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  1. Plural plurals and pluraliization
  2. Option for minimum swype length
  3. Voice input offline
  4. Smiles !
  5. Remove licence check
  6. change Spanish layout
  7. Numeric pad in landscape mode
  8. English UK Option for .com
  9. Easier URL entry
  10. Better selection of Secondary Characters
  11. refined typographical choices
  12. constant disappear/reappear of word suggestion band causes annoying screen movement
  13. 2 hands swype
  14. Enable punctuation swype down to space key
  15. Numeric Keypad
  16. typographical refinements
  17. Dictionary server
  18. HP Slatebook x2 Compatibility
  19. Auto Spacing When Typing Into Internet Browser
  20. On / Off For Capitalization By Swyping Above Keyboard
  21. A few feature requests/suggestions after using Swype on a Nexus 7
  22. Dot VS .
  23. handwriting
  24. French Keyboard : Change the ' button emplacement
  25. Detect Bluetooth (or any external) Keyboard and hide On-Screen Keyboard
  26. 3 suggestions: Hyphens, editing words in the middle, and auto-inserted spaces.
  27. NextBook Premium 8 IPS compatibility.
  28. Not have the Personal Dictionary constantly deleting itself. Maybe backup and sync?
  29. Cursors button
  30. Romanian dictionary
  31. Add words directly to dictionary
  32. Asus Memo Pad me172v
  33. Fully customizable keyboard.
  34. Currency
  35. The Interrobang‽
  36. Working with the upcoming eye tracking technologies to make eye-swyping possible
  37. swype connect online login and dictionary export import
  38. swype need too much storage
  39. option to speed up how long it takes when pressing a key
  40. Keyboard position on phones
  41. Add words with PC interface
  42. Missing option to add (or not) addressbook contact names
  43. Send button in landscape
  44. No apostrophe / Small space bar / laggy / OTHERS
  45. Make pick method for long press menu customizable
  46. keyboard sizing
  47. Insertion point Magnifier
  48. Request - Swipe up for number
  49. Using languages
  50. Able to hide swype icon if swipe feature is disabled?
  51. Swype to spacebar
  52. Increase the size of letters & symbols
  53. Capital and lower case added seperatly.
  54. Add option to choose Dragon or Google voice typing.
  55. Verbatim when text entered manually.
  56. Increase spacebar width
  57. German quotation marks vanished on QWERTZ layout
  58. Fix Battery Drain?
  59. Cyrillic syllable stress accents.
  60. Feature request: One-button suggested word replacement of all suspect words
  61. Landscape Split Keyboard Larger Symbols
  62. Help us help you get approval on other devices!
  63. Give us access to export and import our dictionaries!
  64. Dictionary
  65. Long pressing the shift button shows arrow keys
  66. Grey Out unused buttons on Swype button hold action
  67. Feature: Voice input command to delete last word/last dictation input
  68. 3x4 keyboard with T9
  69. key board
  70. Mini keyboard in portrait mode
  71. Visually preview "Symbol 2" characters on "Symbol 1" keyboard
  72. Change Trace Color & Hide Settings Button On Keyboard
  73. Gesture shortcut: current location
  74. Delete words from dictionary \ words blacklist
  75. Graphical emoticons
  76. Export / import dictionary words to / from a text file
  77. Swipe up / down from a key to type the "alt" character
  78. Feature: Always replace "dy" for "du"
  79. Feature: Work-wordlists and dialects wordlist
  80. Request for Bilingual Keyboard for Non-Western Languages
  81. Password protect words in Swype dictionary
  82. Keyboard color for symbols hard to see!
  83. Extendable and living languages/dictionaries
  84. bring the hyphen back! (or: make it more accessible, not less)
  85. fundamentally advise! DEVELOPERS READ! CAUTION!
  86. Option to have the +!= keyboard's space bar switch back to ABC
  87. Option needed to blacklist specific words from the overall dictionary
  88. Tab key for phones
  89. Keyboard height & ram management
  90. Any plans to include a colemak layout?
  91. Purpose of this forum.
  92. undo gesture
  93. "-" in browsing mode
  94. Google Dictation Support / Dragon Dictation Optional
  95. New Language: English Canada
  96. Option to store Swype's data on an external SD card?
  97. Un-dictionary
  98. please make the long press time for upper case shorter
  99. Another Thai keyboard layout please
  100. Suggestion to improve prediction
  101. Remove Comma/Dash Key and Move to Long-Press Option of Period Key
  102. I want a Swype shortcut that hiding keyboard quicker than usual
  103. Increase pop duration
  104. User assigned shortcuts for words and even sentences
  105. customize symbols on tap and hold
  106. can I hide unuse language from language switcher list in Speak method screen ?
  107. Colon on number pad
  108. Add scroll capability, make a billion dollars
  109. Stop zooming out when you select an area of text
  110. Don't put a space between the end of a space and punctuation
  111. Customizing your own suffixes..
  112. Long press delay shorter than 250ms
  113. Minimal Swype Theme
  114. Swipe to space for all symbols and numbers on letter keyboard
  115. Please make it easier to find punctuation other than periods and commas
  116. Importing into the dictionary
  117. Bigger font size for the alternative characters on the keypad buttons
  118. Haptic Feedback only on Long Key Press
  119. [REQ] Pop-up toast messages when a gesture is used.
