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  1. Swype creates problem in MultiAutoCompleteTextView
  2. "Open of UKEnglish Failed" pop-up
  3. Screen size not supported error
  4. HTC One X Swype installer :There is a problem parsing the package.
  5. HTC Thunderbolt stock
  6. prase error tried everything
  7. parse errors
  8. Another capitalization issue
  9. Single accented letters
  10. Swype Crash on Sensation after Android 4.0.3 update
  11. Typing 's' in a search field causes the Swype keyboard to disappear and other...
  12. can't change language with key shortcut
  13. Swype battery drain issue after updating from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 [Samsung G S2 GT-I9100]
  14. problem parsing the package
  15. No more dictionairy or word prediction with 4.0.4
  16. Trying to beta test: Stuck at Step 15 -"Errore di Analisi"
  17. Sgs3 keyboard size problem, maybe similar to htc 1x?
  18. HTC One S - continued Error: screen size not supported
  19. Parsing Issue
  20. Smiley button not showing in the messaging app. EVO LTE
  21. Motorola Xoom 4g ICS - Screen size error
  22. Bad move
  23. Swype Installer for Galaxy Note downloads Tablet Swype without German Dictionary
  24. Parsing error
  25. how long until i can install swype again?
  26. Can't login Swype Installer
  27. login problem
  28. swype being really slow to register my swypes
  29. latest beta intermittently restarts my phone mid-swype
  30. Keyboard size bug in HTC One X...but I actually like it
  31. galaxy note 1717 parse error
  32. Is it possible to install on galaxy note?
  33. small keyboard
  34. No key press tones :-(
  35. Smiley faces
  36. "Show complete trace" preference doesn't toggle trace
  37. (US) is missing from English (US)
  38. tapping too fast registers a swype
  39. Text field fills top of screen in landscape on tablet
  40. Extreme sluggishness: Swype now unusable
  41. Swype Korean Crashes Upon Manual Press of Spacebar
  42. No Capitals
  43. Lates beta install fails-fails-fails. Now no Swype at all!
  44. Word prediction stays on in Chinese
  45. Can't disable sounds (Fixed)
  46. Autospacing error with Italian dictionary with beta
  47. Space Dash Space no longer works
  48. Capitalizing swipe problem
  49. Dragon dictation not working
  50. Nook Tablet keyboard size issue
  51. New Swyper version, no swyping
  52. Galaxy Ace: Keyboard often not showing
  53. Whole word deletion??
  54. I am still getting the parsing error with the new Swype Beta
  55. Uninstalling crashed the default keyboard
  56. Swype Keyboard does not appear on Sprint EVO 4G
  57. Very difficult to enter just I in Swype Beta
  58. Can no longer type single characters without "approving" them?
  59. Latest version keep my phone freezing
  60. Phone contacts not recognised by new Swype beta 1.0
  61. dismiss long-long-tap became too difficult
  62. Swype button moves one word left instead of selecting word at cursor
  63. Double words when entering url in chrome
  64. entering hyphened-compound words became unusable
  65. Crash whenever I tap lowercase "o"
  66. Login button not working
  67. Forced reboot or hotboot without warning?
  68. can't add words to dictionary? or is there a profanity filter built in?
