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  1. How to update?
  2. Can't Update
  3. Problems with Firefox
  4. pros and cons of the new beta
  5. Swype Beta - Not auto spacing between words
  6. Cannot get the email....
  7. Degree symbol = 91 characters
  8. Crash on Nexus One with Swype
  9. Reinstallation failure
  10. Display stops updating, but input continues to be accepted
  11. Accidently switched keyboards, now won't switch back
  12. Voice Button not there
  13. Download will not finish
  14. Voice Icon Missing
  15. Downgrade to previous version?
  16. Nexus 7 issue with not auto spacing
  17. Can't edit dictionary (user or default)
  18. get an error msg when press the back button
  19. word.word should be never auto-added
  20. Auto add is always inefficient.
  21. Word repetition in the next line
  22. Swype won't type properly in certain fields online
  23. No installs available
  24. Swype enters the same word/letter twice with Copilot
  25. Deleted default gesture and ghost words
  26. Greek characters in sms
  27. WTF words everywhere
  28. Space-L shortcut (for open quote) no longer works?
  29. Space-L shortcut (for open quote) no longer works?
  30. Cannot get my email into dictionary
  31. not getting installer email
  32. Swype Auto Capitalizing Every Word When Sharing on Facebook
  33. Provide a pinned thread indicating the latest version #
  34. few things to report on LG optimus one p500.
  35. WOW They really did not want me in here
  36. Kindle Fire HD 7" issues
  37. Keyboard layout switches but auto-correct dictionary remains when switching languages
  38. two different numerical keyboard layout, confusing
  39. Auto Cap, word prediction not working properly, dictionary not saved
  40. Swype problem with Asus infinity with JB
  41. auto space does not work...LG nitro
  42. Wrong letter entered on HTC One S
  43. Unable to enter password in apps (banking & netflix)
  44. Selecting words and changing case is not available in browser text inputs
  45. unable to use swype beta on Xperia Pro Sony ericsson
  46. Cut/Copy/Paste Compatibility
  47. Word correction in CM10 phone app drive me crazy
  48. HTC DHD German - Browser keyboard hyphen missing
  49. Doesn't work on JB
  50. Beta is absolutely UNUSABLE, for the life of me i cant get old version back, HELP!!!!
  51. Download Languages just hanging
  52. Registered. But doesn't recognize or is not in the system.
  53. Inconsistent accuracy in word suggestions
  54. Swype closing after hitting the send button
  55. Letter " p "
  56. Swype Dies
  57. Conflict with new (iOS6) emoji in WhatsApp
  58. Beta won't update past
  59. Accessibility prevents Swype from launching in Swype Beta 1.3
  60. Swype Beta Update erases own dictionary
  61. - No Longer Vibrates on Keypress
  62. Updated Swype - LOST vibrate & dictionary
  63. Auto capitalization doesn't work
  64. Swype 1.3.1 personal dictionary hates periods (or how .ca doesn't work)
  65. beta on Nexus 7 backspace over incorrect word backs up one extra space
  66. Swype 1.3 draining battery by enabling GPS
  67. Issue searching contacts or entering usernames
  68. 1.3.9274 doesn't save/show/sync personal dictionary properly
  69. Won't work and on Gnex.
  70. 123 keyboard became less usable in 9274
  71. animated transition of HCL annoys and is not eye-friendly
  72. Swype Beta - Typing URLs is difficult now; no .edu, .gov, or hyphen key
  73. Swype Beta Bugs of User Dictionary and learning function.
  74. can't add dictionary in Thai language (Swype beta 1.3)
