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  1. "Please wait Downloading Swype..." How long should I wait??? MT3G on 2.2.1
  2. Out of space!! (but there is lots of space!)
  3. December Update No Language Modules
  4. My beta account information disappeared?
  5. Failed to download
  6. It it possible to control your custom dictionary?
  7. Always starts an email/sms in lower case
  8. Congratulations to the swype team, working in 2.2 again
  9. Droid Inc. Latest Swipe install
  10. Auto-Space not working on Droid Incredible
  11. Installer will not download
  12. OK So I
  13. Verizon droid incredible w/swype installer loaded
  14. December UPDATE crashes every time I load it...
  15. Upgrade problems on Droid X
  16. Cannot open Installer December version
  17. Sorry! The application Swype Installer (process com.swype.android.installer) ..."
  18. Intermittent extra space at start...
  19. got the device error message
  20. Error on Installation: HTC GOOGLE HERO 200
  21. i can not choose laguage ?
  22. actually got a new device
  23. First Login Failed installing swype
  24. Cant install
  25. Swype Beta Access -- [syke?]
  26. double tap space for period?
  27. MB200 Instalation issues December 2010 (spanish phone)
  28. Have installer version 1.15.121, but says it's old?
  29. the swype package you installed is configured for another device
  30. Help! Cant install! Fail!
  31. Install failed Samsung Intercept
  32. You/your
  33. Keypad switching to SYM at text entry in google voice
  34. "Sorry! This is not an Android phone!"
  35. Can't uninstall older version Please Help
  36. [ERROR] Swype Installation Failed: "The data network experienced a problem"
  37. Swype going to sym in Handcent
  38. some one help me please
  39. Password retrieval not working
  40. Question on Beta Notification Email and Pre-installed SWYPE
  41. "The email address and password is either incorrect or not in our system."
  42. Error - Security block
  43. Forgot beta password
  44. "Audio Feedback" greyed out and pre-checked, can't modify
  45. Evo User Error Message "This is not an Android Phone"
  46. Swype Beta stuck on "Downloading Swype"
  47. Force close
  48. Swype App Size
  49. HTC Legend - The Swype Package you installed is configured for another device
  50. Problems downloading Swype
  51. login doesn't work...just received beta activation email
  52. Swype Installer Problem!
  53. ATT security, Install Blocked
  54. Droid Eris Rooted 2.2 KaosFroyo Latest Install of Swype
  55. Text messages disappearing
  56. error when attempting to enable swype on evo
  57. Own EVO - error message states phone is not an Android
  58. Opening Installer, Problems on HTC Hero 200
  59. December beta install fail
  60. Swype after Droid System Update?
  61. samsung galaxy S, swype's new version
  62. Swype Installer Keeps downloading
  63. "bob4" impossible to enter in tutorial
  64. Licensing
  65. Htc evo - counldn't install new swype beta
  66. Swype Installation Failed: Download of the Package Failed
  67. Download of Package Failed
  68. anyone w/ Dinc working after reboot have problem fixed w/new december update?
  69. just got swype - when swype word doesnt work
  70. Auto Caps When Backspace
  71. Can't download to my SD Card on HTC Hero-No 'Apps2SD' option
  72. "Enable Swype" on Garmin Asus
  73. Swype not working in web fields
  74. Swype works bad after firmware update Samsung galaxy S
  75. Login failed. Check your username and password. You must have an ACTIVE Beta..
  76. downloading the app on my HTC Evo I get the msg: "This is not an Andriod phone"
