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  1. Gmail & email app contact auto-complete suggestion not fully visible landscape mode
  2. Problem with Swype and OfficeSuite
  3. Freezing, Lagging, On Galaxy S3- Swype version 1.3.2
  4. swype keyboard icon in notification bar but no keypad
  5. Error with swype beta login
  6. Dictionary
  7. Empty Dictionary
  8. Can't load Swype on new Visual Land Prestige 10 Android tablet
  9. Auto-spacing & Auto capitalization didn't work on my HTC Butterfly
  10. 1.4.5 Not Allowing Tabs In Email
  11. Swype+Dragon issue with default calendar editing
  12. Swype Beta: Locked out of phone and unable to enter PIN
  13. not sure how to fix this problem
  14. Cant swype polish word "się" - I get "ssie"
  15. traditional Chinese (zhuyin) question
  16. swype issues
  17. Problem with swype in webview application
  18. words jumbled
  19. Swype Beta 1.4. Installed but not working
  20. Auto-spacing and Auto-Capitalization ISSUES
  21. gmail social integration problem
  22. Swype Connect - not - and Note II
  23. Swype causing Samsung Galaxy Note II freezes
  24. Swype won't work after system update on HTV Evo
  25. WIN Remote keyboard error
  26. Swype Beta will not install
  27. New Swype Beta installs.. but not really
  28. Interaction between Swype suggestions bar and listview with editable content
  29. Swype freezing when receiving a text, extra spaces in web forms, and bad prediction
  30. Swype keyboard slow to load since android 4.1.2 update
  31. inaccurate Swype off top or to space
  32. close quote doesn't trigger space before next new word
  33. Swype freezing on S3
  34. Swype ist too slow and too big
  35. Swype Version 1.4.5 freezes during download
  36. Adding new words doesnt work after android update, and personal dictionary disappears
  37. Romanian Language Special Characters Different from the ones in the Dictionary
  38. swype freezes
  39. Swype Beta Crashes in Landscape Mode
  40. Next Word Prediction Won't Turn Off
  41. No ENTER button in stock Messaging app on Nexus 4 - JB 4.2.2
  42. You need to fix Swype now!! Seriously!!
  43. characters in romanian
  44. Swype clearing form data intermittently
  45. teamviewer typing is annoying
  46. Word prediction gotten WORSE, algorithm changed?
  47. Swype doesn't show when I select a long URL in Chrome's omnibox
  48. Delete doesn't delete
  49. basic english words only accepted after initially typing them
  50. Hitting the "." in the email app deletes a line and moves the cursor to the right
  51. Behavior in web browser not correct - spacing, capitalization, corrections
  52. Chrome address bar auto-insert suggestion problems
  53. Swype automatically adds words to the dictionary even with Auto-correction off
  54. Constant crashing on Samsung Galaxy Fit
  55. coordinate numeric keyboards
  56. insane memory usage
  57. Swype Consistently crashes on attempt to delete tags from tumblr reblog.
  58. Swype doesn't capitalize first word in a sentence.
  59. Option to turn off importing from contacts
  60. Can't install Swype
  61. Enabling Tablet Mode on 160 DPI Tablet
  62. Swype Version 1.49 lagging horribly!
  63. System Update Today - No More Swype
  64. Will you finally bring a update on Symbian who will work correctly on Belle FP2 !!??
  65. Paste deletes the last charater typed
  66. "next word predictions" enabled but does not show
  67. Swype remembering frequent used words
  68. The Dreaded Dragon Flame is back
  69. "Then" disappears after sync
  70. Auto-space doesn't work in Amazon MP3 Store
  71. cant download english UK on 1.49
  72. facebook personalization not working
  73. cant swype at all
  74. Swype beta not active?
  75. Period automatically inserted after every word
  76. The personal dictionary disappears
