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  1. Latest update- FAR TOO LARGE!!
  2. App Cost
  3. No minus (-) in the numerical mode (123)?
  4. Custom dictionary deleted after update - CZECH
  5. After erasing a predicted word, the same word is predicted again!
  6. Auto Spacing around symbols
  7. Login Username
  8. With new beta how do you drag punctuation (. , ?)?
  9. Quarantine Mechanism?
  10. A Setting Feature is gone and Swype is less accurate?
  11. Scrolling Issue
  12. Downlaoder doesn't recognize my device
  13. email address and pw is either incorrect or not in our system! again&again$AGAIN
  14. What's A VPN - Windows VPN
  15. auto spacing problem
  16. Very limited customization options...might consider switching to Smart Keyboard
  17. Swype suggesting words
  18. Swype practice makes perfect, need suggestions
  19. Permanent Word Suggestion Bar PLEASE
  20. Delete the last letter of a word
  21. ...ellipsis make new dictionary words.
  22. Twitter cannot be added to dictionary
  23. Words are repeating when the back button is pressed
  24. Swype Installed already, should I install Beta?
  25. Swype version numbering (3.x vs 1.x)
  26. Is there any way that I can return to the previous Beta version??
  27. confused as to usage after beta...
  28. shipping and inland waterways
  29. dictionary not remembering
  30. Where'd the tab key go? also home, end, page up, page down.
  31. What Does The Bottom Right Button Do?
  32. Russian layout in album orientation - wrong key assignment
  33. Can remove Swype installers?
  34. Swype not working on AT&T Avail
  35. Data useage
  36. My swype beta experience (feedback)
  37. How do I Hyphenate Words?
  38. Lost my word suggestion bar!
  39. Dragon 11.5 Profile and Swype
  40. Not getting the installer email
  41. Stop spaces before words? (Windows 7 Samsung Slate)
  42. Site Infestated
  43. Login issue
  44. I CAN log in....
  45. First letter of sentence not upper case when using voice with Swype keyboard
  46. How to download language
  47. Login in problem
  48. bug with swype license
  49. Why is this NOT in the Android Market?
  50. Need Help With Speak Feature
  51. The word I.
  52. Problems with Galaxy SII, some questions about migrating the dict., some suggestions
  53. Cut/Paste in way of swyping
  54. Help with choice cover for iPhone 5
  55. Samsung S3 error: Message may be corrupted on recipient device.
  56. Swype Beta on Galaxy Nexus, upg from ICS to JB
  57. Managing Swype Applications
  58. Adding to personal dictionary
  59. Choosing alternate language for Korean?
  60. What's the point of Swype BETA?
  61. hi/ latest build?
  62. Swype impressions from old user
  63. Problem: registered, mail received but user unknown even after password reset
  64. Problem: registered, received email. Login is not recognized on device or website
  65. Swype Beta wont download
  66. Recovering swype
  67. MikeBallveimi welcomes all
  68. How to add Arabic language
  69. ASSISTANCE REQUEST: Password not recognized, unable to login during installation
  70. "Cursor keeps moving to end of word" problem is back
  71. Last word typed in previous text auto-populating as first word in the next text
  72. Can't login to download swype
  73. Older version for Nokia 500.
  74. Heap memory corruption dlmalloc (Swype fights with gtalk)
  75. Just installed, but didn't get the latest version..
  76. voice recognition
  77. Swype should switch their voice dictation to ICS or Jellybean built in
  78. How to Stop Auto Word-add to dictionary?
  79. I really want to like Swype, please help!
  80. Html in Dolphin address bar
  81. Usability decrease in last betas!! Do some testing please!
  82. Version without Spanish installed
  83. Has Swype been sold to a patent troll? Will Swype patents be used to sue companies?
  84. Unable to login, unable to reset password, unable to register
  85. Is it possible to edit my keyboard?
  86. Locked out of Beta.
  87. Can't get swipe beta installer
  88. Voice Command. Can't use offline ?
  89. Goodbye swype
  90. Swype broken with Belle Fp2
  91. German key: minus dissappears
  92. My Outstanding Swype Issues
  93. Stop Swype from changing to "K." to "I.e".
  94. downloaded installer, but where *is* it?
  95. Some questions
  96. Google Nexus 7 installation - where's the swype?
  97. waiting for the download link
  98. Newest Swype Beta
  99. How to change to miniature keyboard on Nexus 7 tablet
  100. Swype Account Error
  101. How to install swype for tablet?
  102. Does Swype Beta 1.3 work on the Nexus One
  103. Swype connect issue
  104. how i can get ??
  105. Missing blank after words
  106. Swype connect backup and sync - will it drain battery?
  107. swype beta 1.3xxxx vs swype 3.26.92Dxxxx
  108. Disable Swype settings button
  109. Jelly Bean compatibility?
  110. reverting to older version
  111. SwypeConnect question/request
  112. I have keyboard size..
  113. Personal Dictionary Management
  114. Navigate and edit text, cursor jumps and auto selects words
  115. deleting words
  116. Terrible Word Detection?
  117. Does the lastest update delete the dictonary again?
  118. Install Issues
  119. Must have Wi-Fi to download
  120. What is the 'handwriting' feature and how do I use it?
  121. Cannot update even turn on Cellular data in Swype Connect
  122. better visibility of word correction ?
