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  1. Nexus One - 2.3.3 Update - Swype Complications (solved...somehow...)
  2. Help with installation on Huawei IDEOS
  3. help with installing on evo
  4. Unable to install SWYPE Beta, what to do?
  5. Save Swype data to sdcard
  6. Swype and the Samsung Mesmerize from US Cellular
  7. Huwaei Ascend - Problem
  8. Does the Swype tutorial work?
  9. 2nd word capitalizies...
  10. Am I Missing Something ?
  11. Not recieving beta invitation email
  12. Email is not coming thru
  13. 2G, 3G, wifi, tried everything, cannot get good d/l of the 10Mb Beta. Parse error.
  14. LOVE Swype, How long does this last???
  15. Activation problems
  16. How exactly do I reset my active devices?
  17. Problems on Dell Streak (2.2)
  18. updating swype via installer > not working
  19. Issue with Swype beta on HTC desire running FroYo (2.2)
  20. March Update Language Issues
  21. Installation problem with new update on Droid X
  22. Nook Color and March Update?
  23. Russian language
  24. Swype Download
  25. Dutch language
  26. installer file
  27. UNFAIR phones not preinstalled w/ swype get updates while other phones dont??? >:(
  28. Registration Failed
  29. How can an essentially BRILLIANT product be so CRAP at customer service?
  30. Swype permissions
  31. Got error that Swype was expired after last update. Got it fixed though.
  32. used Beta, now what?
  33. Black Swype Beta
  34. Swype stopped working
  35. How large is March update--can't install
  36. Force install, bugs and beta !
  37. Works on phone, not tablet
  38. I've changed devices - cannot install
  39. Swype Privacy Warning
  40. Sorry! This is not an Android phone.
  41. Expired Swype
  42. March update nightmare
  43. How do you uninstall Swype (for a newer version)
  44. download failed
  45. Occasional Caps Lock Instead of Capitize First Letter
  46. Has anyone ever received help or any response from swype?
  47. Skins/Themes
  48. How do you change your phone type under account settings?
  49. Swype on HTC Thunderbolt
  50. Htc evo help...
  51. Beta vs. Sprint Evo Rom version
  52. Can't install on HTC Aria (AT&T)
  53. Why no arrow keys?
  54. Droid X Problems
  55. Swype and the new HTC Thunderbold
  56. Verizon pushed an update to my Droid, now Swype doesn't work
  57. great so far
  58. Swype Not Working After Installing New Version!
  59. New device
  60. New beta seems better (5 mins!)
  61. Double-Tap to change words removed in 2.3.3. So...
  62. How hard can it be ?
  63. Dictionary Edit
  64. cannot reinstal Swype on HTC Incredible after first beta is inoperative
  65. Add option not working
  66. Installer Installed Previous Swype Beta
  67. edit word dictionary?
  68. Swype keeps beeping with blue box
  69. Microphone on latest release not functioning?
  70. Adding Words to Dictionary
  71. Swype Not Swyping
  72. Expired version notice, new version failed download HTC Desire
  73. How To Install Swype on AT&T Android Phones
  74. Swype on Xperia X10
  75. losing accuracy over time
  76. Decimal Point vs. Period in Excel
  77. Hey people
  78. Swype beta on 2 different droids..
  79. Swype Tshirt
  80. changed phones, how to register new active device?
  81. How do I edit the dictionary?
  82. Swype and office suites
  83. Help installing swype on a replacement droid
  84. fast keyboard switching
  85. iphone 4 verizon
  86. is it true that wifi xoom will not get swype?
  87. "horizontal choice view" xml files in apk - hidden alternative to the popup?
  88. Help!
  89. adsense huge cash profits in no time
  90. On the table are my cards
  91. Switching to New Android Phone
  92. Trial keeps expiring
  93. Weird capitalization
  94. Can Beta replace PreLoad if the phone is rooted?
  95. Unable to remove junk words from swype dictionary
  96. Swype Package configured for another device????
  97. Words with an apostrophe need to be looked at...
  98. New swype version notification
  99. Swype on Xperia X10 (AT&T)?
  100. Email used to istall
  101. Spacebar key query
  102. Micro version
  103. Need ESI/ID count reset
  104. Choose language(s) on install to keep size down
  105. Word Choice Window set to "Never," but window still appears while typing
  106. swype stops remembering words after using for few days
  107. Replaced phone and Cant Log In
  108. Swype screen resolution error on Sony Ericsson ARC
  109. "You pressed the Swype key but we don't know what you are trying to do."
