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  1. Long press for numbers does not work anymore
  2. slow, unresponsive, lock up
  3. frequently used words not remembered
  4. swype installer 'cannot open file'
  5. Swype doesn't restore backup...
  6. Sudden loss of my dictionary
  7. Never get any mail notification in this forum
  8. Lg g2 swype keyboard issues
  9. no swype keyboard
  10. Unable to download new languages -- NOT Beta or pre installed version
  11. Itself delete words in dictionary.
  12. Problem when touch backspace and shift on Thai layout
  13. Ann vs an
  14. No new line button in SMS for Xperia Z
  15. After synchronization, personal dictionary migrated to wrong language. Can I move it?
  16. Basic words missing in dictionary
  17. Sony Xperia Z1
  18. Letters and apostrophe rearranged on keyboard?
  19. "Swype Keyboard" could not be downloaded due to an error. (403)
  20. Vibrating feedback issue. LG.
  21. Swype backup doesn't backup, just "syncs"
  22. swype deletes random words while i type
  23. locks up
  24. disconnect Dragon voice input
  25. Selection issues in Evernote
  26. Galaxy Note 3 - Swype is EXTREMELY laggy...
  27. Swype not offering to add new words to dictionary
  28. Swype no longer compatible with Sumvision Voyager
  29. Swype problem with OneNote
  30. 371 megabytes used in 7 days
  31. Hide Swype in HTC One
  32. Swype submits all capitals for Greek language
  33. Swype Galaxy Note
  34. Voice Input for punctuations in Hungarian
  35. Capital Letters bug in Greek language
  36. Erro Swype NEXUS 5
  37. Note 2 i605. swype crash seems to crash everything
  38. Swype Keyboard disappeared
  39. Cursor moves on its own with new Android update
  40. Personal Dictionary removed
  41. OneNote
  42. lag and performance maybe BROWSER issues?
  43. pre-install broke, update wants me to pay!
  44. Swype can't handle a big user dictionary
  45. Phone dead After update
  46. The german word "weiter"
  47. Samsung Note 2014 LTE
  48. Always predicting THIS when you swype THAT
  49. not working what so ever.
