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  1. 'voute' word in Dutch dictionary
  2. I love the new beta!!!
  3. I can't download swype! help
  4. Not pleased with Dragon Dictation
  5. forum issues forgotten password issues
  6. insert character blocks the W key: any way to fix this?
  8. Czech language and Swype
  9. Awesome SWYPE!
  10. Newsletter or something?
  11. Swype stopped working
  12. Swype Connect does not work as intended?
  13. Asus Transformer Prime
  14. Swype and password security in relation to malware
  15. Tick boxes missing on registration page
  16. German Language "Queued for download"
  17. Suggest you create a mini USB screen-keyboard for computer input
  18. There is no option to add additional languages on Gingerbread
  19. any News about the ICS update?
  20. Vibrate on Keypress Grayed Out
  21. Q key on Swype keyboard > Emotions?
  22. New Huawei S8600
  23. Missing check box in registration form when using Firefox
  24. NOT receiving email for Beta Download
  25. cant login to activate
  26. word suggestion bar, and tap area
  27. new updates for 2012?
  28. Can't post
  29. Device Registration?
  30. Update 3.26.92D.38303
  31. Unlicenced
  32. Registration of Swype failed
  33. Swype update wrecked on Xoom
  34. Cannot Install on ICS due to Screen Size
  35. No Dragon Go Add-on for Swype for Android 4.0???
  36. New Swype Update - Word Suggestion Toolbar Covers Text Input Area (Xperia X8)
  37. Please Return... the Enter Key
  38. "Select Input Method" box always displaying in notification bar...
  39. Keyboard too small on HTC Rezound
  40. what finger do you Swype with?
  41. Moving Swype (b) to a Rooted Phones SD Card
  42. no more updates of preinstalled versions!?
  43. Catalan contractions not working
  44. Swype and UK keyboard docks
  45. callibtrate
  46. Note ICS: Tablet choices of keyboard only
  47. New Update March 5?
  48. Tapping "i" in middle of sentence autocorrects to "of" :?
  49. Swype keyboard not filling up screen like it used to
  50. swype has quit working properly!
  51. Auto spacing has never worked
  52. ICS Swype prediction not showing up?
  53. No Dutch Language on Tablet version of Swype
  54. How can i buy Swype?
  55. consuming large space
  56. Just installed swype but can't download/install Portuguese(Brazil) nor other language
  57. please help with install error
  58. " Space bar close from Home Button " (Android 4.0)
  59. How do you move between input boxes in web forms
  60. Cannot delete certain words
  61. Can't install
  62. just returned to Swype on desire....and liking it :)
  63. How can I get the Korean version?
  64. Swype on HTC One S
  65. Swype panel too small for HD720 HTC X ONE
  66. Cursor blocks suggestion bar
  67. Older versions?
  68. Cant download installer from invite email...
  69. steel roof
  70. Expired download link
  71. continuous word entry by Swyping to spacebar
  72. Because of the new version of Swype I can't use GO SMS Popup window anymore
  73. Problem using Evernote
  74. Swype Filipino Language
  75. Swype Constantly Crashes - HTC Desire HD
  76. How to see word prediction and correction window?
  77. question about swype on samsung galaxy s2 ics update
  78. swype beta fails install in samsung galaxy tab 2, 7" ics
  79. Keypad on samsung galaxy s2
  80. often end up with wrong word in message :/
  81. Disable Spell Check in ICS
  82. Annoying auto spacing after certain punctuation marks
  83. Galaxy Note Swype Tablet would like normal swype
  84. Capitalization no longer working
  85. Galaxy S2 post-ICS freeze/battery drain
  86. Numbers button should be swapped with Swype button.
  87. Swype on this device
  88. Swype on this device
  89. Will it ever be available in the store?
  90. Swype are deleting my posts
  91. To close the swype keyboard
  92. Problem with Swype on Windows 7 Tablet
  93. ICS Language Download
  94. Romanian Keyboard
  95. Will the beta stop working?
  96. questions about the installer
  97. How to install Swype on Galaxy Note? not Swype Beta Tablets
  98. Important information regarding a license extension for February Swype Beta v3.26.92.
  99. new update too large!
  100. Rough experience with update
  101. What's new in Swype 3.26.92d.39062.t0.11011
  102. My return key has gone? :(
  103. French Canadian?
  104. Cannot Access my Swype Installer Download due to my Accidental deletion
  105. Only beta and beta Japanese?
  106. Can't change my email address
  107. Swype Installer Problem
  108. feedback: swype beta works on 7 inch galaxy tablet
  109. Can I *please* pay for Swype?
  110. Swype Key to 'a' also opens numeric keyboard?
  111. What is the data stored by Swype?
  112. When will swype beta be available for tablets?
  113. Swype gets no more words
  114. battery drain 3.26.9d.39...... Evo 4g
  115. Turn off text shorthand?
  116. how come i have Dutch on Nexus but not on Tab 2
  117. how come i have Dutch on Nexus but not on Tab 2
  118. Network Error
  119. First run splash screen question
  120. Expanded symbols dictionary
  121. Cursor jump
  122. Why is Swype so difficult to get to
  123. General security question
  124. Resizing Swype Keyboard on Galaxy Note in ICS
  125. Galaxy S III
  126. screen size not supported?..