  75. No exclamation mark (!) by gesture in Russian keyboard
  76. Swype connect won't register on 2nd device
  77. Beta 1.3 - not able to install
  78. New Swype Beta 1.3 deleted my dictionary items!
  79. Swype no longer automatically adds words I type after space bar!
  80. When swyping a web address in Firefox, it requires me hitting the "dot" key twice!
  81. Swype Beta Installer Ver 2 Stuck on Checking Installer Version (RAZR)
  82. Swype beta update
  83. Not getting activation code emailed to me...
  84. Spanish - Cannot add words to personal dictionary
  85. Swype not learning new words
  86. Cannot Install This build is already installed on....
  87. Keeps Crashing LG OPTIMUS 2X
  88. Where security got behind its goal
  89. Not receiving activation code Swype version 1'3'1'9274
  90. Sharp Aquos 007SH Numerical Keys incompatibility(caused by the physical numpad)?
  91. freeze error on screen change on tablet
  92. Layout error, unusable keyboard
  93. Possible dictionary sync problem on original Samsung Galaxy S
  94. the word i
  95. Beta Auto-spacing Does Not Work In CloudOn App
  96. swype to spacebar to change language
  97. bug with doc to go, dataviz
  98. bug with vnc
  99. [HTC One S] v1.3 will not enable after install (screenshots inside!)
  100. Autospacing doesn't work on some websites
  101. no longer displays suggestions without tapping the Swype key
  102. Swype keyboard sense
  103. My Swype crashes when i press a letter. Comes up with Force Close.
  104. Latest update - now I can't put an email in the dictionary
  105. 1.3.9274 Can't place cursor between words or to the end of a line
  106. "Select All" doesn't mark text as selected in landscape mode
  107. Unable to actually swipe half the time
  108. Latest update, 2.0 (01234.0123) said "User Data Will Be Kept" but dictionary empty.
  109. Swype keyboard disappearing...
  110. login problem
  111. Are you a Galaxy S3 user who sees "No Installs Available" for Swype Beta v1.3?
  112. Cannot enter full words, only individual letters, in some web forms
  113. Capitalizing last sentence
  114. Capitalized words are saved to hidden dictionary
  115. Swype selects whole word
  116. Long delay when switching languages
  117. phase auth. Bad interaction
  118. Checking Installer version...Checking...and Checking
  119. : Can't download languages: Spinning wheel forever
  120. Unable to add specific words to user dictionary
  121. Backup & Sync does not work: Dictionary empty after upgrade
  122. Sense 4
  123. [Swype Connect]: Deleted words get synced back from other devices (can't delete)
  124. The new Swype Beta 1.3 is a MEMORY HOG
  125. Swype never shows up to begin with
  126. don't input apostrophes I didn't swype
  127. don't assume capitalization that I didn't specify
  128. Registration Issues
  129. cant update / login to download again. account deleted maybe?
  130. Can't write in small case
  131. touchwiz email
  132. Logitech Revue Text Input via Phone App
  133. Typing usc in Google search and hitting spacebar changes to six
  134. Auto-Capitalisation fails with Auto-Whitespace temporarily disabled
  135. Preinstalled Swype or Swype Beta Won't Pop Up At all
  136. Swype blocking back button
  137. kingdoms of camelot app
  138. First letter is entered twice
  139. Swype "forgetting" words (not predicting correctly)
  140. Serious Usability Issues (SWYPE DEV's)
  141. Dictionary onmy syncs one way beta 1.3.1
  142. Can't change keyboard to Swype on CM 7.2
  143. Mini keyboard in tablet mode overlayed over chat windows
  144. Forgotten password
  145. contact names not being recognised in swype beta
  146. Swype key not selecting word
  147. Replaced words do not honour sentence-based capitalisation
  148. Password reset
  149. Swype freezes for several seconds when changing languages
  150. Swype deleting and editing not working for Samsung Mail app and many others
  151. Problem with login
  152. Gmail Personalization Failed
  153. Issue with Wikipedia app
  154. Storage of new words
  155. beta doesnt auto space when forum posting after Jellybean upgrade on s3
  156. Installed but can't find it, doesn't pop up
  157. Switching to English UK from Japanese on a tablet
  158. Censorship with 1.3?
  159. Swype not Swyping
  160. Korean not getting a space
  161. Not an Android device - HTC One X
  162. Galaxy S3 issue with OTA update never downloads
  163. Getting "Sorry! This is not an Android device" on my brand new Galaxy Tablet
  164. Yuri instead of "you"
  165. Dataviz Doc to Go compatibility - Urgent and Important
  166. if you cant or wont fix the auto spacing issue on JB, then at least can you tell us
