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  1. Give us answer!
  2. Swype Beta stops responding during setup stage
  3. latest update accuracy poor
  4. Swype 1.3.5 - freezes when using email on Galaxy Note
  5. LOST secondary buttons
  6. Swype won't install completely AND has altered my Acer A500.
  7. Swype Connect Automatically Registered and Used Incorrent Email
  8. Fundamental Swyping Errors
  9. something very strange going on with contacts app...on Jellybean 4.2
  10. Login / register NOT working on Swype webpage
  11. Swype not working since last update
  12. The accuracy went to crap
  13. Two bugs that are easy to fix and are super irritating
  14. MonteCarlo zt. I can't activate it
  15. Samsung galaxy 3 stock email app not working properly with new version
  16. Android Email app doesn't initially like Swype
  17. Can not install Swype on Kindle Fire orig
  18. Autospacing doesn't work properly in French
  19. Installer hangs while trying to list Swype version (Nexus 10)
  20. Congrats Swype, I've reached my wits end
  21. Doesn't work on Replacement AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note
  22. Swype doesn't match the screen size
  23. I can't add new words to the dicionary. And the voice feature
  24. 1.35 beta upgrade crash
  25. Problem with swype [x8]
  26. Where is the ellipsis sign?
  27. Comma shortcut not recognized ("Please try again"), sporadically
  28. Auto-spacing BROKEN on Google.com [Boat Browser, Dolphin]
  29. Learn from GMAIL does not work
  30. From time to time stops responding in latest version
  31. Swype is occasionally very laggy
  32. Swype just disappeared off my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone!
  33. dictionary deleted
  34. Installer Hangs After Uninstall/Reinstall Attempt
  35. Swype Vibrate on keypress greyed out
  36. Lost my entire dictionary, no auto-spacing, was adding an underscore before words
  37. Swype Connect created a new device instead of linking to the existing one
  38. Is the personalization with Gmail, Twitter etc. supposed to do something?
  39. Lost my dictionary after Jelly Bean upgrade, how can I get it back?
  40. My theory on lack of responses from Swype
  41. backspace on htc ONE S notes application
  42. swype beta on optimus g - all is well, then it deletes my dictionary
  43. Dictionary problems
  44. I can not install on my motorola
  45. Swype beta kybd doesnt play well with Google+ .... Android 4.2.1, Nexus 10
  46. Support for custom keyboard
  47. Swype Crashing - HTC Glacier/CM7
  48. Cannot click "Install" button on SB Installer or SB - Samsung Galaxy S3
  49. no autospace on certain websites
  50. No Dictionary after 1.3.5 Update Fix
  51. Losing my dictionary every few days
  52. Why always drastic changes?
  53. last word in line repeated on next line/message
  54. SGS3 people! Don't turn your phone off! Deletes personal dictionary!
  55. Languages disappeared on version upgrade
  56. Loose "swype" ability randomly
  57. Swype Freezes when the letter G is pressed - Samsung Galaxy SII
  58. for those loosing dictionary/new words after 1.3 beta install
  59. odd behavior after word select
  60. Kindle Fire HD Landscape Mode
  61. dictionary not remembering
  62. Swype turned off proximity sensor
  63. WiFi mouse HD irritatingly regular crash
  64. I cant copy what i copied in text selection, it pastes what copied in swype copy
  65. Swype keeps forgetting my saved words.
  66. .com is not a comma.