  123. New competition Swiftkey Flow
  124. Unable to register to download swype beta
  125. How to uninstall Beta?
  126. What does it take to get a bug looked at?
  127. UI suggestion
  128. swype on galaxy note 2, can't find settings?
  129. Missing keyboards
  130. Hello Everyone
  131. Activation code not received in email when trying to install
  132. HTC One S no Swype
  133. Swype Removed From HTC Sensation After ICS Update
  134. DeeDee
  135. Re:such a pleasure
  136. Cannot login, thus install swype.
  137. Cant install Swype V2.02.xx on HTC Wildfire S
  138. I bought my phone because of swype
  139. Themes Not Working
  140. God awful
  141. working for me
  142. How add words?
  143. Why was the multiplication symbol omitted in the new version of Swype?
  144. Swype versions ? Confused !
  145. Reinstall email problem on new device
  146. Recent swype version
  147. underlining words in a text mesage
  148. Get error "Swype Beta has stopped unexpectedly." Force Close.
  149. Location services
  150. Back-up
  151. Swype Backup Not Working
  152. gesture for select all works but not copy and paste
  153. Swype beta for tablets?
  154. Swype on Nokia Belle FP2 - covers text input box
  155. Only had SB for two days . . but loving it ! I'm new here, so greeting to all !
  156. As standard on which handsets
  157. Educatinal App: Programmatically disabling Swype autosuggest
  158. Updating swype beta
  159. Word suggestion while typing
  160. Installing Swype Beta on Android phone that has pre-installed Swype
  161. Falling in and out of love with Swype
  162. send button voice input
  163. Nexus 4! Works great!
  164. Help!
  165. Question RE: Swype version
  166. Swipe v. -Vs- Swipe Beta 1.3 v.
  167. Swype 2.1 for Symbian Belle - Beta expired - when will it be released???
  168. How to add new language
  169. Are Asian languages supported only by Swype beta?
  170. Sadly leaving Swype
  171. Swype keyboard takes much much longer to load on first boot
  172. e mail code
  173. Sincere thanks for the latest update, fixing the Samsung email issue
  174. Windows Phone 8
  175. Swype Update 1.3.5...
  176. Hello all!! newbie here and loving the fun with text swyping.
  177. Beta impression
  178. Cleaning up language menu - 3 swypes
  179. Cannot Remove Swype App From Samsung Galaxy SIII
  180. Is it possible to run or import recording/audio file to Swype for transcription
  181. Uninstall Swype
  182. Swype: How to quickly add lots of words
  183. Uninstalling languages
  184. Swype: Pain is so close to pleasure
  185. Smileys
  186. where i can find old 3.XX version
  187. I'd pay 10 $ for a stable version of swype
  188. SwiftKey Flow beta is here! :))
  189. No word suggestions when selecting incorrect word to fix.
  190. Beta won't work on the Nexus 7 tablet/Android 4.2.1
  191. Dictionary not working on one device
  192. Is Swype safe?
  193. The installer founds a wrong device?
  194. please post a download link for a swype.sis file
  195. Can you please release swype to Google Playstore, will gladly pay for it
  196. How do I upgrade?
  197. Have two versions installed. Can I remove one?
  198. Auto Space in Browser
  199. No words getting saved in dictionary??????
  200. Swype_v1.3.6.10405
  201. Galaxy S3 pre-install?
  202. No text to speech for pre-installed Swype after Android OS update
  203. License problem on Kindle Fire HD
  204. Add Words within Personal Dictionary Editor for the Current 1.3.5 Beta??
  205. Swype connect on tablet, no option on phone
  206. Still getting Android kybd on Nexus 7
  208. Swype
  209. Double install - Dictionary gone from upgrade 1.0.3 to 1.3
  210. That's it. I'm done with this sh#t.
  211. Kindle Fire HD OS 7.2.3 - Swype installation wouldn't run
  212. Swype auto-suggest used to be good??
  213. New HTC Incredible 4 Android Cell phone
  214. Ice Cream version works great (unlike new beta) - REINSTALLED
  215. Hello to everyone...
  216. Swype 3.26 stops work
  217. Is it just me, or
  218. Swype replacement (Xperia™ Swipe keyboard)
  219. adding email address to the dictionary?
  220. I love swype
  221. Dictionary wipe and no auto-space in browser
  222. helllpppp please
  223. Why doesn't the speech button capitalize the first word you say?
  224. Swype installer for updates?
  225. Official Dragon "Speak" guide for Swype data entry?
  226. Swype on Atrix 2
  227. When will Swype be available for Apple iOS?
  228. does not add words to the dictionary
  229. new Swype beta crashing hard - how do i remove it?!
  230. Swype v1.3.9.11092
  231. Installation problem - again!
  232. Swype Beta - how to change between typing and tiping mode?
  233. New Swype Beta is available
  234. Swype update over 3G/4G
  235. it´s terrible, so much bugs
  236. Flower pit. Avocado pit. Pit that away.
  237. Limited Version after Update 1.4
  238. Multiple user dictionaries for multiple languages
  239. Again - how do i remove??????
  240. German Keyboard Layout is extremely bad!!
  241. can't add words to the dictionary all the time?
  242. Installer is a pain
  243. Downloading previous versions
  244. Dictionary copy
  245. Azerty / Qwerty
  246. Swype - Top 10 missing features
  247. Which Version or None?
  248. Swype Beta 1.4 and still tiny layout with "Umlauts"
  249. Anyone tried Kii keyboard yet ?
  250. Swype not recognising added words the next time!!