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  1. Swype on miui rom 1.6.17
  2. Beta 3 reverted after Android update
  3. My feedback for the latest beta
  4. Color of swype trail.
  5. Swype 3.0 sucks...who has the previous .apk so I can enjoy swype again?
  6. No Return Key in Default SMS
  7. Possible Audio Bug with Honeycomb 3.1
  8. Don't have an android phone.......WHAT? I HAD THE BETA BEFORE.
  9. Failed to load "German"
  10. Download
  11. LG Revolution getting swype 3.0 anytime soon?
  12. I correct a word i misspelled and send it out yet it still sends out mistyped word
  13. Swype is AWESOME
  14. Swype 3.0 - the only one I haven't uninstalled
  15. DROID X and ota gingerbread problems
  16. Touch Typing
  17. Droid X...sorry for multiposts...just found this...
  18. Swyep beta Chinese language support for Asus transformer?
  19. Too much display used!
  20. Decided to quit Swype, and bought SlideIT instead...
  21. Installation Fails - Error Parsing Package
  22. HTC Sense UI - Desire S
  23. Laggy HWCL
  24. Forum bug saving profile pics.
  25. Swype 3.0 Galaxy SII
  26. Hitting Spacebar - Confirm what I wrote or Accept Swype's Suggestion
  27. cant find the smiley key?
  28. Editing words
  29. Optimus t problems
  30. Tapping backspace after word selected
  31. Swype 3 on Galaxy Tab 10.1
  32. htc wildfire S - low memory
  33. Upgrade Swype on Samsung Galaxy S2
  34. Beta on Asus Transformer
  35. Problem with swype importing data from google account into dictionary
  36. T-mobile Garminfone Asus - inputmethod stopped unexpectedly FORCE CLOSE
  37. Swype and phone's sleep mode
  38. Delete one letter words..
  39. Loving Swype 3, but a few issues still
  40. why does it say the the HTC inspire 4g is not an android phone?
  41. OUR vs OR
  42. Droid 3 Disable Android Keyboard to continue install issue...
  43. Swype 3.x on GtabComb
  44. Input method select dialog on Honeycomb
  45. Can't get it to work on my Xperia Arc
  46. Android 1.6 support discontinued
  47. Unchecking Auto-correct doesn't work
  48. Cursor arrow?
  49. s5830 (Android 2.2.1 FROYO) Fails to add new words on dictionary.
  50. A very quick question
  51. Dictionary does not learn anymore for Beta
  52. Can there be a UK English/Chinese bundle?
  53. Why do numbers have to cause a space????
  54. What happens after the beta period?
  55. Goodbye and good riddance to Swype
  56. Swype Standard/complete version
  57. Tap typing with SWYPE problem
  58. Pound sign in English UK
  59. My long press to access the second option on a key is too quick!
  60. General use comment
  61. Competition
  62. Auto spacing doesn't seem to work in messaging
  63. Won't recognize my Motorola Triumph as Android phone
  64. Active Beta Account
  65. Two replacement Droids in one week=Swype won't activate
  66. Beta 3 Generate License problem
  67. moving Swype to system partition
  68. Entering certain words
  69. Swype V3 Beta
  70. word list close button???
  71. trying to load up swype through titanium back up
  72. Finding Symbols?
  73. Easiest way to swype the word "Ah"
  74. Cannot find option to resize the keyboard under Honeycomb
  75. Swype Bugs on HTC EVO 3D
  76. How does one select a URL address and delete it all at once?
  77. I can't get it to install
  78. How do I add ":-*" (the 'kissy face') to the dictionary? (v. 3.6.84)
  79. Can't retrieve my password
  80. swype not allowing browser bar highlight?
  81. Swype and HTC
  82. Swype on Xoom?
  83. ENTER KEY in place of :-)
  84. Invalid License error on new phone
  85. Swype for Sprint Nexus S 4g
  86. How do I swype http:// url shortcut?
  87. URL Deleting Automatically
  88. Expired Beta3.0
  89. Cursor Movement Suggestion
  90. Swype on InsertCoin
  91. No voice input after changing google password
  92. I really love swype!!!!
  93. Update process sucks
  94. Beta email made me delete swype...
  95. Able to download, but not the updated version
  96. Swype installer loop
  97. Swype Dictionary
  98. Email Beta = 3.25, I have 3.6.84.
  99. Beta vs. Prerelease?
  100. I see the servers are back up but I am still getting parse error when trying to updte
  101. Is the new version for both tablets and phones or just phones?
  102. Infinite Update of Installer?
  103. how to save user dictionary when updating from 2.25 to latest 3.25?
  104. they fixed the jumpy cursor!!!!!!
  105. Upgrading to swype 3.25 problems--bad instructions & bad installations checks.
  106. Restoring user dictionary resulted in an empty user dictionary
  107. I don't receive email
  108. Swype Connect when all data switched off?
  109. No new skin for none sprint/nexus s users?!
  110. Beta 3.25 problems
  111. 3.25 beta - only getting sprint option
  112. 3.25 Beta: Only English&Spanish package available.
  113. 3.25 is a vast improvement!
  114. After word correction the cursor no longer moves to the end of the last word.
  115. Swype Connect should be removed - IMMEDIATELY
  116. Slight issues after update
  117. New installer issues
  118. What version?
  119. pre-installed swype vs swype beta, which is better
  120. Help, can't activate!!
  121. Issues with new update? Try this...
  122. Outstanding Beta 3.25 Performnace
  123. Pre-download 3rd party application permission check
  124. About to download 3.25, my phone says it already has 3.6.xxxxxx
  125. Themes
  126. the downloading is still not finished yet !!!