  120. add custom keyboards for languages
  121. A new key
  122. an easier way to enter numbers or punctuations
  123. Swype option
  124. Tasker integration?
  125. after space-backspace start with small letters for the next part of a composite word
  126. How to vibrate without affecting the system settings?
  127. How hard to add another row of digit keys on top like in Galaxy S4 Samsung keyboard?
  128. larger letters
  129. Swype for desktops/laptops
  130. Always capital letters
  131. 2 features and a question that i believe could improve Swype dramatically
  132. More Swype Themes - Android Holo, iOS7
  133. Russian keyboard
  134. If I type out a word, don't autocorrect it
  135. Language organised characters after long press
  136. My suggestions
  137. a common suggestion, I see
  138. Common dictionary
  139. Numbers at top and language selection
  140. Brand Names
  141. qwerty was not meant for swyping. an alternative
  142. Resizable keyboard
  143. Typing Japanese
  144. Vibrate on keypress separate from system-wide heptic feedback
  145. F1, f2,...
  146. Option To Switch Input Method Key
  147. Enter Key to replace the emoticons key
  148. Built-in dictionary
  149. Space between letters on lower resolutions.
  150. 2 annoying things: numbers e dragon
  151. Decrease the keyboard just a little bit
  152. holo keyboard secondary character contrast
  153. Change the Swype line (color)
  154. Edit partial words with space+backspace gesture
  155. to big keys!
  156. Disable emoticons
  157. swype is brilliant but has some flaws. An alternative: zigzagkey
  158. swype plug in for stock keyboards?
  159. In the Number screen, ! and ? should be replaced by - and %
  160. Floating keyboard?
  161. Keyboard Width for one handed operation
  162. Special button idea
  163. Handwriting enabled but no icon to use it?
  164. Theming and DEV options
  165. Fast delete option
  166. Please add a comma buton to the numpad
  167. Numeric keypad for devices from 5" and over
  168. Idea for a better multi-language implementation (I'm sure you had it too!)
  169. Text Expansion / Text Shortcuts / Swype Shortcuts
  170. Different double pinyin schema
  171. New top row for Czech
  172. Special characters not visible - change the color
  173. Most used voice languages on top
  174. Add more languages to spacebar language list
  175. Hebrew keyboard secondary keys layout
  176. deleting, style
  177. NumPad with comma
  178. More intelligent capitalization
  179. Customise emoticon popup menu
  180. voice input issue
  181. Replace Google's voice-to-text with Dragon
  182. How do you get Swype to put an automatic space after full stop?
  183. Chinese handwriting recognition speed
  184. Better predictions -- like SwiftKey's
  185. Please add numeric key row option
  186. The ability to edit the smileys of the smiley key
  187. Bring back SPACE to L key swype for space then quotation mark
  188. Ability to select common conflcts
  189. Add multi-word / short phrases to dictionary. Ex. Boston Pizza
  190. Delete entire word with one backward swype
  191. Update?
  192. Intelligent word suggestion based on the word I deleted
  193. Split Keyboard Resize
  194. Position of Tab key
  195. No offence to our British friends, but...
  196. Barcode Scanner Feature Request
  197. Let us use the spacebar to move the cursor when editing
  198. Create your own keyboard theme feature
  199. Create Android intents for switching languages
  200. Themes!!! God, please, themes!!!
  201. what happen to the calibration tutorial swype use to have?
  202. I'd vs is
  203. Eliminate cursor flag that obscures autocorrect words
  204. Show Clipboard
  205. Reduce the time a Long-Press delay in settings
  206. Themes
  207. Lengthen space bar/ Remove or move Dragon button!
  208. Txt expansion?
  209. Option (via Settings) for auto space after period
  210. keyboard adjustment shortcut
  211. Necessary things
  212. Add forward slash (/) to numeric keypad
  213. Flat theme like android L
  214. Create option for customize margin left/right in mini Left/Right keyboard
  215. Wider left side buttons in mini right keyboard
  216. change "hide keyboard gesture" from backspace to enter
  217. Set option for auto-dot after doouble space pressed
  218. A new theme suggest
  219. A bit disappointed with Swype CHARGING for the MLS themes
  220. Return of the "Add-ons" Option menu
  221. badly needed number row!!
  222. Themes and more themes
  223. move asterisk to z key
  224. Swipe space bar to move cursor.
  225. When holding backspace on URLs, stop at every punctuation mark or slash
  226. Add colon : to number layout.
  227. Add your own dictionary from text file
  228. 3 requests
  229. WIndows Phone Support
  230. Suggestion! Add Undo function in Swype input method , shortcut keys: swype key + Z.
  231. Disable animated emoticons
  232. Feature Request 1: Make Keyboard Layout Independent of Languages
  233. Feature Request 2: Non-Capitalization Setting
  234. Swype on android
  235. Multi language setup
  236. Decapitalize user dictionary words
  237. Themes for ipad
  238. a little bit of fun: Statistics
  239. New Columbus Crew Logo theme
  240. Dragon (Voice Input) additional buttons (especially DELETE LAST)
  241. Android 5.0 Lollipop Theme Request
  242. Options to stop capitalizing in the middle of a word or sentence
  243. Why there isn't any ₹ (Rupee) sign?
  244. There needs to be an easier way to switch dictation languages
  245. Edit secondary key action
  246. Two finger swipe to move the cursor
  247. here's a suggestion: relaunch the beta program
  248. Please decouple auto-correct and auto add to dictionary settings.
  249. Restrict displayed diacritics to the ones in the chosen language
  250. Add decapitalized word