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  1. Swype Stopped Working on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G
  2. Swype sometimes doesn't work
  3. Swype 3.0 beta license registration failed
  4. What will Swype do to help Android 1.6 users keep using the Swype product?
  5. Swype 3 and Google Voice (or any other app that displays four lines)
  6. Restarting the phone "breaks" Swype
  7. "Italian not loaded" error message
  8. Select Android keyboard
  9. Impossible to input words by tapping
  10. It's harder to do tap-long-hold in v3.0 ?
  11. LG-Revolution, Stuck at Licensing Swype, please wait
  12. BUG: 'You have an old version of the installer. Please upgrade'
  13. Swype fails to enter words (type or swype) in Whatsapp periodically when replying.
  14. User interface issues
  15. Bugs on Moto Defy (Force close, licensing)
  16. Hard to use smiley key on Swype 3.0 beta with Droid phone
  17. Swype is really unusable now: spaces, word corrections, cursor positioning
  18. Swype beta 3.6.X unusable on low resolution phones
  19. Atuo Spacing
  20. Galaxy S2 problems (on Japan's Docomo)
  21. Unfunctional Dictionary
  22. Overwriting URLs with Dolphin HD browser
  23. No text on LG Optimus Black
  24. Login loop, trying to generate license
  25. Swype doesn't work properly in terminal emulators
  26. What is it with word recognition?
  27. Google Maps / Swype problem
  28. Cursor Movement
  29. New beta with fixed HWCL no longer auto-spaces after a period
  30. Using back key results in suggestion to add fragments of words to user dictionary
  31. I can not receive the register email
  32. Facebook private messages impossible to respond to
  33. Not received the conforming mail on registering for swype beta
  34. Swype wants to add numbers to the dictionary.
  35. [Showstopper] Open of Spanish failed !
  36. battery (htc aria/liberty)
  37. Space bar causes new paragraph .
  38. "Free trial has ended"
  39. Ending SMS messages with numeric value causes save of draft message
  40. manual correction of word will auto-correct from what you start typing
  41. Swype 3.0 buggy with app Cash2QIF
  42. [Incredible] Invalid License on update to 3.0
  43. Text box jumps up and down
  44. Can't uninstall
  45. Contact Names reappearing in dictionary
  46. Sype 3.0 plus CyanoGen mod, word choice sometimes inaccessable
  47. "centre" missing from UK English.
  48. Help!
  49. SMTP server broken?
  50. Weird Glitching up in Google+
  51. Custom Words with an apostrophe in them
  52. Russian layout is non-standard
  53. GMail Address Suggestions
  54. Swype for MIUI
  55. Not working with dropdowns on Asus with 3.1
  56. Says Swype downloaded but its not
  57. Does not input passwords correctly
  58. Auto correct when not wanted.
  59. Some sort of autocorrect bug
  60. Word suggestions can't be turned off.
  61. Updated Turkish Dictionary
  62. Swype asking for (unneeded?) space while installing...
  63. Unable to login/license when following install instructions (Samsung Droid Charge)
  64. Beta 3 Swype keyboard disappearing, sending mail!
  65. Custom words will not save in the dictonary
  66. Swype causing error in honeycomb calculator on xoom
  67. Installation without German language
  68. Mid Swype my cursor goes crazy
  69. Your / You're
  70. Suggestion box annoyances
  71. Word adding to Dictionary ("Dom") not suggested ... Doom or Don etc
  72. Close Parenthesis
  73. Workaround for no auto space on Tab 10.1
  74. Swype not working properly in new Firmware ANNA
  75. Need help, swype not working
  76. Language selection does not stick
  77. Smiley key missing
  78. Phone doesn't go into sleep mode
  79. No swype detection?
  80. Installer
  81. Word delete
  82. Capitilizing start of sentence
  83. Swype does not respond after screen turns off
  84. Will not install
  85. Annoying URL problem
  86. Droide 2 Global Problems
  87. Support for Asus Tablet
  88. Dictionary does' nt remember words
  89. Auto space error only in text messages
  90. Swype tapping in Google+
  91. This is not an Android device.
  92. Force Close Rooted Atrix - Gingerbread
  93. Character counter
  94. Firefox 5 - move cursor & backspace not working properly
  95. Swype not adding new words to the dictionary
  96. swype pen input version 1.00 (19197) for Nokia N8 problems
  97. cursor-positioning tab blocks character entry
  98. Language crash on turning phone on
  99. Impossible to select text
  100. Autocorrect on password fields not being disabled
  101. Swype 3.0 prevents full field highlighting
  102. "it" and "out" never swype right!
