase venue, please!
  124. Big privacy concerns
  125. Phone came with full Swype pre-installed, must I buy from Google Play to update?
  126. Play Store release is excellent!
  127. How does Swype compare to Swiftkey3?
  128. How to remove language in Swype 1.5?
  129. Write complete sentences without lifting your finger. ( Swype 1.5 Pro )
  130. Inicio y Fin, en edicion de Swype 1.5 Pro
  131. Home and End, in editing Swype 1.5 Pro
  132. Adding multiple words in batch to custom/ personal dictionary
  133. Galaxy S2 (Jelly Bean) - pressing space deletes word & capitalize button problems
  134. Swype Theme Broke
  135. Orange Underline / Smart Editor
  136. Voice icon
  137. Samsung Galaxy and Swype
  138. How can I Swype a " instead of a ?
  139. Swype Permissions and Privacy
  140. What happened to Swype? Word recognition is atrocious!
  141. I want to buy this program in China, but goole play says my country is not supported.
  142. Samsung Galaxy 2 Firmware upgraded & lost swype (mc4)
  143. how to retrain swype in Galaxy note?
  144. Sywpe stopped working after system update
  145. old Swype for ice? 3.25. 91.30706 stopped working when I upgraded 321 to 4.0.4
  146. Swype Gestures Send-to-Application in swype 1.5
  147. Backup and Sync
  148. BACKUP / SYNC / RESTORE never works for me
  149. How Does Skype Learn? In Some Edge Cases, It's Not Learning From My Choices
  150. How Does Skype Learn? In Some Edge Cases, It's Not Learning From My Choices
  151. How Does Skype Learn? In Some Edge Cases, It's Not Learning From My Choices
  152. swype enters full stop randomly
  153. More options
  154. Dicitonary lost when after upgrading from beta version to full version (Google Play)
  155. changelog information?
  156. Unable to disable tooltips
  157. on Nexus 4 crashed upon automatic upgrade.
  158. Accessing $ from main keyboard
  159. "Known bugs" is not being populated with bugs
  160. Swype activation code went to the wrong email address
  161. Trial vs Premium: What's the difference?
  162. Swype became weird after Galaxy s2 update
  163. where i do enter activativation code?
  164. Swype not working in contacts
  165. Swype for Android not default after reinstall
  166. Why the predictions can not update after you selected the predictions?
  167. my post was moved...to where?
  168. Dial With Swype?
  169. Discovered...... gesture
  170. Galaxy 4
  171. license check failed
  172. How to access swype on Galaxy S3 in new Jelly Bean
  173. Remove the notification icon?
  174. Lost account
  175. About OEM license
  176. Swype Research - need help for Android development
  177. Swype Connect adds to the lag, there has to be a way...
  178. why can't I turn on the vibration in my settings?
  179. Is it possible to clear my dictionary?
  180. How to insert the character () by Swype
  181. How to insert the character () for swype?
  182. shift + enter / line feed ?
  183. What's Nuance doing??????
  184. Purchased Swype but unable to register unless I "accept" contribution of usage data
  185. User manual
  186. can't update!
  187. Post in this thread every day you're still unable to Swype punctuation/smileys
  188. Had Droid X, loved Swype, have HTC Sense now - can't get my downloaded purchsed Swype
  189. Location of Numeric Keys
  190. Swype Play Store Update thread
  191. Swype + Dragon 1.5.6 update discussion (Play Store)
  192. Pre-installed Swype vs. Google play Swype?
  193. Is there a list somewhere of what you get on along press of each key?
  194. Unable to remove Swype
  195. how do i create a personal dictionary?
  196. Help with importing previous Dictionary - Swype Migration
  197. Where is word completion and prediction?
  198. No more suggestions on tapping wrong words
  199. How do I increase the spacing between keys?
  200. Re-enabling a device synchronization
  201. Play Store Trial tied to account/device/Google Account?
  202. Apple opens up?
  203. Alternate character set
  204. Easy word capitalization
  205. Auto backspacing?
  206. swype permissions
  207. sharing Swype among different Android devices
  208. Turn Swype of briefly
  209. Swype Gestures re: punctuation
  210. edit layer - text selection
  211. Swype and S Memo
  212. Why is the ConnectClient service running when I'm opted out of Swype Connect?
  213. how to change the font in swype
  214. Hardware keyboard - switching language
  215. How do I use Dragon Dictation over Cellular Data?
  216. Received Android OS update and can't find Swype
  217. I can't buy full version. For trial my phone is compatible, but for full it is not.
  218. Got Random Message today that Swype Beta has expired!!!!
  219. Swype incompatible with Android HP Slate 7 ?
  220. Can't get update to sype beta
  221. I have Swype 3.26 how do I backup & sync?
  222. Why does Swype needs so much rights?
  223. Do I need these directories/files
  224. how do I edit my cloud dictionary?
  225. ctrl+<whatever> key sequences?
  226. Can I use swype instead of my regular pc keyboard?
  227. Changed Device
  228. Autocorrect feature
  229. back to swype :-)
  230. Acer Cloudmobile S500: how to update ?
  231. Help getting rid of words added by the living language feat.
  232. Copy "My Words"/"my dictionary" from Trial to Full version
  233. Can't join Swype Beta usergroup
  234. Apostrophe issues when emailing
  235. Auto spacing doesn't work in body of Exchange email
  236. Black Text Entry Box ???
  237. How can I get my activation code ???
  238. Reset my phone and reinstalled Swype. Can't figure out how to restore my dictionary.
  239. Swyping more than one word at a time
  240. Plurals and ranDom capitals in woRds
  241. So Nuiance... if you want pre-installed users to pay for Swype - why not be honest?
  242. Want to disable the prompt to "remember" new words coz it flashes up my passwords!!
  243. difficulty finding an office app that works
  244. Buying problems
  245. Swype Version Question
  246. how to delete wrong language?
  247. Re Swype Beta FAQ
  248. How to add your own words to the dictionary?
  249. Bug report section?
  250. Too much stuff