  110. Swype on HTC HD2
  111. Is the beta site down?
  112. Swype Installation Error
  113. New phone, same model, can't login to anymore :(
  114. Key Pop-Up Feedback for Swype
  115. Swype on Tablets
  116. New Swype Feature Coming to Beta?
  117. Stop the "tip popup".
  118. Instaling help
  119. Message says "Swype is not properly licensed"
  120. Spacing after ending a sentence with punctuation
  121. Swype Text Color
  122. cant download on new phone
  123. Can't delete dictionary words
  124. No space after a period. WHY?!
  125. Swype possibly turning characters into dots on internet browser.
  126. Swype worsening day by day on 2.2 help brian!
  127. EVO Downloading Help!
  128. installation issues
  129. Thank you!
  130. How big is Swype.
  131. Swype Stopped Working
  132. Toogle for Autospacing?
  133. Firefox Mobile: auto-spacing not functioning in address bar
  134. Hide keyboard without back key
  135. Force Keyboard On?
  136. keyboard doesnt come up
  137. Its a 50 - 50 call.. Good yet looking new.
  138. Keyboard not appearing after gingerbread update on HTC Desier HD
  139. unable to uninstall the swype
  140. HTC Incredible. Love it. Thanks!!!
  141. Swype - it hears hoofbeats and thinks zebras
  142. Swype and Sense help
  143. No confirmation email
  144. Bad interaction between Swype and Gingerbred text selection handles
  145. Swype stops working after resetting phone
  146. Change Conversation font size?
  147. Carriage Return and Smilies button!
  148. download link leads to blank page
  149. Stop guessing single characters?
  150. Have some questions about Swype on my Galaxy Tab
  151. There's no mobile view?
  152. Evo with Ginger 2.3.3
  153. Autocorrect
  154. How to add language on Android phone?
  155. how to install Swype on a new phone?
  156. Dry finger causes Swype to enter nonsense.
  157. Installing swype on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Purchased from Negri Electronics
  158. Swype stopped working on HTC MyTouch 3G Slide
  159. Searching this forum
  160. Swype is configured for another device... (Not dropad)
  161. How do I Quit the Program?
  162. Swype Permissions
  163. Evo just upgraded to Gingerbread (2.3.3) and Swype stopped swyping- can't uninstall
  164. Keyboard layout
  165. Refuses to accept password of active account after uninstall and reinstall.
  166. hello everyone
  167. Customize it to always use another word?
  168. New Beta?
  169. croatian - hrvatski
  170. Device ID Mismatch
  171. Backing up and restoring your user dictionary - ROOT USERS ONLY
  172. Purpose for "Show Suggested Word?"
  173. HWCL Driving Me Crazy
  174. New beta version will not install.
  175. LG G-Slate and beta 3.0
  176. Thanks for the 3.0!
  177. Question about Beta install
  178. Cannot Uninstall Swype
  179. Install Swype on MIUI without Titanium Backup!
  180. No Beta 3.0 notification
  181. Installer says my HTC Thunderbolt is *not* Android phone, and cannot install
  182. Beta 3.0 will not install. It says "not Android phone" on HTC Thunderbolt
  183. New Swype 3.0
  184. Swype Installation Failed
  185. How to get Swype on non-rooted AT&T phone?
  186. Swype in more than 2 devices using the same account
  187. is this the right version i have installed for v3?
  188. EnglishUS/EnglishUK-only package
  189. Gingerbread Text Editor Still Obstructing Swype v3
  190. error loading uk, english / beta 3
  191. Don't install if your phone cost less than $300/is more than a year old
  192. Colour of keyboard keys
  193. 3.0 Adding One and Two Letter Words to Dictionary When Editing a Typing Mistake
  194. How can I get the Chinese Beta?
  195. How to run Swype 3.0 beta if Swype was pre-installed on Verizon Droid X?
  196. Collecting user data?
  197. Problem after update
  198. Browser History
  199. beta 3 tap correction . NO!
  200. Cursor keeps moving to end of word
  201. My rant about the Sprint push...
  202. Can't download using Swype Installer
  203. htc desire wont download MMS after swype was installed =\ help!!
  204. Positive response
  205. Not Getting Activation Email
  206. 2 cents: Great job!
  207. French-chinese-english
  208. Swype for android is not beta
  209. My 2˘ents on the new 3.0 version
  210. Love 3.0 but...
  211. Installer does not work. And yes.. I read the step-by-step instructions
  212. Change Registered Phone
  213. Can I put swype beta 3 on my xoom table and still use it on my droid?
  214. New swype learning dictionary.
  215. Themes/Colors
  216. Tactile feedback in 3.0?
  217. Can't uninstall old version to install 3.0
  218. question about filesize of the three different versions
  219. Impossible install because Installer.....
  220. Is it possible to downgrade to the previous version of Swype?
  221. Swype dictionary ERASED?!
  222. So tired of being corrected
  223. HTC EVO does not change keyboard screens.
  224. update swype installer
  225. "Need" Swype for 1.6 android phone PLEASE!!!
  226. Trial expired -- so now what?
  227. Swype 3, Not user friendly?
  228. How to switch between on screen keyboard apps
  229. Swype installed but not usable on HTC Hero
  230. Automatically moving to the end of the word
  231. Why no chinese support on fwvga screens?
  232. Installer IS TOO DEFECTIVE
  233. it dwnld and say : an error occurred while analysing the kit
  234. Love Swype!
  235. Help
  236. Punctuation After Space
  237. Swype for Zio
  238. Emoticons, automatic space after ":"
  239. Swype Beta on Acer Iconia Tab A500 (Honeycomb tablet)
  240. Need help!
  241. 3.0 Not happy AT ALL about 2 things... (yes, just 2)
  242. What happens when you don't proof read
  243. Underlined text, how to remove?
  244. Swyping experience great until v3.0 - no support for 1.6
  245. Word Suggestion Format
  246. Love 3.0!
  247. After factory reset, I am not receiving the email to download the installer.
  248. Capitalisation
  249. Email activation broken?
  250. Help box keeps popping up when I swype...how to turn it off?