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  1. No correction on manually typed words
  2. Native handwriting recognition for Galaxy Note
  3. Local backup of words
  4. Date & Time, Numpad Long-Press, Gestures, Etc. +
  5. The split keyboard layout needs gestures!
  6. Escape Key
  7. remember domains
  8. 3 features to make Swype beat the others
  9. Customizing special characters and diacritics
  10. Kobo Arc 10hd support
  11. Please, delete button "com" even on big display it makes mess!!!
  12. Android L AOSP Keyboard Theme
  13. Need a way to disable fullscreen mode on landscape
  14. Add option to turn off emoji autosuggestions
  15. Adjust opacity of floating keyboard
  16. Volume keys to navigate between characters
  17. Voice recognition engine, dual letter/number keys, and current language display
  18. add option to have a numbers row on top of the keyboard, like stock Samsung keyboard
  19. add full keyboard and key size customisation for better one handed use
  20. add option to have symbols and numbers on the material design theme
  21. Keyboard Look/Feel testing area in Swype Settings
  22. Cursor onto word does not offer word suggestions.
  23. T9 keypad, pull down key for 2nd character input, Bigger keycap font
  24. Swype on Windows 10? Microsoft Calls for Input.
  25. Allow to disable dot append by two space press
  26. Quick change between different Input methods
  27. My ideal Swype ( quick mockup )
  28. Add calculator
  29. WILD KEY not swype key
  30. Ten Killer Swype Feature Suggestions
  31. Number row is needed
  32. Please let us customize which symbols to show on which keyboard page
  33. Please relocate the 'select active keyboard' icon on the Android dynamic action bar
  34. I don't have no problem paying above average for swype if arrow keys can be added
  35. preserving last option on 123? 'key
  36. Now that emojis are added, please add a menu for it
  37. Change voice language should only display languages I use
  38. Resize Width of Keys in Landscape Split Layout
  39. refining the numbers in suggestion bar tapping the letters
  40. option to turn off swipe mode on the number and symbol keypads
  41. Change size of the keyboard for more than 120 %
  42. Autocorrect Aggressiveness Levels, ala Google Keyboard (or make autocorrect smarter)
  43. Remove .com button toggle.
  44. Swype for writing, coding, etc.
  45. how to adjust sensitivity?