  67. Swype uninstalled itself
  68. Swype 1.3.5 won't start (crashes) on start up
  69. unable to select contacts while partially typing contact name
  70. Sywpe Locking Up Samsung Galaxy SIII's
  71. Copilot live issue
  72. Irritating bug.
  73. How do I delete words from the swype dictionary?
  74. After crashing, dictionary is lost
  75. Swype not Backing up?? and deleting dictionary!?
  76. Xiaomi M2 vs. Swype
  77. Swype 1.3.5: consistent steps to reproduce empty dictionary after Beta update
  78. Canīt connect to gmail account
  79. autospacing won't work. nexus7
  80. Cannot change theme on Galaxy S3 running jelly bean
  81. swype acting buggy suddenly
  82. Empty dictionary
  83. Swype not appearing on the keyboard (Android 4.0.4)
  84. Dear Swype, stop trying to act so smart.
  85. where to find version 3.26 in stead of beta 1.3.5
  86. Why is "Ģ1,234.55" so hard to glide
  87. Galaxy S3 - Beta 1.3 locks up phone when switching between languages
  88. edit keyboard not owrking on tablet
  89. Cannot add new words to dictionary when using Italian
  90. Words with symbols still auto-add to dictionary
  91. Download languages just hanging...
  92. cant install
  93. Persistent and ongoing loss of dictionary
  94. Cannot install from Swype BETA Installer on galaxy ace with 2.3.6
  95. Jagged swype line/trace
  96. registration currently won't accept a gmail.com address
  97. Swype connect won't synchronize my dictionary
  98. Upgrade & wireless connection
  99. Push update
  100. Change Dictionary Behavior Option Bug?
  101. Swype Connect has never worked for me...
  102. How do you add to the dictionary - instructions don't work
  103. Personalization Login Pages Reload with 2 Step Verification on Same Device-Gmail, etc
  104. Unable to install Swype Beta 1.4
  105. Swype Beta 1.4 unusable in Samsung email client with Smart Editor
  106. how to type a carriage return into an sms?
  107. No typing auto-correction in S Note - Note 2
  108. Haptic feedback is not noticeable
  109. [VIDEO] Hide words from swype keyboard
  110. shortcut to 0 (zero) missing in Lithuanian letter layout
  111. Cannot re-add .com or any TLD
  112. Unfortunately, Swype beta has stopped.
  113. Unfortunately, Swype beta has stopped.
  114. Euro symbol not easily accessible anymore
  115. Issue with corporate email typing(exchange server) on Galaxy S3
  116. Nexus7 split keyboard does not work
  117. Facebook Sync Login in Personalization Looks for Cookies
  118. Spacing and autocorrect errors in Dolphin and Gmail
  119. switching between keyboards on 7inch tablet
  120. Many problems with 1.4
  121. The 10-key should be configurable
  122. German keyboardlayout unusable
  123. can't copy or paste numbers in Contact
  124. Swype keyboard pops under applications so the keyboard is not visible
  125. 1.4 beta unusable in Optimus G email - not just Samsung!!
  126. Impossible to install Swype as non-owner
  127. Swype Connect logged out, but dictionary works
  128. No auto spacing...now in Opera!
  129. 1.4 update predictive text
  130. Unable to run installer on Alcatel One Touch 997D
  131. My Bug list of latest Swype
  132. Swype not running on Asus Transformer
  133. It doesn't register that I've spelled a word
  134. No deleting of one word at a time while holding down the backspace
  135. semicolon-space swype produces colon+space
  136. After Update My Galaxy Note 2 Can Not Input Chinese Word
  137. Cant Install - Checking installer Version Error
  138. Added new language (Arabic) - v1.4 - 900MB downloaded!
  139. Swype locks up once per day after Android 4.0.4 Update
  140. ESTONIAN: Dictionary not loading for Swype Beta 1.4
  141. Symbols to space bar completely out of whack all of a sudden
  142. Double Spaces or Not At All. SG-3
  143. Like many others, I encounter issues with "Download Languages" option!
  144. Swype is not capitalizing I
  145. Can never Swype people
  146. 1st letter of 1st sentence in Word/Docs to Go won't capitalize.
  147. Capitalizing when swyping compound words
  148. No umlauts when using external keyboard
  149. Swype Connect not working across devices
  150. duplicating sentences.
