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  1. "s" vs "a"
  2. Stop autofill when pressing return
  3. private mode
  4. lcd density and size preference
  5. Smiley Button
  6. simple request
  7. English (Australian) and Voice commands
  8. Need a easy way to type hyphen / dash / - with the internet address layout
  9. Backup/restore option.
  10. User define symbol arrangement (long press letters)
  11. add option to add or change smileys
  12. add Swype_key+z to undo edits, cancel to cancel edits
  13. Dragon Medical Request
  14. Can I get a dash in numbers layout?
  15. Language request: International phonetic alphabet
  16. Swype interface with Hardware keyboard
  17. on-off option for voice input icon....
  18. Ics Blue Or Holo Blue Theme?
  19. Language switch defects.
  20. Input Method button or Dragon Settings option
  21. Editing dictionaries
  22. Changing input method
  23. Control keys
  24. Move ARGB color references out of Styles.xml
  25. Unicode symbols
  26. del-key quo vadis
  27. Reduced size keyboards for tablet
  28. swiftkey flow does have a few improvements
  29. plz avoid changing interface height constantly while typing
  30. Bigger Font
  31. floating word suggestion feature?
  32. New key to enter scanned barcode data
  33. Black List
  34. record key
  35. Personalization: learn installed app names
  36. Personalization: refresh on a schedule?
  37. End trace on delete to type no word when you've gone wrong
  38. Misspositioning of the alt characters when changing languaje
  39. Shortcut (or gesture) for removing last space
  40. Hungarian QWERTY and rearrange
  41. Personal Dictionary Editor
  42. Cautimizable keybaord layout (plz plz plz let me get what i want )
  43. please, a bigger mic button.
  44. Differences between pre-installed and this version...
  45. What's up with the $?
  46. optional explicit path interpretation
  47. Themes!!!!!!
  48. on the number keyboard
  49. More than a new feature
  50. Not hiding suggestion row
  51. Hide Smiley and Mic Buttons; Theme the trace line
  52. No auto space for semicolon
  53. Add option to scale Swype keyboard width
  54. add option do not suggest when tapped
  55. Please remove, or give at least an option to, the , , , keys in german keyboard
  56. Auto-suggestion should only start when the gesture has moved outside the initial key
  57. Swype through space?
  58. Handwriting accuracy
  59. Color options!!!!
  60. Some possibility to export all user-dict words?
  61. Possibility to create personal shortcuts like in Blacberry
  62. Support for phisical keyboard
  63. Gestures: User Created Application Shortcuts
  64. 2 big bugs
  65. Quality. Remember about quality.
  66. Support Workman keyboard layout
  67. Flow please
  68. Delete key (not backspace)
  69. Swype chinese wubi86
  70. Local currency symbol on main keyboard
  71. #2: Double Tap spacebar (& kill all umlaute!)
  72. Option to disable dictionary from auto-adding without auto-correct on
  73. Button to hide / bring down the keyboard.
  74. Return the Speed vs. Accuracy Setting
  75. more diacretical marks
  76. setting for one or two spaces after punctuation
  77. [suggestion]Product Idea
  78. adding new words only via the menu, not via the keyboard itself
  79. don't insert an automatic space between consecutive punctuation marks
  80. allow to fully confgiure the keyboard layout(s)
  81. changing hold effect and options.
  82. Inclusion of a T12 keyboard
  83. 1. Short cuts (macros) , 2. Adjust keyboard height, 3. Custom long press
  84. spaces when entering email addresses
  85. hice fue voice key
  86. Easier switching between languages
  87. Personalization Editing
  88. add quick gestures for emoticons
  89. Small Keyboard with Numberpad
  90. Capitlization
  91. allow full emails in dictionary!!
  92. T-mobile Theme engine support
  93. Let us edit our user dictionaries from PCs
  94. Allow enabling Swype for tablets UI
  95. SWYPE for Ubuntu Touch !
  96. Great features: 1. A line with digits, 2. Multi-clipboard
  97. Russian Phonetic keyboard request
  98. Needs keys size to be customizable (larger) !
  99. Add-on " . " to instead of " ' " on Numeric keypad
  100. Multiple Suggestions, One Thread [UX, Symbols, et al]
  101. Preference Setting for Delay of Secondary Characters
  102. Personal shortcuts for new words in dictionara
  103. Remove the Swype key!!!
  104. Translator
  105. Delete Words and More "Swypes"
  106. Swype from Swype Key UI
  107. stock android jelly bean theme keyboard.
  108. Dear swype. I NEVER want to type m. at the end of a sentence
  109. Make word suggestion bar permanent
  110. remove umlauts from german keyboard or make it optional please
  111. please put a comma in the number pad
  112. Included Themes Do Not Match Holo UI
  113. Using Swype first time and don't like alot.
  114. "s" and "" (sharp s) positioning in german kb layout
  115. Keyboard themes
  116. When not Swyping, make the word you type the default one.
  117. [Chinese] UI layout changes after selecting an option
  118. Please enable Language Toggle Gesture to work right after a reboot
  119. Dash/hyphen/minus sign
  120. Backspace erase!
  121. 3 Features will bring Swype to Ideality.
  122. 3 Features will bring Swype to Ideality.
