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  1. Can I remove standard dictionary entries?
  2. Add a key for quickly switching languages
  3. Voice input button
  4. Skin, Eye candy, appearance for Swype
  5. Use built-in Android Dictionary
  6. swype space
  7. Option to have arrows in keyboard
  8. @ button enters entire email address.
  9. How to create a line break?
  10. Themes!
  11. Support for the QVGA Resolution (320×240) - x10 mini/mini pro/HTC Tattoo
  12. Swype key commands
  13. Customizable Swype-Button Gestures.
  14. Add the "auto" word when I hit "send" in a chat
  15. Add 123 long-press layout to SYM key
  16. Can we choose to disable Swype tips?
  17. "Enter" button instead of "Smile"
  18. Move the 'close' icon for suggested word pop-up to right-hand side
  19. View & Edit Dictionary
  20. customize smiley key
  21. Hyphen in SYM mode should be a short press
  22. Word choice window option
  23. Use intelligent (n-gram + historical) prediction for word choice window
  24. Order numbers in SYM menu to mimic standard keyboard
  25. Keyboard template as transparent overlay
  26. Improve recognition of poorly spelt words
  27. Allow words added to dictionary to have a predefined case
  28. Use two rows of words in choice list
  29. Add automatic text replacement/expansion
  30. Hebrew support
  31. Language packs - so you don't care about the end user?
  32. Customizable long-press delay to get alternate characters
  33. Suggest list recognized
  34. CTRL, ALT, ESC keys wanted
  35. Swap position on home/end & pgup/pgdn
  36. An ignore list (for passwords etc.) would be nice
  37. Key zoom on press
  38. Swype using 9-button keypad
  39. Backspace is slow
  40. Make apostrophes required for "wasn't" because "want" is what I wanted
  41. How about adding Russian?
  42. Shortcuts/Custom Acronyms/Custom Swype Patterns
  43. Forward delete button
  44. Reduce size of space and return keys
  45. Dutch/Nederlands Language
  46. Sound synthesizer
  47. some features i'd like...
  48. UK English
  49. Feature reuqest Minimize Keyboard button
  50. untie the keyboard layout from the language
  51. Allow options for theming the Swype keyboard
  52. Ability to Delete words from dictionary
  53. Add pauses or waits to phone numbers
  54. Quick access button to easy numeric keyboard
  55. Add Portuguese to available languages
  56. Mic button
  57. 's to proper names
  58. Droid X Beta
  59. FRENCH and UK/International English, please
  60. "'Hidden' Word" Tip Notification
  61. Romanian Language Support
  62. Text shortcuts
  63. backup dictionary
  64. Easy language change on the Keyboard
  65. Swype needs arrow keys and there's room to put all the smileys on one popup...
  66. Remove Languages?
  67. Option to change the size of the word choice window
  68. Don't add spaces when correcting words.
  69. Keyboard down button or gesture
  70. Change to numeric in number fields
  71. VGA Support?
  72. Feature Request: Option to delete word that is hiding the word you type
  73. Permanently deleting custom words
  74. Alternate keyboard - keypad
  75. Have a couple of extra buttons on the keyboard - language and lower keyboard
  76. automatiic language detection
  77. Add "Disable Custom Dictionary Checkbox" for Our Email and Facebook Contacts
  78. Multi touch for faster input
  79. Please add Danish language support
  80. Preferred languages
  81. Delete Word from Dictionary - Make it Stay Deleted!
  82. Custom Dictionary Editor
  83. Usage learning (or dictionary editing)
  84. Option to exclude Contact Name/Email from automatically added into dictionary.
  85. Add a voice/dictation button
  86. Better handling of "hidden words", custom dictionary listing and add blocked words
  87. Change the method of adding custom words to the dictionary
  88. Ability to Swype from "longer-press" character above letter directly to space bar
  89. Alternate keyboard layout
  90. Contact names vs. custom words
  91. I wonder when Swype would support Chinese Input
  92. Portrait mode soon please.
  93. Require apostophe option
  94. Feature request: ALLOW ME TO INSTALL SWYPE
  95. Easier feedback mechanism
  96. Feature request voting
  97. Get rid of Smiley button / Add voice to text button
  98. Single letter input should appear in the text instantly.
  99. Feature Requests Consolidation
  100. Editable Dictionary
  101. more about the "hidden word" popup
  102. Option for Default Numeric Keypad
  103. Customizable keyboard layout
  104. How deleting a word should work
  105. Shortcuts would definitely make Swype the fastest way to type text
  106. Option to save and restore settings (including custom dirctionary)
  107. [All feature requests] + ***Actual DICTIONARY words - no "2mr", "tmr" and so on...
  108. smaller size
  109. hidden word
  110. Dutch language pack for Swype on Ovi Store and Azerty-keyboard please.
  111. Keeping file size down
  112. Allow selection of languages which are not pre-loaded on Nokia's phones
  113. Swype Backend Dictionary w/ Filtering
  114. Some (well intentioned) personal feedback
  115. Dictionary is a MESS - Allow to EDIT (putt: pyotr? piotr? outre?)
  116. Disable additions to the dictionary on a per app basis
  117. Improvement to Hidden words.
  118. Tablet?
  119. An option to completely disable the Voice-to-Text key
  120. Another alternative to the "hidden word" popup
  121. adding in the future of Polish dictionary
  122. Email button...
  123. List all user added words and allow us to remove others
  124. Historical Prediction a la Swiftkey
  125. How do you harvest these requests?
  126. Word suggestion box needs improvement!
  127. Autospace spacing needs a small change and Swype add/remove, and more.
  128. User Dictionary backup
  129. multi touch gestures.
