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  1. Problem with Chinese Traditional Pinyin Issue
  2. Question about updating....anyone know the answer??
  3. Memory usage
  4. Insert punctuation excludes apostrophe
  5. Input/Display Latency While Tap-Typing and Pop-up tap-typing previews
  6. Where is "-" when typing URLs?
  7. Long sentences turn into 1 word
  8. [BUG] swype becomes very laggy when writing long messages
  9. keyboard completley disapears
  10. Swype deletes first word of every paragraph when typing in forums
  11. can't edit swype dictionary
  12. I can't buy full version. For trial my phone is compatible, but for full it is not.
  13. Google Play lists application as incompatible for htc explorer pico (but it works)
  14. Swype full version: Totally incorrect keyboard layout for Croatian/Hrvatski language
  15. Android dictionary appearing on top of Swype word suggestions
  16. Dragon adds extra space to beginning of new paragraph.
  17. No spaces, capitals and cannot add new words after updating OS on Galaxy S Advance
  18. Evernote cannot backspace in bullet lists
  19. Licensing error after restoring backup
  20. No Punctuation in Full Version
  21. Download languages not working
  22. Stamina Mode Obstruction
  23. No Auto Auto-Capitalization in Jota
  24. First word of sentence not capitalized when using voice recognition - Galaxy S4
  25. Problems uswing quotation marks
  26. unable to install, error 24
  27. Delete / delete character key unreliable
  28. Long Press to delete a word from default dictionary doesn't appear to be working
  29. Space not inserted on Google Code on some browsers
  30. Auto-capitalizing on username and captcha fields
  31. Android 4.3 issues with cursor jumping (Fixed in 1.5.12)
  32. Very "lazy" typing - slow words correction and finding words
  33. First tap of a word does not being up word choices, 2 taps needed
  34. Issues with Update to Swype
  35. Language can't be downloadedd in Swype Beta 1.4
  36. Swype un-installed automatically after latest Samsung GS4 update
  37. Bad guesses: why not pick the highlighted suggestion first? !
  38. Preinstalled Swype no option to download additional languages
  39. Bought app.. but it says my trail is gone?
  40. with android 4.3 custom disctionary have lost many words
  41. My samsung GALAXY S4 doesn t have SWYPE ...how come ???
  42. Progressively slower to bring up keyboard, also random words deleting after punct.
  43. Please Help: Can't sync dictionary to new phone - hangs on entering activation code
  44. beta trial expired?
  45. keyboard slow loading up
  46. Question mark shortcut deletes earlier words
  47. Smiley / emoticon menu closes immediately when Chinese (Taiwan) is enabled
  48. Swype+Space shortcut sometimes doesn't work
  49. Unable to download language after last update
  50. German translation
  51. Personal dictionary deleted after last update - unable to restore backup
  52. 19292: Helpful tips keeps appearing, setting ignored
  53. 19292: takes too long to switch languages
  54. No capital letter if you press space manually after swyping
  55. Cant get new keyboard with bigger space bar after phone reset
  56. Swype installs but does not appear!
  57. Ver cannot do "write over keyboard" in Chinese inputs
  58. After system crash, Swype keyboard now crashes with any keypress
  59. Don't Delete My Korean Language Files When You Update Swype.
  60. Auto spacing not working
  61. I keep lost my personal dictionary
  62. The stupid .com button on tablets
  63. .com key sucking
  64. Japanese keyboard settings not being retained
  65. Swype not default after 10 minutes
  66. can't remove capitalized versions of pre-installed words
  67. Randomly deleting words
  68. Social integration problems - Swype
  69. Duplicating words after pressing space & backspace
  70. Gesture Typing Got Stupider
  71. Custom words lost after each update.
  72. Numeric keypad won't stay open
  73. Swype Play Store Version - Few choice bugs need attention
  74. Suddenly wrongly spelled words in Netherlands dict
  75. Unable to setup backup & sync
  76. No autospace in google searchbar, Dolphin browser
  77. Help With Connenction
  78. dictionary vanished completly after last update
  79. Can you add Archos cobalt 80 to the compatibility list
  80. lost words after re-install
  81. Swype Problems
  82. Swype + Dragon Very slow and not change language
  83. Changing language is too laggy/slow in Swype Dragon
  84. Swype Keyboard Randomly Disappears When Typing In Forms
  85. Locks up badly in Trello app
  86. Jandycane (Kindle Fire ROM)
  87. First click on shift doesn't work
  88. Gliding in all-caps saves every single word in all caps.
  89. Problem to reaching special chars
  90. Lost my personal dictionary after updating problems!
  91. the Swype login paradox
  92. Swype Play Market version first run issue: unable to set up language.
  93. Swype beta ending- how do i now enter my phone
  94. voice command possible work around for enter/return?