  50. German noun capitalisation
  51. Swype keyboard not downloaded due to error -24
  52. Keyboard delay opening or never opens/delay in words swyped or words never populate
  53. serious interfacing issue
  54. Keyboard Stuck On Screen
  55. ifs for is
  56. Network Problem
  57. One key not functioning
  58. Can't Swype my password to unlock Samsung S3 following Android update
  59. Where are my custom words
  60. Swype upload 453.9MB from my 3G connection!!
  61. Capitalization gesture works only for the 2 lower rows of letters
  62. "select Text" button is not working for my Editor
  63. rehow do I remove the tiny keyboard toast notification on status bar
  64. Connect: cannot delete multiplied device and account
  65. Incorrect Keyboard width after UPGRADE from demo to full version
  66. Big problem with Huawei Ascend P6
  67. won't Swype on my next book with android platform
  68. Voice dictation problem
  69. serious slow input reaction
  70. Swype not swyping anymore
  71. Missing lag post??
  72. LG G2 - Stuck on letters (q,w,a,s)
  73. Nexus 10 4.4.2 Battery Drain
  74. Swype +Dragon has stopped
  75. Locked out! swype created password lock on Samsung phone and tablet.
  76. auto space not working in opera
  77. Significant lag since upgrading to KitKat (4.4.2)
  78. Auto correct completely broken
  79. Transferring dictionary from trial to paid version
  80. Massive battery drain and data use!
  81. Bug when using typing a word starting with a number
  82. First keystroke occasionally disappears (Traditional Chinese - Stroke IME)
  83. Bug - Typing adress in browser
  84. nexus 7 won't sync
  85. Swype requesting own site every 20 minutes (even when the screen off)
  86. Do you guys not think the battery drain problem is getting a bit ridiculous now?
  87. Swype on Android 4.4.2 (Moto G) causes system to crash + issues on Safe Mode
  88. dragging phone terribly
  89. Swype Keyboard won't allow other input keyboard options
  90. Swype keyboard disappears while typing
  91. After Sleep, Default Keyboard Reverts Back To Stock
  92. Bugs after Update 15.0.2014
  93. Lost keyboard, lost dictionary, and cant re-download
  94. App Stopped Working - HTC M8
  95. phone still dragged after latest update
  96. Keyboard doesn't show at login since yesterday's update
  97. Poor performance on Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
  98. Sync does not work properly - server does not recognize already existin account/phone
  99. Downloading other languages.
  100. Swype is Often Too Sensitive
  101. The case of the disappearing swype
  102. LAG, LAG and more LAG. What happened Swype??? v1.6.16
  103. still slow responding, still won't memorize frequently used words
  104. Swype bug on Android 4.4.2 stock email
  105. Cannot activate - Android tablet
  106. Auto backspace delete problem
  107. Crashes after last Update on Samsung Galaxy S4
  108. Swype trial and swype full version swype won't %#$&ing synchronize among themselves
  109. Lost emoticons after Android upgrade
  110. Text insertion pointers disappear in Evernote and Firefox 29
  111. Dictionary Backup & Sync Crash
  112. swype for oppo
  113. Swype not typing correctly in forum
  114. Swype enters a different word, and deletes the space in front of it when corrected
  115. Swype types other words...
  116. keyboard dont work and cant enter password
  117. Example for idiotic prediction
  118. Emoji doesn't appear on Instagram
  119. Cannot Sync from Free to Paid Version
  120. Updating Swype
  121. Settings don't disable the Word Choice List
  122. I lost my swype keyboard
  123. Languages, Added Words Gone
  124. Bug Download Language
  125. On one of the devices own dictionary doesn't want to synchronize.
  126. Uninstalled app when power off
  127. bought swype, restored phone, have to buy swype again
  128. Browsers android omnibox not spacing
  129. faster new phone dies not solve dragging problem
  130. Bought new S5 and Swype is not working on it due to screen size compatibility
  131. Issues with Google Translate
  132. After move to new phone, lost all word prediction, retained personal dictioinary
  133. I can't add ":s" to my custom dictionary.
  134. Hebrew keyboard issue with closed bracket "("
  135. Swipe stopped working
  136. Autospacing has stopped working on Galaxy 5S
  137. Cannot activate swype in Android L
  138. LG G2 extended keyboard
  139. Every Word Capitilized
  140. Gps
  141. Samsung Galaxy S4 slow after One week
  142. Swype Keyboard Frozen, Can't Use Messenger
  143. Bug with numeric keypad when using Docs to Go in Excel
  144. 21 August 2014 bug with Swype - "Samsung Keyboard has Stopped"