  130. enable android keyboard in landscape mode
  131. HTC Wildfire Support
  132. Option to install on SD Card
  133. Means of saving all user data/dictionary and to be automatically reused on swype upda
  134. Separate mode for adding words
  135. Gingerbread-ish suggestions...
  136. Editing a word
  137. Swiss Keyboard
  138. Swype Beta - Does it supports Portuguese - Brazil or not?
  139. UK English
  140. Have arrow keys to navigate entered text
  141. Please give us an option to disable learning address book names
  142. Let me disable/hide the VOICE button on the keyboard
  143. A way to close the keyboard
  144. Replace tutorial button with emoticon button
  145. Swype Keyboard SYM should be similar to what users are accustomed to
  146. French QWERTY keyboard/language (ie french canadian)
  147. An easier way to toggle between LANGUAGES
  148. Manual typing
  149. Cloud dictionary updating
  150. Add option to display 0-9 row on top of keyboard at all times.
  151. Customizable Look.
  152. Hide keyboard button, Numbers and delete/go buttons
  153. Option to auto-space after punctuation?
  154. Turn off audible feedback on word completion
  155. Switched over from ShapeWriter - some features I miss
  156. First Impressions + thoughts
  157. Calibrate keyboard
  158. First names to stay capitalized
  159. Abbreviations for long words
  160. don't capitalize 'i' when auto-capitalization is turned off
  161. Minimize
  162. Capitalization Errors
  163. Dictionary
  164. Swype micro with English +1
  165. Move to SD card
  166. Swype for Gingerbread
  167. Customizable symbol layer
  168. screen size not supported
  169. More Flexible Dictionaries
  170. Word choice window
  171. cursor navigation buttons for androids without "trackball"
  172. Can I please PLEASE just be able to Swype the word "OR"??!!
  173. My 3 Swype suggestions
  174. Keyboard mirror?
  175. Toggle Add To Dictionary
  176. Better backspace behavior
  177. Please address urgent serious problem of crap in dictionary!
  178. Language switch: Chinese
  179. Priority settings for words in User Dictionary
  180. Auto capitalisation and spaces after full stop.
  181. Long press to cap lock
  182. Faster Way for 2 Words without a blank between (Long Spacepress)
  183. Just switched to EVO...
  184. Speech-to-text feature suggestion
  185. User Suggestions
  186. Allow upgrades for carrier-preinstalled Swype
  187. Need cursor keys and TAB
  188. Shortcuts for really long words or phrases
  189. Swype Troubleshoot apk still not working!
  190. Support of two languages possible?
  191. Menu Button has no function
  192. 6 Feature Requests/Suggestions based on other swype-like keyboards
  193. Vrouw? VROUW!!?? WHAT!?!?? Come on now Swype!!!!
  194. Tablet Support
  195. A Phonetic Spell Checker for Swype?
  196. Swype Changes
  197. What is in the pipe/what FIXES is Swype working on for non-sense word suggestions??
  198. A Couple of Things for the G1
  199. swype tail color
  200. It would be nice if we can change language settings on the fly.
  201. Dictionary words including contact names
  202. Please add the ability to remove the microphone button (implemented)
  203. Auto-capitals would be great!
  204. New words learning system
  205. Swype needs to auto apostrophe on non-plural words.
  206. I want auto-spacing fixed.
  207. Quotes are handled very wrong. Backspacing should not remove the quote.
  208. Swype should pay more attention to how many stops my finger makes.
  209. When I'm in 'Number Mode' I want numbers!
  210. Faster way to switch lang like the Android keyboard dose
  211. How the Dictionary should work - since everyone else is posting it
  212. Pushing the voice button should not remove the keyboard.
  213. The double-letter circling technique could be improved.
  214. Feature Request
  215. Showing letter
  216. Option to not add names to dictionary
  217. Prioritize word choice in decreasing order of priority
  218. Option to remove any foreign words
  219. Add button or shortcut to dismiss the swype keyboard
  220. show current selected letter some how ?
  221. Special character removing
  222. smilies ?
  223. Disable swype gestures in landscape
  224. Dictionary export or sync feature
  225. Croatian language
  226. moving the cursor around
  227. FAST FIX: disable dictionairy auto import, or make that an option
  228. Q's long press does not need to be Language Change, Asterik needed.
  229. Swype on Archos 101
  230. An Essential Request on Turkish Swype
  231. Bilingual support [IMPLEMENTED]
  232. A slight variation to the other auto-add suggestions
  233. I wouldn't hate Swype if........
  234. Dictionary and also numbers
  235. Swype to space
  236. Show word inline & drop down at same time.
  237. Swype for Samsung Galaxy 551 (i5510) WQVGA
  238. repeated presses of swype key to highlight successively previous words
  239. long press + hold arrow keys to jump words
  240. be able to set a default keyboard layout
  241. auto space after period AND double tap space bar for period & auto space
  242. Hiding keyboard on Android Beta
  243. Customizing word choices
  244. Improved landscape layout
  245. Big numbers on the Numpad
  246. Learning Corrections...
  247. Correct capitalization after input
  248. Intelligently choose possible swyped words based on sentence structure
  249. change colours/add themes
  250. need help with install for HTC Wildfire!