  95. Swype Keyboard is not available to my i-onik tp7 but the beta has done his job well
  96. Swype is the default keyboard but I can't "swype"
  97. serious issue no keypad on lock screen
  98. I have Swype beta working well, but @Google Play is written Swype is incompatible..?!
  99. No Dictionary
  100. why has my Change Dictionary Behavior disappeared??
  101. Non-correct work in russian layout.
  102. Gliding a comma returns a Dash
  103. Deleting characters and words doesn't work correctly
  104. switch languages take too much time
  105. Problem with formularies: it adds letters at the end
  106. "Null" typed when deleting a character after an apostrophe
  107. Swype doesn't automatically add a space after a period on my Galaxy Tab 2.
  108. My Words activation email not received
  109. Geez, how complicated does this have to be?
  110. Still no solution - reboot problem.
  111. Comma - Space yields .com
  112. Cannot add words to dictionary. No names from phonebook are there either
  113. Can't login online, my email is activated and swype works perfectly on my phone
  114. [Problem] "No Speech Detected" Swype 150
  115. Swype Won't Capitalize by Swiping Above Keyboard
  116. Next Word Prediction and Twitter.
  117. Backspace key issues
  118. Dictionary Always Displays Empty.
  119. Language switch is not available in latest beta
  120. swype doesn't add multiple words
  121. Return key not working on Samsung Android phone email client
  122. Word limit in User Dictionary
  123. please FIX THIS PROBLEM ...... ı bought yesterday and.......
  124. Pressing Shift key doesn't alter send key to enter key on bbm
  125. download new language doesn't work
  126. and not and
  127. Firefox/Firefox Beta and Swype incompatibility
  128. no auto capitalization
  129. Swype is crashing latest version of Google Maps
  130. Version crashing in every app
  131. Incomplete / partial dictionary sync syncronisation: limit 50 words
  132. Swype can't handle selection of characters in Dolphin address bar
  133. smaller in width on Tablet?