  103. auto space is checked and does not work...any answers on this
  104. galaxy tab 10.1 is not recognized as a android phone?
  105. Swype not autospacing in Quickoffice on XOOM
  106. V3 Grumbles on word selection
  107. 3.2 upgrade and Swype don't play well together
  108. Incorrect screen size
  109. More Google+ problems
  110. ASUS TF101 Transformer update (7/26/11) broke Swype
  111. Swype not enabling - Droid X.
  112. Swype beta 3.6.84 not pulling email of contact with multiple email addresses.
  113. Word Suggestion/Auto Correction will not shut off
  114. Parsing Error July 31 & August 1
  115. Custom Dictionary Entries..
  116. Swype not able to write text after device lock up / unlock sequence
  117. Disconinuous Trace
  118. Adding letter in middle of word deletes entire word
  119. "i" being capitalized in remote vnc pro 2.0
  120. Acer Iconia A100 Screen Resolution Not supported error on install
  121. Problem with and and
  122. No Honeycomb option for G Tablet with Bottle of Smoke
  123. Search bar stops highlighting url
  124. HTC Inspire - android 2.3.3 (new upgrade) SWYPE (beta) not working
  125. "Application NOT Inistalled" ugh...
  126. Attention! Swype is not properly licensed message
  127. Xoom 3G: Wifi not recognized, can't install the beta
  128. Swype 3.0 problem with new text message
  129. Device Limit Reached
  130. Text entry on website being redirected to the url bar
  131. Things randomly disappearing from dictionary?
  132. Problems using Swype on Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini
  133. Problems using Swype on Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini
  134. Losing dictonary when reboot
  135. Download Unsuccessful - Worked fine before (HTC Desire 2.2)
  136. Problems Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini
  137. Samsung Galaxy S II and Beta 3.25 - Screen Size not supported?
  138. Can't Update to the new Beta
  139. MT4G Screen Size Not Supported v3.25
  140. HTC Desire HD - False Marketing!
  141. Can't install new Swype Install - Nexus one with android 2.3.4
  142. Select All (Swipe + A) issue on non-us keyboards with Swype
  143. Suggestions and auto capitalisation
  144. Swype 3.25: Google Maps Gesture Fails to Launch Google Maps
  145. Not auto-space after periods in text boxes, intentional?
  146. Trace breaks above word suggestion bar (Swype 3.25.91D.31127.t100)
  147. Facebook Gesture will not copy selected text into new post field
  148. Can't type in yahoo mail address field
  149. 3.25, no spaces or caps, Thunderbolt
  150. Too many phones...?
  151. not auto spacing in email app after update to 3.5
  152. Swype 3.25 tablet, using small kybd covers the input area
  153. Personal Dictionary Management not present
  154. Swype Keyboard (Beta 3.25) does not come up on Thunderbolt
  155. Emoticon popup won't close
  156. Getting all the way through the install process - fails after download...
  157. Swype 3.25 force close after reboot
  158. Updating to new Beta, can't sign in to installer
  159. Swype keyboard on incoming call
  160. No maps action
  161. Swype fails to pop up on Hero/2.1
  162. Smiley box stays open for extended period?
  163. Input is now tiny white font on white background
  164. Unable to use Swype anymore after installing BETA v3.25
  165. "Download Corrupted" Error on ASUS Eee Pasd Transformer
  166. Auto Spacing
  167. 3.25: Shift fails to capitalize a subsequent dictionary word
  168. 3.25: Capitalized word become uncapitalized when trying to edit it/even tap on it
  169. 3.25: "i'm" instead of "in"
  170. single short Backspace to remove the just-entered word -- doesn't work any more?