  77. Problem to work on pad
  78. Why all words (german language) are underlined!?
  79. Nexus 4 - can swype on the keyboard but keyboard doesn't show swype button
  80. S-note issue
  81. Problem with updating.
  82. New Android update screwed up my Swype
  83. Text selected and no auto space in Android Mail on HTC One
  84. Inconsistency in keyboard layout on different devices and in different text fields
  85. Italian language installation package
  86. Android Swype: never remembers words I enter or adds them to dictionary
  87. Never remember words or add them to my dictionary
  88. After text popup from Handscent, Swype won't type in forum entry field
  89. word suggestion problems
  90. swype no longer works after update samsung galaxy s3
  91. phone charger makes recognition awful
  92. word-dash-word became even worse than before
  93. Major Chinese Swype problem....
  94. Brazilian Portuguese
  95. several issues =(
  96. Pin Screen Lock Resized after update - HTC One X
  97. Swype does not save settings (Galaxy S3)
  98. Cant get swype keyboard on Legend
  99. Swype 1.4.9 user dictionary missing words
  100. Can't download installer :- (
  101. Swype is BAAAAAAD since JB upload on Razr Maxx
  102. Swype deletes random words while typing
  103. Swype Beta and Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1
  104. language downloading dosnt work for me :((
  105. cannot install/reinstall/update or use
  106. Swype installed and selected but keyboard wont come up
  107. limited size of user dictionary?
  108. Migrate words from Swype to latest Play Store version 1.5
  109. Cannot uninstall
  110. Suddenly swype takes forever to come up
  111. delete word also inserts carriage return
  112. swype dies on entering "nikii"
  113. Adding new words v1.4.9.13905
  114. Swype 1.5 and $/ as alternate for s key
  115. Swype v1.5.0.15186 no longer default keyboard after restarting
  116. Stuck on Enter Activation Code
  117. Manual Add To Dictionary Option Missing In Swype Retail 1.5.0
  118. Space bar layout prone to INADVERTENTLY hit the "period" key on the right.
  119. Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) character only show up for a moment after swyping
  120. Swype 1.5 adding spaces to URLs
  121. message gets deleted during some Swype selections
  122. Cannot add emoticons
  123. problems still existing in play store version:
  124. Selecting text using curor keys doesn't work
  125. Plus missing when adding phone number to contact
  126. Holo theme does not fade to black like screenshots
  127. Screen Flicker on Galaxy SIII
  128. CHINESE Trad. (HK) Handwriting swype icon does not show up
  129. HTC Desire Swype crash
  130. No Vibrate on Keypress Beta & 1.5.0 Versions
  131. Keyboard is slow to launch on Swype from Google Play
  132. no "download language" in the language options menu.
  133. Nexus 7 & Swype 1.5 keyboard
  134. I cannot find the split keyboard that was reported as a feature. I am new to Swype
  135. Swype Won't Recognize Different Smiles
  136. Tablet - Physical Keyboard Poor Support
  137. Swype is slow!
  138. Lenguage download Android 2.3.4 and Swyoe
  139. Cannot update Swype on a SGS II (Swype preinstalled)
  140. Bugs in the Play Store version
  141. Where are my words in the final version?
  142. Swype words, delete all of them?
  143. Unable to shift after Swyping unless you tap space manually
  144. can't connect
  145. Severe incompatibility bug with HTC apps
  146. Android play version problems
  147. [Install ] Not enough space Android 4.04
  148. Play Store Full Version Not Compatible with Some Tablets
  149. non english dictionary - at least 3 words/symbols required
  150. Backspace problem with SoftMaker's TextMaker app
  151. "Application not licensed"