  145. Hardware acceleration in settings
  146. social integration - Gmail missing
  147. Capitalizes both letters in the word "IF"
  148. Lost Swype as default keyboard after updating
  149. Too much permissions requested in last update?
  150. No saved words in the dictionary
  151. Abnormal / Excessive Data usage / consumption
  152. Incompatibility, help please!
  153. holding backspace on URL deletes the entire URL
  154. My Words Sync Never Worked in 2 years across 20 devices
  155. User Dictionary no longer works
  156. Dollar sign key not appearing as it should
  157. Swype using too much RAM / Memory & Slow Performance
  158. Swype crashes everytime
  159. Facebook Messenger - Can't select words for correction.
  160. Never receive activation code
  161. Replacing incorrect word screws up spacing
  162. Written text is invisible after switching languages in "full screen" input mode
  163. Text doesn´t appear in search-field (Google, Amazon)
  164. iOS 8 and swype issue
  165. Backspace button position
  166. Themes / option to make keyboard mini-left or mini-right disappeared.
  167. IOS8 - Swype from comma to space results in @ sign instead of comma space
  168. Unwanted space when trying to add a letter to entered word
  169. Clicking on a word brings up a popup list of words in second language
  170. Very very slow
  171. Performance - the last straw
  172. Swype thinks single strokes are swypes (nexus 9 lollipop)
  173. Extra spaces using Swype dictation
  174. Tap Performance v1.6.20
  175. copy/paste: then position errors
  176. please edit the bracket keys in Persian keyboard
  177. Portuguese "e" as a single word
  178. Weird crashes and Connect behaviour
  179. wrong replacement during selecting of predicted words
  180. Can't write English in Chinese Keyboard
  181. Unlicensed Swype
  182. lag between swyping a word and it appearing on screen
  183. Word predictions and dictionary words being unlearned?
  184. The word "and" is always capitalized as the first word in parentheses
  185. & no auto space
  186. Can't get Activation Code
  187. Abnormal data use!
  188. Period no longer working with dragon
  189. Line break/new line not being made available in Hangouts app
  190. User dictionary still keeps being erased
  191. auto spacing for &
  192. swype immediately crashes over and over again on Galaxy S5 with adnroid 5.0
  193. Swype keyboard stuck in left-handed operation position on Galaxy Note 4 Android 4.4.4
  194. Update (February) deletes spaces
  195. New issue : swiping for ¿ And ¡
  196. Blank Suggestion (Emoji?)
  197. Missing Space After Comma Followed By "I" or "a"
  198. New Swype V1.8.5 Dictionary don't sync!!
  199. Words don`t trace
  200. Changing language causes phone to freeze for seconds Version:
  201. Autocorrect (??) should not leave remainder of incorrect word.
  202. Problems with facebook user tagging since update
  203. Copy/Paste/Edit still has odd cursor-jumping, text deletion.
  204. Mini keyboard missing in
  205. I, in, on
  206. problem with some words starting with "I" or "p"
  207. Issue with Multiwindow on Samsung Tablet
  208. Suggested words bar in S-Note missing (Android 4.4.4)
  209. Background Data Usage Too High
  210. Lag and performance troubles
  211. Japanese Kana input problem
  212. No spaces, no capitalization
  213. Cursor navigation broke on OnePlus/Cyanogenmod
  214. Huge problem with Huawei Ascend P6 and last update of Swype
  215. MIUI 6 problems
  216. Swype Cloud NOT working????
  217. Bluetooth keyboard input is broken in Swype
  218. Swype sometimes unresponsive in Hangouts
  219. Non-capitalized composed words with hyphen not recognised at the start of sentences
  220. Space Bug in Latest version, Very annoying please fix.
  221. words are deleted by itself?
  222. autocorrect disabled, still incorrectly corrects some correctly swyped words.
  223. First letter gets removed
  224. I am pretty sure. there is a word limit.
  225. Close Parenthesis,Brace,etc... problem in rtl languages
  226. Problem of second charachters of keys
  227. Minor Bug--Alternate Characters Layout for "C" Key
  228. General Keyboard Bug (incl Swype)-Sony Xperia Keyboard not working when on phone call
  229. German dictionary full of English words
  230. screen wake lock
  231. Font Toolbar Appears In Yahoo Mail
  232. Typing new word into browser url always deletes first letter
  233. Prevent Swype from asking me to backup and sync
  234. voice function stopped working
  235. visible typing area in reduced size keyboard
  236. Narrow Swype Keyboard on HTC One (M7)
  237. Swype dies on MIUI
  238. Keyboard hiding when I using cursor keys
  239. Swype autocorrects K to I, and there's no way to add "K" to dictionary. Fixes?
  240. User custom dictionary size limit
  241. Swype hangs on Lollipop
  242. Swype interprets keypresses as swypes.
  243. Crashed
  244. swipe skips words in mail
  245. Deletes a space when writing with prediction.
  246. Swype does not work since Android update
  247. Inserting Leading Space in Google Keep
  248. User dictionary word limit?
  249. multi-taps as swypes on LG G2 D800
  250. Words Entered Double