  167. Pauses during text entry
  168. Any admin in here to answer questions? Re: auto spacing issues
  169. Swype Beta = TURTLE
  170. wrong Hungarian translation
  171. Cannot read Chinese characters from an iPhone message, but they can read mine.
  172. Huawei Ascend ICS Issue
  173. Updating issue
  174. Not adding emoticons to dictionary correctly and words not synced correctly
  175. Italian 2 letters article (ex:Il,Lo,La) doesn't swype, and are of very common use!
  176. Dictionary Not Syncing
  177. No installs available Orange San Francisco II (ZTE Crescent)
  178. single-letter words disappear in some cases
  179. Unable to add words to dictionary with auto-correction disabled
  180. Swype crashes when opening Maps
  181. never emailed me??
  182. Swype Beta installed but not working on HTC Evo
  183. Can't press on letter toCan't press on keypad to get other character option...
  184. Line return key now replaced with smiley face key. Unable to return to next line.
  185. Install button changes to installing but never installs
  186. And vs abs
  187. Keyboard freezes
  188. After reboot, reverts to Android keyboard
  189. Swype keyboard disappears when typing on Galaxy Ace 2
  190. Swype hanging and draining battery on my Galaxy Note
  191. after download installer open but is just stays on "checking installer version"
  192. Voice to Text for Galaxy S3
  193. Netflix not linking with Dragon Go app
  194. Sensitive information gets into dictionary automatically
  195. Random Lag selecting previous written word
  196. Edit User Dictionary
  197. Typed word not shown
  198. []
  199. Can't download languages
  200. Can't find Swype in Hebrew
  201. Swype Beta Installer has forgotten my password
  202. Google Maps Navigation crashes Swype
  203. Sometimes I get. a period. when I don't press for. it
  204. Swype installer installs "Swype Beta 1.3" keyboard instead of "Swype Beta"
  205. Activation Code NOT RECEIVING
  206. "A" and "I" treated as special-case words
  207. Trying to sync dictionary, but activation code not accepted
  208. Doesn't learn Coco
  209. Beta Installer Won't Install (VZW Galaxy S3 stock ROM)
  210. Swyipe 1.3 Beta installed, but won't work on Galaxy Nexus
  211. Swype asks for update. Where can I download it?
  212. Multiuser support on Nexus 10
  213. Swype does not work with input filters
  214. I give up
  215. No Spaces between Words in Android Wikipedia app
  216. instability - bootloop
  217. Second page of symbols is annoying
  218. Swype beta freezes in Astrid
  219. After force closing Swype through the task manager, cannot get it to reopen.
  220. This is a joke!!!
  221. Swype STILL adds words to the dictionary by itself, especially uppercase words
  222. Preinstalled Swype doesn't add Personal Dictionary words correctly
  223. Before update to Swype, uninstall old one first (
  224. Can't save user-defined phrase in Chinese
  225. Phone Contacts in Samsung Galaxy S3 not added to Dictionary of Swype 1.3.5
  226. Cannot install 1.3.5 on HTC incredible S
  227. Galaxy S3 Swype -- fir instead of for && keyboard not coming up
  228. suggestions missing in chrome
  229. Some words are learnt in caps.
  230. Update gives huge battery drain
  231. remove from dictionary on long-tap regression
  232. Swype makes wrong (none existing) words
  233. Swype Beta Update Requires WiFi
  234. Period Character Not Constant Across Keysets
  235. Swype 1.3 not responding
  236. Swype Beta Installer hangs on version check
  237. Language toggle button doesn't work as expected (Chinese / English) (
  238. Dictionary Problems in other languages??
  239. On Devices, i have 3 times the same device
  240. Write Function is totally botched with new BETA 1.3 (S2 epic 4G)
  241. Reboot Lock Up
  242. trying to choose from list of word options disappears when tapping a word
  243. swype in slovak
  244. double tap selects two words if they are short
  245. HTC One XL font too small
  246. Swype button at left side of word selects wrong word! A second look
  247. Add to dictionary crippled again: cannot add words with semicolons
  248. Personal dictionary has gone in new beta
  249. Words are not saving in personal dictionary
  250. Devices not syncing