  77. Swipe not working after reboot
  78. (process com. swype,android,inputmethod) force close
  79. Download of Package Failed
  80. Disable swype?
  81. Bugs on Desire Z
  82. "swype installation failed" message
  83. Htc evo 4g
  84. Garmin Asus - "Garminfone"
  85. Force Close After Install
  86. swype disappeared! can't "uncheck" :(
  87. Bug on Wildfire
  88. Parse error - Android 2.2.1; new installer
  89. Swype disappears everytimes I reboot my phone
  90. The swype package installed does not match the screen size of the device
  91. blue flash on android update
  92. Punctuation Not Working
  93. FC After recent update
  94. Latest Swype Beta Bug
  95. What happened to my beta account?
  96. Password not working, password reset not working.
  97. Out of Space, wont download
  98. download link says not android phone
  99. Swype does not work with Chomp SMS Text Application
  100. Download of the package failed
  101. Beta or Alpha ?
  102. Swype Installation Failed
  104. keyboard activation
  105. Installed OK, but stuck in default Android KB
  106. 3G and CDMA internet disappear when Swype is loaded
  107. won't register
  108. Keyboad background flashes color but Swyping doesn't work?
  109. swype installation failed-download of the package failed
  110. Auto space and auto capitalization not working after periods
  111. Not working on Droid Pro
  112. Login troubles, please read this!
  113. Never was issued a password for my Swype Beta account.
  114. Swype not working with standard Android calendar on Incredible
  115. Swype installed but when i text it blinks and nothing comes up!
  116. Inconvenient lag.
  117. Help! Swype installs but wont register license...tried over 10 times!
  118. The swype package you installed...with limited functionality.
  119. Swype Beta Account Settings
  120. Registration of Swype Failed
  121. Been stuck downloading new swype beta for a long time
  122. Completely wrong capitalization
  123. Itching Thumb app disabled Swype
  124. can't input userbuilt chinese word 海特 with PINYIN
  125. Clear Data cripples Swype beta, Swype Installer won't repair
  126. Attention! Swype is not properly licensed. To Fix - Press "Disable Swype" and 1) un
  127. Swype Spacing and Auto Capitalizing Doesnt Work
  128. DROID update
  129. Unexpected termination of installer
  130. HTC Friend Stream
  131. Trouble installing
  132. Installed on my two phones, now one won't work
  133. Problems after Droid update from Verizon
  134. Beta Account Not Recognized
  135. Installation problem
  136. Bug with beta on my Evo.
  137. Downloading the installer
  138. Sorry for the stupid question
  139. Swype autospacing on Xperia X10
  140. Double-tap vs. Docs-to-Go
  141. Swype Beta on Droid Pro
  142. Download of package failed
  143. Error trying to install swype
  144. After living with the December update is it really much of an improvement??
  145. December update won't load on HTC Hero 2.1
  146. swype installer doesn't work!!!
  147. "Starting Download" msg box appears for a few seconds, but dnld doesn't ever start
  148. HTC incredible.issues with swype stop after full shutdown/restart of phon
  149. HTC Desire Froyo, Dec Swype Beta: After power off/on phone reverts to stock keyboard
  150. "Sorry! This is not an Android phone."
  151. Can't install on Droid 1" Application not installed
  152. FC - Samsung Galaxy S (i9000b)
  153. Install Failed, Now can't uninstall
  154. Latest version ?
  155. Word Prediction and android prediction
  156. Keyboard opens to numbers instead of letters
  157. Auto cap on word replacement
  158. December Swype crashinallg
  159. Have SWYPE beta 2.2 on HTC incredible, but not swyping
  160. Swype on HTC Incredible, latest beta, keyboard shows up and can type, but can't Swype
  161. HTC Desire HD bug
  162. Native messaging error on dhd
  163. Swype stops working HTC Desire Froyo
  164. Sent a ticket about a week ago .... no reply ..... about esn reset
  165. When using accents or letter messages cut to 70 characters only
  166. Droid 2-Cannot uninstall Swype to update
  167. Will custom dictionary be safe with Dec update?
  168. Delete/Add using Swype icon is not working
  169. Swype to Sym no longer gets edit screen
  170. Bug: Clicking the end of the line incorrectly hilights the last word
  171. Cannot reset password
  172. sony x10a
  173. Sorry! This is not an Android phone.
  174. Limited Functionality
  175. Installer apk keeps DOWNLOADING REPEATEDLY.
  176. ATTENTION! Swype is not properly licensed.
  177. HTC EVO sluggish after beta install
  178. swype + jit
  179. "Install bocked" No option to proceed! Help plz
  180. Contact name taking precedence over standard word
  181. HTC Desire HD: no auto standby with Swype?
  182. to get Swype beta to work on my Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 i needed to do this
  183. Tapping the Swype-key or double-tap a word when in DocsToGo
  184. Evo 4g
  185. Unable to activate beta account
  186. Swype to Accents
  187. Swype to Accentuated characters
  188. Swype to Accentuated characters
  189. Won't input words, goes into msg history instead
  190. HTC Hero - Swype Installer force close
  191. Not able to delete words from dictionary
  192. Issue with Swype button
  193. "The Swype package you installed does not match the screen size of the device..."
  194. Swype tips continously opens
  195. LOGIN failed
  196. Initial capitalization when replying in Gmail
  197. December Beta - Stops Working
  198. Swype not working
  199. Impossible of use the function slide of Swype
  200. Swype doesn't play well with new Sprint software - can't reinstall
  201. How do I disable indexing of contact names?
  202. Need .apk for Actual Program, not installer
  203. LG Vortex Accidental Clearing of Data. How do I update or re-install?
  204. Word Fix
  205. Droid1 swype won't stay as default keyboard
  206. Sprint htc evo update causes swype beta to force close
  207. Voice input missing in QWERTZ keyboard
  208. x10 Mini Pro - unable to install
  209. Can anyone at swype answer or help me
  210. still unable to download/ install.
  211. Help! HTC Wildfire Screen Not Supported
  212. Swype Beta: Cannot download the Swype-Installer because it says...
  213. Swype installation
  214. Possible to install beta on MyTouch 4G without rooting?
  215. Login failed using apk installer
  216. Swype/Vlingo conflict?
  217. Evo with Cyanogen - Can't download
  218. Updated and still no Swype
  219. Enable swype circle
  220. Bbod
  221. Registration of swype failed
  222. haptic feedback and sound feedback
  223. Cannot load the Swype Beta to an HTC HD2 running android
  224. Licensing error
  225. Cannot choose language
  226. keyboard activation and deactivation
  227. cannot download installer
  228. Trial period ended
  229. installer restart android
  230. Phone changed.
  231. Swipe terminates after evo system software update
  232. CyanogenMod 6.1.1 Process has stopped
  233. December Beta - Cannot download Installer
  234. can't uninstall on evo after OTA update
  235. registration of swype failed
  236. Generate License
  237. Download of installer fails
  238. no swiping input detected
  239. Backlight/ Display issue
  240. Numeric Swype Issue
  241. "application not installed" on samsung vibrant
  242. cant disable
  243. DroidX Unable to "Disable Swype"
  244. Help! Can't finish installing the installer
  245. Swype disabling multi touch (zooming)
  246. Compatability with Gingerbread
  247. Swype htc wildfire 2.2 android, screen size error
  248. Dumb Question: Full or English/Spanish
  249. Screen Size Error for Samsung Intercept 2.2
  250. new to swype. doesnt work.