  171. Installed Swype Beta 3.25, constant reboots.
  172. Swype consuming massive amount of battery
  173. Installer v.1.1.26483 remains w "Update" button - Swype not installing [Desire 2.2]
  174. Two button labels off on Archos Gen8 in landscape
  175. Nexus One system crash after Swype beta 3.25 install
  176. Asus Transformer screen size error on Beta Install How I fixed ...
  177. Swype Installer receiving Parse Error when launching
  178. Still have the terrible black bar. And why can't it just add to dict on space?
  179. Gestures for Facebook and Google Maps not working
  180. Personal Disctionary adding words found on apps.
  181. "H" Character Malfunctioning
  182. Backspace will auto copy words to be deleted and paste it automatically on Galaxy S2
  183. 3.25: lowercase identical to user-added capitalized word
  184. swype button on non-added custom word hides suggestions
  185. Personal Dictionary Size too small for 8k words
  186. install error 3.25 beta
  187. input area resets to completely blank sometimes
  188. words are auto-selected on single tap when not needed
  189. 3.25 bugs on a small screen
  190. HWCL and text toggles problem
  191. Swype + A not working with azerty layout
  192. Auto-capitalization fails when "Auto-space" option is disabled in Russian
  193. Swype loses my touch in the middle of a word
  194. Capitalization swipe sometimes causes mistype error
  195. unintended SelectAll happens
  196. Numbers not added to the dictionary in 3.25
  197. Swype betas won't auto-space in HTC Thunderbolt
  198. Crashing on Nexus S
  199. "Please try again"
  200. swyped word immediately followed by cursor placement misplaces that word
  201. Swype becomes very slow for long texts
  202. long-backspace in the middle of the long text deletes right to cursor sometimes
  203. Predictive seems weak?
  204. No gestures on Motorola Droid
  205. Word prediction inacurrate
  206. First word of the sentence is never capitalized when using voice input
  207. Your and You're
  208. Bad network
  209. Wrong keyboard appears in EasyMoney
  210. N93 is too slow for swype
  211. Double space when swyping "?"
  212. Cannot get beta to work
  213. The keyboard doesn't pop up when I want to type
  214. Auto Capitalization
  215. Cannot uninstall
  216. No Smile Button on HTC Thunderbolt
  217. one bug?
  218. "?" switches to "mm."
  219. Auto Spacing in Txt Message Box
  220. Speech to Text?
  221. Swype/Stock KB not working
  222. Portrait Keyboard X6
  223. Every word capitalized.
  224. Honeycomb upgrade and Swype no longer functions corrrectly
  225. Swype and ESPN Fantasy football app
  226. BUG - No Swype after restart
  227. Update system has many problems
  228. Have an Android Incredible and as of this morning (09/25/11) my Swype isn't working.
  229. Swype 3.25/HTC Hero/Android 2.1 - high CPU on reboot
  230. Something about update? Now swype doesnt work?
  231. Smiley not viewable - First Gen Droid
  232. Shift to change word case not working
  233. Swype deleted after restart
  234. Update Doesn't Update (Acer Iconia)
  235. Swype auto-corrects email fields but doesn't show options to avoid correction
  236. Update causes reboot - Motorola Triumph
  237. Deleting in Whatsapp
  238. Cisco Cius table
  239. uppercase not working
  240. Enable on Nook Color stops - does nothing [Swype Beta]
  241. Compressed keyboard on Dell Streak 5
  242. can't install Swype on my HTC sensation
  243. There was a data error, likely due to a bad network connection. Advent Vega
  244. Recent versions show invisible text
  245. Latest beta is great almost perfect but...
  246. Android 2.3 Cursor arrow blocking access to keyboard (words that start with W)
  247. Shift on selected word should capitalize word swyped in replacement
  248. Swype installer: application not installed
  249. Swype button after user-dictionary word doesn't work
  250. Swype "uninstalls" on Oxygen