  152. Swype German: Unexpected Backspace and quotation behaviour
  153. how to uninstall swype
  154. Unable to change input keyboard after jelly bean update
  155. No internet conncection
  156. Swype cannot change language at Lockscreen when using "password" as lockscreen
  157. Misplaced 2nd level chars in Ukrainial layout
  158. Settings Goes to Install Setup if Swype Not Active Keyboard
  159. Why the beta was better-bug list.
  160. Swype does not keep the first word in a new line...
  161. unable to add words into user dictionary in Japanese
  162. custom-dictionary word is asked to be re-added
  163. question mark capitalizes despite disabled setting
  164. Swype version "no speech detected"
  165. delete straight after swyping, deletes the previous word
  166. Swype bought from Play Store can't be registered because keyboard useless
  167. Problem with Simplified Chinese Input on Samsung Note II
  168. Unable to save some 2-character compunds to dictionary
  169. Too long and too many taps to "cancel out" from the "Speech-to-Text" mode
  170. Swipe + Dragon doenst work on my HTC One after a reboot
  171. Special Keys don't work
  172. package does not match screen size of device - HTC One (m7)
  173. "Comma" and "full stop" buttons fail to transform in "dash" and "apostrophe"
  174. Dictionary backup on device with pre-installed swype??
  175. Word deletion has become harder
  176. Takes to long to load
  177. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) to connect the server can't receive any email from Swype :-) :-)
  178. Sync is only working one-way
  179. [Bug] Swype Keyboard does not properly report imeActionId
  180. Can't eneble swype
  181. Cant Install new languages on pre-installed swype
  182. Preferences are not shown
  183. Predictions go AWOL in Google Docs
  184. trying to download stuck at 89%
  185. Selecting Previously Swyped Text (Play Store Release)
  186. Problem with the word "New"
  187. Bug in Nexus 4:: delete key don't work
  188. Twitter not syncing
  189. Comma to space ends up as "!"
  190. Swype Keyboard not stable with UCBrowser !
  191. Sync not working
  192. language install stuck at "canceling"
  193. Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) shows up blank when typing
  194. Swype oem galaxy s2
  195. Voice recognition not working, latest v1.5.3
  196. Smiley glitch with HTC One
  197. Random crashes when painting with CyanogenMod 10.1.0-RC2-maguro
  198. No word suggestions in K-9 Mail
  199. Can't add new word for Thai
  200. Random cApitalizatiOn with Words
  201. Random cApitalizatiOn with Words
  202. Random cApitalizatiOn with Words
  203. Tap typing inserting extra spaces etcetera.
  204. Can't type any further unless I press backspace x100
  205. Swype keyboard stops swyping at Huawei 8860
  206. pop-ups lag and full stops problem
  207. Constant crashing version
  208. Swype keyboard/messages lag time.
  209. WhatsApp Messenger Enter Button Not Working
  210. Return/Next Line Key doesn't work in Samsung Email application
  211. No auto capitalisation and no word options with swype key when on internet
  212. Swype takes 2-3 seconds to load, often!, after last update!
  213. No dash character in email address fields
  214. doesn't recognizes English swipes, does for Russian
  215. Go button on Google now
  216. Swype stopped working after last softwars update. Galaxy proclaim
  217. Capital letters in the middle of words
  218. Shift key problem with Hardware Keyboard on Droid 4
  219. 1.5.6 Update Frequent Crashes HTC Rezound
  220. Swipe Or Dragon Assistant cause voice comands to crash on Droid Razor M
  221. Lost dictionary
  222. Possible bad Unicode handling
  223. Swype slow and freezes
  224. Dragon dictation wise than before
  225. Missing hyphen
  226. Enter Key is missing on Nexus 7
  227. Swype Version 1.5.6 16934 crashs on Huawei U9200 with Android 4.1.1
  228. Editing the Case of a Word on Galaxy Note 8 not working with 1.5.6 16934
  229. Swype doesnt insert space after :-*
  230. dragon flame key missing now
  231. Swype+ Dragon was stopped -happens every 2 minutes
  232. Bug from Beta still exists: stores case-sensitive but links them, prefers uppercase
  233. Caps doesn't work on single-letter words when using Auto-Space and Auto-Caps
  234. Type a word with capital letter at begin after deleted a wrong swyped word
  235. Dash character in symbol mode
  236. gesture problem
  237. Shift and smiley keys not always working
  238. Huge lag when changing orientation
  239. Totally Wrong Word
  240. Can't uncheck or disable the "Backup and Sync" option
  241. Swype keyboards (paid version & pre-installed beta version) ocationally unresponsive
  242. Swype auto deleting words with a ( ' ) in
  243. Swype issues in Kingsoft office
  244. BlueStacks problem with Swipe Keyboard
  245. Unable to dowload othe langage
  246. Activation Key Not Working
  247. Swiping not possible
  248. frequently swyped words & autocorrect bug
  249. Double first letter bug
  250. Swype is not allowed on my device...