  123. Nuance (swype) Dont care about Our Suggestions !!!
  124. not available
  125. More word predictions
  126. Transfer Personal Dictionary from Beta to v1.5
  127. The two features missing keeping me away from buying and recommanding Swype
  128. Method of differentiating OF and IF better
  129. Make adding words to the dictionary a 2-step process (optional)
  130. Phone version of keyboard on tablets with 1.5
  131. Suppress auto-spacing in URL fields
  132. Better shortcuts for symbols
  133. QWERTY for CZECH language
  134. MISSING: Quick paste of/and customizable smileys!
  135. Tap Shift To Get Secondary Alternate Characters
  136. English keyboard for typing Quick Cangjie
  137. Samsung note II phablet
  138. Dictionary (application side) improvements
  139. adjustable sensivity + path smoothing
  140. More themes please! Preferably a blue/black theme
  141. Import Android personal dictionary to swype dictionary
  142. More Voice key options!
  143. easier predictions when swyping.
  144. provide option for phone sized keyboard (left or right side) on larger devices
  145. Improve secondary character visibility
  146. Prediction bar (Hide) option
  147. Keyboard Height size .. Decrease or Choose size by user
  148. Cursor position sometimes prevents you from slecting a suggested word
  149. Swype from backspace to spacebar for alternative to delete
  150. to many obscure words in database
  151. Nook HD+ now that full Google Play is available on it.
  152. Use of the Apostrophe + Fresher Themes
  153. Swype themes are laughable
  154. German: swyping quotation marks
  155. change of words easier
  156. I'm Driving Safety Button
  157. Add settings of ".com" button
  158. Report-a-Bug should be an in-app feature instead of a forum-specific feature
  159. endlessy swiping
  160. how can i get Swype on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and 7?
  161. put the top row arrows back in
  162. Nook HD+ compatibility
  163. move app from internal memory to SD Card
  164. Hebrew keyboard changes
  165. Multi-Touch Edit Controls: Using two fingers like arrow keys.
  166. Use Skype for all apps
  167. keyboard layout independend from language
  168. Voice and swipe
  169. Arrow key suggestion
  170. Setting to keep delete speed constant
  171. Per my Play Store Review, here is extended feedback.
  172. Keyboard shrinks to partial screen width (makes thumb typing on large screens possibl
  173. .co.uk request
  174. Move cursor with Volume Up/Down
  175. QWERTY layout for Hungarian language
  176. Change sensitivity settings
  177. full width or one thumb keyboard configurable based on orientation
  178. Android user dictionary import
  179. sell swype via Amazon App Store + offline speach to text
  180. True "Edit" to User Dictionary
  181. Integrate Dragon speech recognition into word suggestions
  182. Stylus Keyboard on Galaxy Note2
  183. Chinese Keyboard Layout Enhancement
  184. Key Position of Traditional Chinese ChangJie IME 倉頡
  185. Bigger font keyboard?
  186. Request: Colors customizable
  187. Buttons: 2nd function customizable
  188. .com
  189. Useability
  190. Option to deprioritize words in your personal dictionary
  191. Return Key instead of smiley
  192. Per-app default language selection
  193. Separate backspace and enter (Go) button
  194. Czech QWERTY keyboard
  195. Add text field to the Gestures page so you can practice the gestures
  196. Swype for desktops!!!
  197. 'Enter' in todays update (8th june)
  198. option to disable SOFTKEY LIGHTing-UP, DELETE button and DICTIONARY editing
  199. the solution to nuance wanting us to use dragon but everyone else wanting Google voic
  200. how to integrate "next word prediction" and Google-style punctuation
  201. Keyboard size (height) - customizable
  202. How to get a german Keyboard without ",,,", becuase its to tight for small screen
  203. Option to disable GPS usage.
  204. Customize "long-hold" symbols
  205. Please change thai keyboard to normally layout !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. simple English rules
  207. Chinese Traditional keyboard-zhuyin: columns not lined up properly
  208. HashTag #Tag - Living Language
  209. Typing stops autocorrection
  210. LastPass plugin
  211. Widget wanted?
  212. WORD SCORING - for the inaccurate typers
  213. Directional Arrows
  214. List of my notes
  215. Duplicate/unnecessary keys/gestures
  216. Sync while in roaming
  217. REVERSE position of the DASH(HYPHEN) and UNDERSCORE!!
  218. Medical Dictionary
  219. Disable voice dictiation programmatically (security leak)
  220. dictation for a disability
  221. Adding bearings degrees minutes seconds
  222. Add space bar options for tab and repeated spaces
  223. editing "my dictionary"
  224. mobile friendly forum please
  225. Restore the old Long Press Word Delete Feature
  226. Dragon should be able to do commands for using textblocks
  227. all characters to spacebar
  228. Optional "swear pack" or other optional dictionaries?
  229. why no displaying of alternate symbols in numbersblock-view
  230. change order of word choices from the list with capitalization options
  231. Magnetic / smart punctuation
  232. enter or next line return
  233. Auto Landscape option for keyboard
  234. A real Holo theme
  235. Dual word suggestions for words w/ and wo/ capitalized first letter for German
  236. Remember the last language used per contact
  237. Two-finger swipe down to lower keyboard
  238. Holo theme visibility improvements
  239. Automaticly change words when you type instead of swype
  240. Define My Own Gestures
  241. Please expand/improve the import-function!
  242. Add more symbols
  243. Add feature for sywping to space bar to type multiple words
  244. please let us turn off automatically inserting apostrophes
  245. better knowledge of commonly used words and basic grammar....
  246. Typing numbers from Alphabet pad
  247. Language Change Button / No word suggestions in landscape / Arrow Keys / Key Height
  248. <Optional> Split keyboard for smartphones with large screen
  249. Latest Tapatalk does not support latest Swype
  250. Please add ability to use Google+ account to sync to cloud (like Swiftkey cloud does)