  134. Massive delay on Language toggle in Korean
  135. Autospacing broken in Korean - latest update
  136. Swype language lost after upgrading to latest version
  137. Language Installation Failed
  138. Languages no longer download after latest update
  139. Force close on Galaxy Nexus on "search shortcut" V1.6.2.22328
  140. Combined languages aren't separable
  141. So pissed off !!
  142. Tap Typing Autocorrect Selecting Gibberish Over Actual Words
  143. New Dragon Dictation Bug - v1.6.2.22328
  144. Phone Freezing With Swype and Android Built in Apps
  145. V1.6x "Add all to dictionary" Not Working AND Words Disappear
  146. Gliding too fast loses words!
  147. Can't add new custom word in swype v1.6.2.22328
  148. Lag and performance issues after latest updates
  149. 1.6 guesses are stupid
  150. " ō " missing from new keyboard
  151. Dictation inserts extra spaces around punctuation
  152. Keyboard doesn't show up or disappears at random
  153. and space
  154. Capitalization in mail name for Backup & Sync is a cause to not find user dictionary
  155. Problems after upgrading to version
  156. please provide an option to disable full screen keyboard in landscape mode
  157. 2 years of medical terms lost
  158. Dragon dictation screen low/cut off at bottom
  159. Swype not able to write text after device unlock
  160. swyping from dot to space often turns to 3 dots instead 1
  161. Suggestion Bar Disappears in Landscape View when using Google Maps/Navigation
  162. Text sometimes does not display in Landscape
  163. Dictionary deleted, why the hell can't I just access Swype Connect directly?
  164. curves entered are not buffered when Swype is not responding immediately
  165. last letters of a long word are deleted with huge delays frequently
  166. Swype button doesn't select the whole word when cursor in the middle of word
  167. Swype "force close" everytime when the keyboard is needed! Reinstall?
  168. Swype so slow to display word correction choices
  169. Swype stopped swyping
  170. Activation bug
  171. Abnormal data use after update
  172. the problem appears to be small Swype keyboard (N7100)
  173. Swype Special Upper-Characters missing since Android 4.3..?
  174. Holy crap Swype just became COMPLETELY unusable
  175. How to Swype double close quote?
  176. Landscape mode
  177. Cannot get rid off the (english) suggestion list in German text!
  178. memory consumption
  179. Mini keyboard in portrait mode
  180. Swype pasting previous word on top of current word.
  181. Swype hangs on replacing word from suggested word list
  182. No Handwriting / Pencil Icon since update to 1.6.
  183. Problem with filling PDF forms
  184. swype to S crash
  185. Keeps telling me swype is not licensed to purchase from android market
  186. tral period over
  187. Unable to Remove Duplicate Bilingual Keyboards
  188. Connect Synchronization Doesn't Work
  189. Swype accuracy way down vs previous version (english)
  190. Swype doesn't pick up words in personal dictionary
  191. No means to type lowercase "i" when autocorrect is off and suggestions are hidden.
  192. Long press doesn't always work
  193. Swype won't store any words in custom dictionary
  194. Google Play asking me to purchase Swype again
  195. Swype Does Not Work at All
  196. 3rd word entered in Firefox URL doesn't display correctly!
  197. Auto Capitalization not working correctly
  198. All voice to text in German
  199. "No builds available" on brand new Nexus 5
  200. Swype Lag on Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon, Stock) - GOING TO COMPETITOR'S PRODUCT
  201. custom dictionary has disappeared...
  202. Swype what happened? need help!
  203. Solution s ?
  204. Voice button missing after upgrade from trial version
  205. Google Play - Your device isn't compatible with this version.
  206. Swype no longer a keyboard option...
  207. Giant keyboard - can't use
  208. CaPaTalizEd words..
  209. USB-OTG removal crashes Swype
  210. Voice key fails, incorrectly stating "No network available"
  211. autocorrection does not work in line
  212. enable Swype after every Startup
  213. Swype makes almost 4000 location requests every day
  214. Swype Dissapears with every reboot
  215. auto correct fixes valid words
  216. strange behavior on Galaxy Note 10.1
  217. Swype under LG Optimus L9 / Android 4.1.2 JellyBean
  218. Haptic feedback is too strong even when set to a minimum
  219. commonly used words versus uncommon, wtf?
  220. No Return (Enter) key on Nexus 5 texting/hangouts.
  221. Bug entering wifi passwords on S4 with Swype
  222. Attn: JACOB the admin!!
  223. keyboard over input area
  224. Losing custom words in "My Words"
  225. uppercase, then lowercase after "power on"
  226. Words aren't synchronizing with cyanogenmod
  227. Gujarati Keyboard Blank
  228. license on tablet not recognised
  229. Wong capitalisation when joining words
  230. [German] quotation marks
  231. Personalisation spoils word recognition
  232. Swype for Symbian stopped working New Years Eve
  233. editing dictionary issues, HELP SO ANNOYING!
  234. Backing Up Dictionary From Expired Swype Beta to Current Swype
  235. Restoring my dictionary after a reinstall
  236. Why can't I get a simple period?
  237. Huge background data usage
  238. Lag in Maildroid and "-" missing when writing urls
  239. Numerical entry not working on at least 1 website in portrait mode
  240. smartphone slowed to a crawl
  241. Question mark gesture bug
  242. Swype won't sync dictionary to new device
  243. DRAGON dictation in German language is out of order
  244. Android Swype w/, Microsoft OneNote = frustrating abysmal performance
  245. Swype Themes not working (v1.6.5.23769
  246. Linking to Twitter
  247. i cant swype well !
  248. Swype Not Saving New Words Since Andriod Upgrade
  249. bandwidth usage, you're kidding right
  250. Swype won't work on lock screen