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  1. Option to export/import my personal dictionary words
  2. Option for removing the "ES" Spanish language button from keyboard
  3. Shorcut to Select input method dialog
  4. Override certain autocorrect combinations
  5. Language pack for shell commands
  6. Add Swype to display clipboard entries
  7. disable landscape fullscreen mode
  8. Make Swype gestures copy/pase etc. for work for Cyryllic keyboard
  9. option to resize keyboard
  10. Improve language switch gesture
  11. This is the keyboard Swype should have
  12. Symbol to Space feature
  13. Some suggestions on keyboard layout
  14. option to disable swipe trace mode when entering words.
  15. FR: when deleting word, delete back to first punctuation character
  16. A more visually attractive keyboard
  17. Clearing the learned library
  18. Add .com.br to pt-br keyboard
  19. Word Syncing Across Devices
  20. Swype to speak predictive text word choices?
  21. Incorporate Calling and Texting with added Bluetooth Functionality
  22. Different Settings for Landscape/Portrait Keyboards
  23. Split keyboard landscape layout to facilitate swyping and improve functionality.
  24. Traditional Chinese Swype
  25. English keyboard suggestions/complaints
  26. Swype installer should relay more information to the user- "verbose" install option?
  27. Swype on spacebar moves cursor
  28. Traditional Chinese (HK) Cangjie Keyboard
  29. Option to remove diacritics
  30. Put after the fact capitalization back the way it was
  31. Backup user dictionary
  32. The ASTERISK
  33. Change Swype keyboard size
  34. Have shift key switch , to - and . to '
  35. Load contacts' names into personal dictionary
  36. Load messages to dictonary
  37. Text shortcuts
  38. Feature regression between 3.26.x and 1.x
  39. Make auto-punctuation an option
  40. Open question mark and open exclamation mark in spanish
  41. What's the purpose of killing Swype?
  42. Customize smyle
  43. Add top row with numeric key
  44. Can you equip more languages with Dragon Voice
  45. 3x3 keyboard layout
  46. rzavpx christian louboutin] tzstby
  47. Hebrew layout
  48. Missing "" in spanish keyboard
  49. Customizable keys, previous features incorperated as options in new releases
  50. A few ideas
  51. Multitouch support for landscape
  52. word suggestion interface improvement.
  53. .com
  54. predictions shown in HWCL even when disabled
  55. Polish dictionary from v3.26.92.38303
  56. Give back full punctuation support for custom words!
  57. Swiss-french layout (QWERTZ) for french, please !
  58. v1.0.3.5809 bring back features from the last version please
  59. Numeric Hyphen (minus) location needs relocating
  60. SWYPE drills app?
  61. change languages FASTER! please!
  62. True floating keyboard functionality [IMPLEMENTED v1.8]
  63. language change
  64. Edit Keyboard in Swype BETA 1.1.1 became worse
  65. Set preferred words in skype ?
  66. When will the next version of Swype be released?
  67. Auto Suggesting Numbers
  68. Swype Does not Work on Belle FP2
  69. Greek Nuance Dictation
  70. Keyboard Layout
  71. 7 inch tablet resizing
  72. Polite request - x on the number screen?
  73. Add a one handed style keyboard [IMPLEMENTED]
  74. new featured request concerning chinese input
  75. Change the domain button (.com) in web browsers
  76. Play Store try it and training App
  77. Idea / Request : A new gesture to quickly enter numbers
  78. Dictionary and Complete Word Deletion
  79. Feature Request - Number Pad as calculator style instead of telephone pad style.
  80. Swyping things like <3 and ^^
  81. I cant Buy Galaxy note II because of Swype !!
  82. Swype Personalization
  83. New layout for Galaxy Note II (N7100)
  84. Where are the arrow keys?
  85. Export/Import user dictionary to/from SD card
  86. Themeing introduced, but NOT themed button layouts?
  87. Match the punctuation marks associated with 1-9.
  88. Emoticons memory
  89. Make it more performant
  90. Make Dragon show your text as you're speaking
  91. Allow backup of dictionary
  92. Allow offline dictation for when network unavailable
  93. swype left from delete key to delete previous word
  94. Statistics improvements
  95. form filler helper
  96. Allow tablet mode on Nexus 7
  97. Starting swipes with symbols
  98. optoin to make symbols appear faster
  99. hyphen disabled in eform keyboard mode?
  100. creating custom key
  101. Add/Remove keys to/from the Number and Edit layer
  102. Minor keyboard + theme request
  103. option to block auto capitalization of dictionary words.
  104. Removal of voice recognition key
  105. Add a period to the number screen (implemented)
  106. Keyboard french , dutch language , all flemish people will like this soooo much
  107. Vibrate on keys secondary function popup
  108. Predictive entry of times
  109. A word-adding button in Personal Dictionary (+)
  110. fixed keyboard layout
  111. Vibrate feedback on alternate character long-press
  112. Option / Gesture to turn word prediction on/off
  113. One common keyboard layout for all languages
  114. by default swype keyb. should be hidden in phone with hardware keyb
  115. SD card
  116. Hi several key features
  117. Deactivating the automatic dictionary
  118. Hapitic feedback when accessing "press & hold" characters
  119. Option to select different input method via spacebar
  120. Change long-press time to choose symbol etc
  121. Keyboard on S3 missin mic
  122. auto-correction should be suppressed in cases when it's obviously unwanted
  123. autocorrection should replace symbols around space when it's easy to guess
  124. Hindi language
  125. please please please remove the smiley face and put back the enter key for sms's
  126. Missing a feature that was there before
  127. More then 1 language correction at the same time ?
  128. Add all the gestures from SlideIT keyboard
  129. Swipe from right to left to erase a word ?
  130. Stock Android theme
  131. Swype - one step forward, one step back..
  132. Long press to select symbol: Enable Swyping
  133. Remove rare words from dictionary
  134. Create an option for auto adding words to dictionary
  135. With or Without themes download option.
  136. Multi-finger swiping
  137. Move the recording button
  138. Nuance text to speech word replacement
  139. Autocorrect option
  140. issues with Swype beta
  141. Annoying auto highlighting!
  142. Symbols Layout
  143. please add arrows to keyboard to move cursor and enable keyboard resizing.