  127. 4 Copies of swype-installer.apk in notifications
  128. Problem with my forum-user
  129. New phone and package problems
  130. Maximum ammount of personal words
  131. Downloading Language Packs - loads for hours with no result
  132. Swype I am so over you!
  133. New Swype Beta, Personal Dictionary
  134. Swype Beta 1.0 Auto Adding to Dictionary Again?
  135. Different keyboard layouts on different devices. why?
  136. ARGH add to dictionary is broken again
  137. Swype Version
  138. Hebrew keyboard now much worse than before
  139. Can no longer add punctuation to dictionary
  140. Spanish Keyboard layout problem
  141. Thanks! finally a beta that works on my Xoom!
  142. Issues upgrading from 3.26 to 3.92
  143. Recovering old dictionary?
  144. device won't go to sleep with the new beta?
  145. Delete word & import user dictionary
  146. Latest beta v1.0.3.5809 Keyboard slow to disappear
  147. Prefer the old appearance
  148. Swype connect gmail
  149. How to switch between modes?
  150. Several unnecessary changes / anyone ask for them?
  151. Working well on tfp201 and G Nexus
  152. List words from Swype Connect in the custom dictionary
  153. A Few Questions to the Developers
  154. What After Beta
  155. Swyping not producing next word prediction
  156. wanted: adjustable aggression of auto-correction
  157. I for one like the UMLAUTS, at least for the german keyboard :-)
  158. I hope the 3.26 beta doesn't expire for a while
  159. How to turn off speech-to-text censorship
  160. Swype has become great allthough a bit laggy
  161. Where is the Personal Dictionary?
  162. Love It!
  163. Swype Beta pro and con
  164. Bring back NoAutoSpace and Tab
  165. Thanks for the year of Swyping, but I've just uninstalled....
  166. No love for Nokia users
  167. Deleting word in dictionary
  168. Apostrophes
  169. How Long Until a Fix is Released?
  170. Does this beta work on Nexus 7?
  171. word erase at once on built in swype but not swype beta?
  172. revert to 3.26 verion, the 1.0.3 is nearly unusable
  173. Droid Razr Maxx Post ICS
  174. Swype 3.26 and Galaxy S3
  175. Swype for Nook
  176. Nokia N8 Anna
  177. New Feature
  178. Bluetooth for voice to text on Samsung GS3
  179. Swype Crashes after update
  180. English Keyboard with different Language
  181. Web site won't remember my login and password
  182. Installing on rooted phone, Verizon Galaxy Nexus
  183. I hate T9!
  184. Swype Beta on OEM phones
  185. Swype and the ASUS Padfone
  186. Newest backspace functionality
  187. Four days of use then the beta expires?????!!! WTF?
  188. Swype on Incredible 4g?
  189. Show original string when sliding
  190. starting over
  191. Default symbols keys on main keyboard
  192. installation failed swype instaler 2.0.26481 (13.00)
  193. Swype is just too damned good, and I'm angry!
  194. Adore Swipe!
  195. Latest Beta and JellyBean 4.1.1
  196. No Checkbox in HTC One S Keyboard And Input Methods
  197. Swyping a question mark, much more sensitive and inaccurate?
  198. Swype Beta 3.92 Tablet ICS
  199. This is probably been asked... Does it work for paralyzed people?
  200. How To uninstall a downloaded dictionary
  201. Discontinue using swype
  202. Trouble downloading Swype, not installer.
  203. HELP on swiping letter: (very very common in italian language)
  204. What is newest Swype version?
  205. smiley button different on different phones S2 & S3, why?
  206. just want urdu language in latest swype beta
  207. single tap to select words no longer working
  208. smiley face NO
  209. Swype button to select word?!
  210. Mechanism: Saving words to the dict?
  211. Timing on Email link to download
  212. Composed words
  213. Swype Beta on Samsung SIII?
  214. What is long-pressing spacebar supposed to do?
  215. Am I missing the hyphen/dash/minus sign?
  216. "Hellish" auto corrected to "Jewish"
  217. swype for Android version 2.0 (1234.123) stalls at check version?
  218. Confused: been using 3.26 - what version should I be on now?
  219. Word Choice List Removal
  220. It keeps telling me to enable 'mobile view"
  221. How to switch language by a single tap/gesture?
  222. Samsung Galaxy Captivate Glide ~SGH-I927)
  223. Swype not working with HTC One XL
  224. Longpress Symbols on the Symbols Keyboards
  225. well done swype
  226. remove words from Word Choice List
  227. Where is the tab key?
  228. activation key deleted
  229. Swype Update - 8/30/12 Version
  230. Beta not an improvement.
  231. HTC Inspire
  232. SwiftKey implements a major swype forums request
  233. Loving Swype
  234. predictive text
  235. Two versions???
  236. eBay Login
  237. Swype Beta Program Issues - past 30 day installation period
  238. Deleting preprogrammed words from Swype's dictionary?
  239. How do you swipe double letters like "tt" or "oo"?
  240. LIVE CHAT with Aaron Sheedy, Swype Product Guru!
  241. can I still get v3.26.92.38303 if I root and go back to ics?
  242. Swype Beta Installer
  243. Edit Preloaded Dictionary
  244. Samsung Galaxy s3
  245. Latest Version Just doesn't do much
  246. how can i install latest edition on my NEXUS 7?
  247. user dictionary - where do the words come from
  248. Persistent Bug Question from Newbie
  249. The newest Swype version shows the incompetence
  250. How do I update Swype Beta?