  69. Red sign of no-autospace missing
  70. Can't install Swype - it seems to download but nothing happens
  71. Switched from pre-installed to new beta: now "i" doesnt capitalize
  72. Space to double quote types 'll
  73. Brazilian Portuguese - Translation key issues
  74. Using question mark
  75. Incompatibility with RealVNC app
  76. Removing Spanish from Swype Beta
  77. HTC Sense Mail in Landscape
  78. cursor behavior became difficult
  79. Stuck at "checking installer version"
  80. Hebrew default alternative character set is the second one
  81. Trojan on Swype?
  82. comma to space ends up as .com
  83. Samsung Tab 7 2 not Swyping
  84. Pressing Swype button makes words disappear
  85. New Swype Beta won't install after downloading
  86. Last word sent is the first word entered (whatsapp)
  87. capitalizing bug
  88. Small Landscape Keyboard
  89. Input delay bug with 1.0.3
  90. difficult to enter non-dictionary word based on a swyped dictionary one
  91. June Beta - CANNOT Swype "Smileys" as before
  92. June Beta - Delete/Back Key Deletes ENTIRE Word
  93. June Beta - Can No Longer EDIT Words in Personal Dictionary
  94. June Beta - Cannot Swype Beginning Quotation Marks
  95. Doesn't work with Remote controllers
  96. Application not installed...
  97. Frequent Swype Installer Downloads
  98. How does the Dragon learn?
  99. june update - swype ignores character mode in terminal emulator and shows password
  100. Cursor jumps after deleting character Chrome Beta with Jelly Bean
  101. auto-correction is out of control in Swype beta
  102. Issues w/ OKCupid app, only first letter of Swyped words gets entered
  103. Keyboard freez and imput dont working
  104. NOT FUNCTIONING IN A7272 HTC Desire Z.
  105. Language switching now a hassle
  106. How to highlight a word in 1.0.3?
  107. Some problems when swyping Chinese using Swype beta.
  108. Bug: help document but completed
  109. Bug or feature? Keyboard doesn't return to letters when Numpad is used last
  110. Swype is slower each version
  111. Swipe hangs on Spanish voice recognition
  112. Android Galaxy SII Swype Fail After Update
  113. Apps crash when the keyboard is brought up on Tab 2 7.0"
  114. Samsung galaxy s3: email: suggestions bug
  115. Swype is freezing, keypad is gone - Galaxy S2
  116. Do not have Swype anymore
  117. space added after ' when it shouldn't, and space added before word
  118. Galaxy S3 email editing bug
  119. No dash (-) on web adress input in German layout
  120. Revert back to stable 3.26
  121. Installing on rooted phone, Verizon Galaxy Nexus
  122. Issue with automatic spaces and capitalization
  123. Auto-spacing and auto-capitalizing does not work in Web Browser
  124. auto-space replacements should be easily reversible
  125. Deleting and auto space not working
  126. Swype Messed Up Stock Messaging App On Samsung Galaxy S3
  127. De-capitalising e-mail address deletes words
  128. Can't get installer to download Swype, Can't download new installer
  129. HTC One V voice typing doesn't work
  130. Facebook and other issues
  131. how do i reset the password for the swype beta installer
  132. Words entered stop appearing (invisible text) in some apps
  133. Swype Korean not working
  134. A few questions...
  135. single letter typing not possible
  136. auto space feature adds bogus words
  137. word recognition totally off
  138. Personal dictionary menu option missing
  139. Sense 4 Lag
  140. Impossible to select suggestion words with specific accents
  141. Swyping punctuation to space bar gives strange results
  142. HTC Rezound- Swype is great, Dragon doesn't work!
  143. Cursor moving back and forth while typing
  144. No auto-space with Kingsoft Office 4.9.118509-en0001
  145. Words not showing up in portrait mode!
  146. Galaxy S3
  147. Bad keyboard layout when docking tab
  148. Installer is stuck at Checking installer version
  149. htc thunderbolt
  150. Voice input not muting music
  151. Where is - on numeric keyboard?
  152. Swype beta not working properly in PocketCloud
  153. No Clicking Sound on Nexus S 4G
  154. Chinese character suggestions too thick
  155. Voice recognition not working when connected to WiFi
  156. Swype wtf?? Help
  157. Galexy Nexus Jellybean - Installer hangs on "checking installer version" screen
  158. I can't download any language.
  159. Installer is stuck at "Downloading"
  160. adding personal word
  161. Cannot Swype more than one letter
  162. Voice input doesn't work at all!
  163. Swype is muting audio when swyping a word that it doesn't understand
  164. Cannot get cangjie input
  165. Swype Beta Installer Stuck on "Checking Installer Version"
  166. Share to Facebook post ignores spaces. must type.
  167. When entering URI or email, - key turns into a .com key; no way to get -
  168. Exclamation point-to-spacebar swype becoming "xxx"
  169. New version makes case changes difficult
  170. Repeating last word from previous sent message
  171. Unable to use Swype keyboard since today on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P3110) ICS 4.03
  172. How to uninstall and reinstall old version?
  173. ;;; and :-: are NOT words
  174. spacing after@ etc.