  144. please make the numbers button/symbols button bigger
  145. Chinese Input Feature Request
  146. Fix incorrectly placement of qwerty row in Danish keyboard layout
  147. Swype for Windows 8?
  148. fractions for dictation
  149. inputs that need to be changed
  150. Predict word while still Swyping (not just when tapping)
  151. Layout / language pack creator / editor
  152. Auto Language Change
  153. Next word prediction needs two lists
  154. Korean language support plz
  155. Portraid mode - T9
  156. Android cursor tool covers the top row of keyboard not allowing to type
  157. two hand swiping now(method included)
  158. When typing by letter: highlight when displayed word won't be used
  159. Shift followed by Backspace deletes character to right
  160. Delete 1 character instead of entire word when pressing Backspace
  161. Option to set delay in tap hold vs tap long hold
  162. Option to remove or exclude words from main dictionary
  163. Auto spacing before some symbols (e.g. ampersand)
  164. PLEASE READ :D I have a list of ideas that will be really helpful for Swype.
  165. Swype key is too big
  166. Arabic Dictionary for the nokia swype does not exist
  167. Nexus 10 optimization?
  168. Punctuation with handwriting mode?
  169. More sources for words
  170. Swype Accessibility for Blind and Visually Impaired
  171. remove the keys from German keyboard
  172. comma on the secondary keyboard please
  173. Need you on my Windows Phone HTC 8X
  174. voice recognition
  175. Personalize Swype keyboard.
  176. Korean Language Pack
  177. All I want for Christmas is my speed slider back.
  178. way to force Swype to pick a different word selection?
  179. Swype for Nook Color
  180. REQ: Auto spacing to work on websites :)
  181. use latin/english letters instead of chinese characters in Chinese Cangjie input
  182. English language with an AZERTY keyboard layout?
  183. The Swype "123" keyboard button is too small.
  184. '?' and '!'
  185. Landscape mode
  186. Keyboard layout and dictionary requests
  187. Swype for WP8
  188. Auto learning from Emails, SMS like swiftkey3
  189. coordinate English and Chinese symbols locations
  190. Swype API for 3rd party dev
  191. faster switching between languages
  192. Easy way to make layout editing possible
  193. Add Emoji support
  194. number pad
  195. Mini keyboard user selectable on any device
  196. Disable Auto-correction in Seach and Other Text Fields
  197. Feature Request .... Ditch Beta 1.3 and make old versions of Beta available
  198. Feature Request .... A dictionary "Restore" function ....
  199. "fir" more popular than "for"?
  200. Transparent keyboard
  201. Delay committing the autocorrection choice until after the space is pressed.
  202. Easier access to asterisk
  203. feature request - disable prediction when typing
  204. Disable words on the dictionary
  205. Can English input support phone keypad?
  206. swyping detection
  207. Upload Contact Names
  208. removing language
  209. Swipe down for alternate character
  210. Swipe left on backspace to delete word
  211. Smaller Footprint
  212. Keyboard layout requests
  213. pls enable auto add to dictionary
  214. memory
  215. Missing removed features
  216. Swype should choose what we type, not what it thinks what we mean
  217. FEEDBACK and SUGGESTION from multi keyboard user
  218. Tablet layout requests
  219. Request: COMMA in the NUMBER PANEL!!! for the 2nd time
  220. Buttons lower vertically.
  221. Add TLDs (toplevel domains)
  222. 3x4 Keyboard
  223. Remove unnecessary proper nouns from the default dictionary !!
  224. Allow a custom button or customization of Press-Hold or Press-Long-hold characters
  225. Arrow keys
  226. Adopt pre-installed version's personal dictionary?
  227. English (India) keyboard for Indian rupee ₹ symbol
  228. A way to add email addresses to dictionary
  229. keyboard for one handed use
  230. Opening single quote
  231. Upload/download Personal Dictionary
  232. Scan google drive, dropbox, or selected documents for improved word prediction
  233. Smaller Install Size.
  234. Getting more out of your Swypes!
  235. Swype features to die for!
  236. Swype chinese cangjie
  237. Restore the auto include personal words in the personal dictionary
  238. Ability to resize keyboard
  239. Star key (*) has to be moved!
  240. Hyphen gesture
  241. windows 8 support
  242. Option to disable swyping in landscape
  243. Word suggestion bar with physical keyboard
  244. cursing & names & remembering words
  245. Partial Solution for Buggy Swype Connect
  246. predict traditional chinese customize word more than 3 words under swype mode
  247. Easy to add, just eight characters - MALTESE
  248. [Themes] Flat vs. Bold key style
  249. Remove the Dragon key
  250. UK post codes