  127. Can I use beta
  128. Can't restore my user dictionary
  129. Installer & New Swype Issues
  130. What in the heck does......
  131. How to install beta on Vibrant? Can't uninstall old version.
  132. I've lost swype. I think Swift key X did it
  133. moderation issues in these forums
  134. Wildfire S: application NOT installed - why?
  135. Getting 'Download Unsuccessful' when trying to download package
  136. Swype Dreams
  137. Help with Infuse 4g
  138. russian language pack
  139. Suggestion for swyping
  140. Swyping Smiley
  141. Install myltilanguage swype with Russian language in WSVGA
  142. Swype good, but...
  143. Auto spacing just stopped working in browser only on Droid X
  144. Remove Spanish Button
  145. Removing version 2.5
  146. Works perfectly on Virtuous Unity 2.35 on HTC Vision
  147. Error - ID mismatch
  148. is there a way to minimize swype? there should be.
  149. cant delete words!
  150. blue trace doesn't disappear until the next letter is touched
  151. Green circle that shows up for editing
  152. Czech language has dissapeared from Swype
  153. should i uninstall swype installer or leave it?
  154. No spaces before one letter words!
  155. how can you guys be so bad at making a simple product
  156. Numbers delete letters
  157. Overlapping keyboards Swype oem, Galaxy Tab 10.1, several browsers
  158. HTC Inspire 4G
  159. Missing language switching button
  160. Swype uninstaller removes "ALL" keyboards
  161. yellow trace
  162. Motorola Xoom Honeycomb 3.2.1
  163. Update failure - 2011 09 25 - original Moto Droid
  164. Activation code not included in reinvite email
  165. Installation Problems Swype 3.25
  166. No stock dictionary in 3.25.x
  167. disable send via return button
  168. I Love Swype....But fed up with BETA's
  169. Old version of Swype on Galaxy Tab
  170. Any installation glitches have been worth it
  171. Swype refuses to install
  172. Instructions for installing new version of beta need improvement
  173. Swype should offer skins
  174. Htc desire upgrade to htc desire s
  175. Can you give me a offline installer, please?
  176. Personal Dictionary editing
  177. Have Not Received Email
  178. anyone know if the Nuance acquisition will affect beta testers?
  179. Cant Re-install swype
  180. when i click the link from my email this is the message i got" this is not an android
  181. not getting activation emails
  182. Have to re enable
  183. Smiley key in recent update?
  184. Western\Italian Layout = not usable (
  185. Bad Bind: can't use preinstalled Swype, can't install Beta
  186. [3.26] Please revise language bundles
  187. [3.26] Do we still need the installer?
  188. swype beta 3.26 for motorola photon 4g
  189. German Keyboard Layout in Beta 3.26
  190. WIll not install - first time user
  191. change of number keypad in 3.26
  192. on Bionic
  193. Random custom "words"
  194. can't update swype on samsung galaxy s2?
  195. Application Not Installed
  196. Forum will not retain login
  197. Doesn't work in Thunderbolt mail client
  198. My feedback
  199. Changing between languages is not easy as older version
  200. Swipe installer RAGE
  201. Not working on HTC Incredible 2
  202. Swype Turkish version
  203. Swype keyboard theme?
  204. Please bring smileys back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. The letter "K" always gets displayed as "I" ( HTC Droid INCREDIBLE) BETA
  206. Use once, saved forever?
  207. how do i find what version of Swype i have?
  208. Tapatalk freuqently reporting forum error when forums are up and running
  209. I Love Swype! How do I get it on my Kindle Fire?
  210. Has context prediction engine done anything to improve accuracy for you?
  211. Swype on Galaxy Nexus (and ICS)
  212. Speckie
  213. Swype 3.26 on CyanogenMod less precise?
  214. Swype Beta on Samsung Galaxy Note?
  215. After update, Swype works but swipe input causes "Please try again"
  216. Font change in 3.26 - htc desire
  217. Option to change keyboard size in 1024x600 resolution tablets?
  218. My swype not longer work
  219. Keyboard font - Swype 3.26 HTC Desire
  220. Swype on my Wildfire is...WEIRD
  221. Upgrade on a HTC Desire
  222. Ability to delete words needed badly
  223. Uninstaling Swype
  224. htc sensation swype help
  225. Reduce app size and memory usage
  226. OEM replacement....
  227. Just isn't as good any more....
  228. Dutch language suddenly gone after update
  229. Russian - English keyboard and Dragon Dictate problem
  230. Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.
  231. Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.
  232. Site busy or is it really maintenance?
  233. Yellow? Language key? Seriously?
  234. Can I now install English only and then add French?
  235. Asus Transformer Prime
  236. Region options gone from installer ?
  237. T-Mobile G1
  238. connection information are missing: null or empty carrier
  239. Existing Swype User
  240. Swype for Galaxy Nexus
  241. HP Slate 500 Bugs
  242. What will The Dragon do to Swype?
  243. Won't be let me Register
  244. Nuance eats Swype. Now what?
  245. Cannot download Swype Southeast Asia
  246. Changing the order of predicted words
  247. installing swype beta on rooted bionic
  248. swype deletes last 2 letters of every word
  249. Backspace Repeats Last Word
  250. Dragon not Processing Commands