  151. Swype won't work at all - HTC Droid DNA
  152. Auto-capitalization isn't working in Portuguese
  153. Frequently get ":" (colon character) when trying to Swype "I"
  154. swype slow
  155. Install button disabled on Android 4.1.2
  156. Bug in Swype.v3.26.92D.38303.t0.8611.ENSP
  157. Keeping the Dictionary: Swype team tips
  158. Swype can't correctly show up on ASUS PADFONE2 after transfromed!
  159. Swype doesn't autoinsert periods in some apps
  160. Swype nearly unusable with Google Drive
  161. Swype deletes lines of text in dolphin browser
  162. Swype won't remember korean user words
  163. Keyboard soft-lock after typing words beginning with 'N'
  164. internet auto spacing
  165. crash on maildroid app
  166. Swype on Htc DNA
  167. Reverse carriage return in email editor
  168. Messaging App Crashes with Swype Beta on LG Optimus G for Sprint
  169. Problem with typing a word begining with "s".
  170. Punctuation Swype gives terrible results.
  171. it will not allow me to add words to my dictionary
  172. numerical keypad incomplete
  173. capital "I"
  174. Swype Connect does not sync personal dictionary
  175. swype spacing not working in ANY browser text fields/forms
  176. Keyboard issue & dictionary question
  177. Input mode switch key doesn't function since Swype update, Galazy S3 i747 with 4.1.1
  178. On my Samsung S3, it does not learn new words
  179. Swype freezes phone after latest update (1/6/13)
  180. New words do not add to dictionary
  181. comma button sometimes inserts period
  182. Swype beta 1.4 cannot Swype Chinese
  183. Next word prediction no longer.....predicting
  184. Erratic behaviour
  185. no symbol at no-autospace
  186. Swype eating words in Chrome Beta
  187. galaxy s3 loading time
  188. custom dictionary
  189. Swype not selecting ORANGE (Correct) words and using the first selection instead
  190. not sure if its a bug but i need an answer
  191. "Cannot open file" Swype-Installer-2.0-2.apk on Samsung S3 mini
  192. Swype stops working in Japanese mode with Chrome's "Find in page..." on Android
  193. galaxy s3 - Spanish language
  194. No auto-space after quotes"see?!
  195. I'm on Sprint s3 and I never got the update to get voice input back
  196. Dynamic Language Model (DLM) doesn't work right
  197. Padfone 2 switching
  198. Dynamic Language Model (DLM) doesn't work right
  199. error when using galaxy note 2 s notes
  200. Swype now not working on Galaxy Y
  201. Characters are repeated when using RealVNC Viewer
  202. Unable to enter letters directly after a number
  203. Auto space broken in messaging and gtalk too
  204. Problems with Swype and Ingress on a galaxy S3
  205. Can't download additional languages
  206. Text entry box doesn't shift up
  207. Blatant cursor errors and text corruption with multi-line fields in Google Chrome
  208. Swype crashes with Copilot
  209. Several problems...
  210. Customer dictionary disappeared without warning.
  211. Swype not loading
  212. noautospacing
  213. swype crashes after 4.0.4 update
  214. too complex words are predicted for simple curves in 11523
  215. Point disappeared from the numbers ....
  216. hang machine, stopped working
  217. swype not working
  218. When I type q to start a word.
  219. I have serious colon problems
  220. Love Swype app but it's extremely SLOW! HELP!
  221. words from other language are still suggested
  222. Cannot download language
  223. launch times with latest beta
  224. Launch time Swype Beta 1.4
  225. Unwanted auto space before first word
  226. No Installs Available
  227. Problem with red underline / Android spell checker
  228. Wifi required to download update, cannot bypass
  229. Updated to 1.4.5, Force Closes frequently on HTC Inspire 4G
  230. Words including symbols not working, even though they're in the Dictionary
  231. no alternatives shown sometimes for entered earlier
  232. "Change Dictionary Behavior" doesn't work
  233. Galaxy s2 Soft buttons quit working
  234. Swype 1.4.5 on HTC DNA Android 4.1.1
  235. Swype Connect wont sync TO HTC One S
  236. Degree Symbol Character Count
  237. Swype Key to highlight
  238. Cut/Copy & Paste won't work
  239. cant see P L and M on swype keyboard on kindle fire hd
  240. Erratic tracing/suggestions on Nexus 10
  241. Swype Battery drain
  242. Auto-capitalization & auto-spacing not working!?
  243. Wrong automatic space after quote mark in some languages
  244. Swype not adding new words in Android 4
  245. v1.4.5 FC constantly -- Changing to or being in Landscape mode Screen Orientation
  246. Programmatically disabling auto correct and suggestions does not work
  247. Make it possible to optionally switch between the smiley and the enter button
  248. Eternal problem with caps
  249. Update notification, but no update possible
  250. Swype -> no voice input