  175. Can't Log in - E mail adress missing in the database
  176. Word suggestion area disappears
  177. Merging two words together
  178. Cannot find the Swype Installer after download
  179. auto-spacing and auto capitalization not working with LG Thrill native mail app
  180. logon email address carse sensitive causing registration issues
  181. Problems typing capital 'i'
  182. Sense 4
  183. Phantom error noise interrupts music
  184. activate?
  185. Grammar correcting?
  186. Can not install, always network error
  187. Word suggestion areas gets blank
  188. can't download or login with Chrome in Nexus 7
  189. Screen size error message, but does not stop swype from working
  190. Beta won't run on HTC One V
  191. Swype Consuming Abnormal Amounts of Background Data
  192. Word prodection doesn't work (work in correctly) after update to v.
  193. Swype keyboard won't enable. Android keyboard still pops up.
  194. Beta bugs - Language setting lost + "" not prominent on UK keyboard
  195. problem with new update
  196. Tablet keyboard always has .com button
  197. Word repeating in Handcent SMS
  198. update crashes, unusable, Nexus 7
  199. spaces ignored on sharing options, Nexus 7 JB
  200. After latest update Russian dictionary doesn't work on Galaxy Nexus JB
  201. Enter Button
  202. Swype version1.1.1.7628 bug droid bionic
  203. Spell checker using wrong language in multi-lingual setting
  204. Good no longer accepts "Swyped" passwords
  205. disable word suggestion
  206. Arabic language prooblem
  207. lost dictionary after install beta update
  208. Field stays blank
  209. Swype Beta update won't download
  210. Using text entry in Sygic app almost impossible
  211. Update won't install
  212. Vibration response not working after v1.1.1.7628 update
  213. Words being added to wrong English dictionary
  214. Beta crashes on Samsung 4.1.1 firmware
  215. No more automatic spacing
  216. New Swype update issue with correcting incorrect words.
  217. Cannot select voice recognition in french when using swiss french keyboard layout
  218. Not adding spaces and unable to update.
  219. Quote swyping doesn't work
  220. contact names suggested while in different kbd layout
  221. Minor bug
  222. leftmost word is selected instead of rightmost one
  223. SWYPE keyboard freezes in SAMSUNG S2 i9100g ICS.
  224. Wrong input language after latest update
  225. Have to re-enable swype after every reboot
  226. [Requested Help] How does the automatic spacing system work?
  227. I get the massage that there's an update but it won't even begin to download at all
  228. Newest Swype update ( is HORRIBLE
  229. Arrow Keys Ignore Vibration option
  230. Autocomplete Issues
  231. Autocomplete Issues
  232. Password characters revealed on lock screen
  233. Make dash - character more accessible when in a URL/Email To field
  234. autocorrection makes contact search harder
  235. Does Swype Beta Remove the Mic Key and Prevent Speech to Text?
  236. SUDDENLY swype got terrible
  237. Swype enters the same word twice like this: nicenice
  238. "Show complete trace" preference doesn't toggle trace
  239. Auto-complete causes visible contacts matching the first letters to disappear
  240. Cant swype "I"
  241. Swype disfunctional in certain input situations
  242. Russian language. New words are not added.
  243. [HELP] ForceClose: Error process com.nuance.swype.input on swype opening
  244. word suggestions
  245. Not capitalizing "I" automatically after spacing
  246. Installer's Download bar fills to 100% and then... nothing happens
  247. Swype Installation Problems
  248. Login Verification failed
  249. Swype - Issues with Beta
  250. repeating last word Swyped