  46. Smart pluralization?
  47. # on russian keyboard
  48. Dedicated emoji menu or tab or shortcut in swype
  49. "Kickstart" suggestions
  50. Add short ".pl" for Polish language
  51. New themes - please
  52. Add option to turn off Emojis!
  53. Manual word addition to dictionary from dictionary settings
  54. New language option: English Canada
  55. Un-show "Keyboard stype", Pop-up "Voice Dictation"
  56. Kickstart for improvement
  57. Please add autocorrect aggressiveness/sensitivity options.
  58. How delete a language
  59. Domains
  60. Add ɛ, ɔ, ŋ characters to the Swype keyboard
  61. Add ɛ, ɔ, ŋ characters to the Swype keyboard
  62. stick to previous language
  63. Addition of India rupee symbol to English language
  64. Bring back a feature
  65. Up/down-rate words
  66. New Emoji selector is not wanted - allow old smiley selector (with Android faces)
  67. Let Swype Emojis be used by Handcent SMS
  68. Ability to disable the "delete words" feature for those who don't look at the kboard
  69. Hide unused character
  70. Please and enhance the microphone key for multilanguage use
  71. Frustration with spaces appearing before punctuation during dictation
  72. Number row
  73. Themes with special symbols like in original keyboard
  74. (feature request) toolbar or quick shortcut bar on top
  75. Google Emoticons
  76. Per-language user dictionary
  77. PLEASE get rid of the .com button
  78. When using the multi-language feature, Swype should suggest words in current language
  79. Custom Themes
  80. Turning off accents and symbols.
  81. Can we add emoticon to the emoticon tab ourselves?
  82. Abkürzung "z.B." für "Zum Beispiel"
  83. Customize theme and swipe trace color
  84. Free 1.9 version + separate app to activate it
  85. Option to Turn Off Swipe Up To Capitalise Letter
  86. Vibration when pressing
  87. Add all typographic quotation marks
  88. First letter capitalization
  89. Add ≠, ©, ®, ™ (and comma to numpad)
  90. Swype should learn my preferred words and insert them or suggest them first
  91. Combine last words
  92. Import export feature in personal dictionary requires
  93. Alternate Alt Key Options for New Themes
  94. Builder themes
  95. Emoji from 6.0.1
  96. copy/paste clipboard
  97. Change default to simple number in Keyboard and Symbols keyboard
  98. Best keyboard out there with a top row of numbers always visible, besides Swype?
  99. Delete to the right key
  100. Spell check/auto-correct on tap versus swype
  101. Put % key in 1st digital keyboard. For instance replace ×.
  102. Prioritize swyping gestures over autocorrect
  103. New Unicode 8 emojis
  104. Ampersand "&" shortcut: "D "
  105. Switch keyboard language and voice recognition language at the same time, by default
  106. Swype for Windows 10 tablets
  107. Please allow disable of uppercase gesture
  108. Swype Shortcuts driving me crazy
  109. Suggestions to improve intuitive and logical usage
  110. Live preview of Swyped words like in google keyboard
  111. motion attenuation (decrease sensitivity)
  112. Give Us More Download Sites PLEASE
  113. Add option to keep caps lock on when switching from letter mode to number mode & back
  114. Reduce height of the keyboard
  115. Please add a gesture to delete word
  116. Show current language
  117. Tap and hold on the spacebar and move left or right to move the cursor
  118. Some quick way to quote a word
  119. Actual Physical Swype Keyboard
  120. pinyin tone marks in swype
  121. Automatic Color Change
  122. Dynamic Language Change key for Japanese Flick Keyboard
  123. Disable autofill
  124. As for paid app really poor choice of themes!
  125. New Language: Unicode – help insert special characters
  126. Add support for English/Arabic dual keyboard
  127. Miscellaneous feature requests
  128. Tap typed entries - please dear god accept as-is
  129. Support for Android tv box
  130. Add dictionary text file option
  131. Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste and "Replace"
  132. Alternative/secondary keys on material design
  133. Edge problems with Samsung S6/S7 Edge
  134. Russian Phonetic Keyboard Layout or ability to customize layouts
  135. non-stop voice to text
  136. I'D vs IS
  137. Special characters on number row
  138. very requested and essential please
  139. Better keybord sound set
  140. Feature Request - Language change and space bar
  141. NCAA Request
  142. Floating keyboard width.
  143. fix question mark?
  144. change preference weighting for specific strokes
  145. "with" not appearing by default; instead, 26th, 27th, 25th, etc are showing up.
  146. Add punctuation and numbers by sliding
  147. Speech button: language list
  148. Option to replace automatically special characters in words or dictionary
  149. Swype login password
  150. Allow number row use with secondary characters at the same time
  151. Allow adjustments to backspace timing
  152. Feature to manuary add word to dictionary in Japanese
  153. Why is the shortest longpress delay now 200ms?
  154. Prevent capitalization within German compound words
  155. Basic dictionary, without urban slang/names/acronyms/obscure words
  156. Switch long-tap-key panel layout or how to redefine long-tap-key popup-panel?
  157. How do I hide the word choice list bar above keyboard?
  158. Advanced dictionary editing
  159. Change colors and theme components individually
  160. The ampersand character
  161. Stupid words
  162. Thread by date
  163. Is Swype comatose?
  164. Bring back v2
  165. Disable abbreviation suggestions from Swype to . key
  166. NCAA Theme Requests
  167. Adding Publisher's Quote Marks
  168. Add ability to create or add custom words to personal dictionary
  169. No backup restore after app reinstall
  170. Wanted: Silent update without setup screens
  171. How can 2012 be the last year of any action on the "Requsts" forum????
  172. Make this website mobile-friendly
  173. Allow users to remove the word-suggestion/prediction bar