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  1. Delete key default to delete word if Swyped
  2. English Qwerty board....
  3. Or vs. Our
  4. 3.25 Feedback
  5. Word prediction still needs HUGE improvement
  6. Allow deletion of default dictionary words
  7. Please put the landscape space bar where it belongs
  8. Selection in Documents to Go not posting to Facebook with Swype+F-B
  9. export and import personal dictionary
  10. Change of language
  11. Hex keyboard
  12. Set input field background to 50 pct transparent
  13. Consistency with regard to the apostrophe?
  14. Bring back the beep and blue flash
  15. indicate that the word just entered is not in either dictionary
  16. Chinese support on FWVGA solutions
  17. white txt on a white background
  18. Volume key to move cursor option
  19. Letter popup when typing
  20. Optional autocorrect for tapped "words"
  21. Option to totally and completely turn off auto-capitalization (proper names)
  22. sign on UK English keyboard
  23. swiss keyboard
  24. Individually select languages at installation / Standalone dictionaries
  25. Word list popup
  26. Adjustable delay on long press
  27. Please support Cangjie (Traditional Chinese)
  28. Number pad for faster inputting
  29. French candian language
  30. multi dict support
  31. Pls add Serbian language suport pack for Swype
  32. Swype Languages for Swype Ovi
  33. Add an option to change the keyboard height
  34. Stop adding names through contacts.
  35. Suppress words from stock dictionary (eg. - suppress "word" from dictionary)
  36. Custom Keyboard Layouts
  37. Skins/Themes/Custom Keyboard "styles" as you were
  38. Autospacing after commas and apostrophes
  39. Change tapping letter highlighting entire word
  40. Add a percentual when downloading Swype
  41. Add a possibility to select onle the desired languages.
  42. Increase space bar
  43. Delete Last Word Swyped with Single Backspace Press -- Like Flex T9
  44. Option to disable language button
  45. Deleting words from the default dictionary
  46. auto capitalize just first word
  47. Swype on the HP TouchPad with Cyanogen mod/Android OS
  48. Brief popup of accepted word
  49. Danish Dictionary/keyboard in the beta version
  50. Missing @-sign and in Finnish layout.
  51. Font Size in Russian
  52. Welsh language support
  53. Wqvga
  54. Gesture Shortcut for Emoticons
  55. Honeycomb/futureICS mini-mode: Move gray bars to the top
  56. Swype button to select word problem
  57. Slovak QWERTY layout
  58. Looking for Traditional Chinese Input by Cangjie
  59. Lsat?
  60. Layout switching
  61. Simple requests
  62. Single language only packs?
  63. What happened?
  64. Word suggestion popup.
  65. "" Key In Portuguese Keyboard
  66. 3.26: less-accurate Swype-switch language results in words instead
  67. 3.26: suggest adding a custom word on whatever punctuation
  68. A way for user to provide "hints" to Swype to disambiguate words?
  69. Please add the ability to change text color and size
  70. smiley button
  71. Change the "-" to it's own button
  72. Personal blacklist
  73. Option to automatically add all non dictionary words typed to the dictionary
  74. Things to change
  75. selection of alternative word from HWCL should preserve selected capitalization
  76. Hardware keyboard
  77. cool swyping-based "reset" word gesture
  78. popers nouns in last version reduce accuracy
  79. Typing Sound - Swype 2.26 vs Swype Today
  80. English only version?
  81. Separate contacts from personal dictionary.
  82. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  83. Removing and Adding Some Keys and Functions
  84. Sharper font for keyboard?
  85. Option to Change keyboard size on 1024x600 resolution Android 2.3 tablet?
  86. Suggestion from a Chinese user
  87. Apostrophe key when caps'd
  88. Support for 1024x768 screen size
  89. REQ: Quick "revert to what you typed not what Swype suggested & replaced" feature
  90. Swype + Swift X...
  91. letter pop up
  92. Brave feature request: angled keyboards
  93. Option to change trace and suggestions color
  94. prevent short line cut and 2 words instead of one
  95. Swype path redraw when selecting word to correct
  96. Suggestion: Password manager
  97. Why is the spacebar SO small?!
  98. Key chording?
  99. Samsung Galaxy Nexus support?
  100. voice api integration vlingo, Google text to voce, etc
  101. Profanity filter/banned words dictionary
  102. Anti-keyboard (or: Blacklist dictionary)
  103. Swype installer to HD card?
  104. Calibration!
  105. Remove language button
  106. No Space-L, prediction customization
  107. Remove English (US) and Spanish
  109. keyboard layout should be independent from language for text prediction.
  110. Implement a wider spacebar
  111. Additional Sounds on Keypress (Ex. BackSpace, Space, Enter)
  112. Extra Encrypted Personal Dictionary, like Firefox has, for Passwords
  113. Italian Keyboard back
  114. Upcoming BETA Release: Will WQVGA Support Return?
  115. Better Spell Checker.
  116. Danish dictionary for Nokia 700
  117. Can Dragon be made optional for Swype, please?
  118. Auto space after period, like it does after question mark
  119. vibrate when selecting word from suggestion bar
  120. PLEASE change this!
  121. Remove the dedicated "" button for Portuguese
  122. Would love to have a .com button
  123. voice input like Google ICS voice input
  124. option to automatically add words to user dict.
  125. Swype Dictation
  126. more than two languages
  127. Make suggestion bar never blank, suggest punctuation like periods and commas
  128. Add ellipsis on the keyboard
  129. no auto-correct for tapped words
  130. Usability issue - suggestion bar is changing window size
  131. ICS language support?
  132. Build personal dictionary based on sent SMS/mails
  133. Automatic Symbols Page Change
  134. When will Swedish be availble for Tablet beta (ICS)
  135. Import/Export user custom wordlist/dictionaries
  136. Please do support screen size 1024x768...
  137. For Dragon to work in Messaging or any app on my phone...
  138. Separate keyboard card for hexadecimal input
  139. Option to remove language button
  140. auto space makes it difficult to enter login credentials
  141. Play Music
  142. Language button behaviour (switch between only choosen languages)
  143. DRAGON GO! - in Portuguese Brazil
  144. Please, release Swype for Vertical 12-keys Keypad Layout!
  145. Automatically space after periods
  146. save keyboard location in tablet
  147. consuming large space
  148. wrong words - german
  149. Customisable key layout
  150. Move between fields
  151. Manually resize keyboard
  152. Please add more options and control in Swype settings, get it right then build!
  153. Select Text vs. Select Word
  154. When will Swype be available for iOS?
  155. Enable automatic change of Android's spelling correction language
  156. Swype on Samsung Galaxy SL GT-i9003
  157. Found out how to cancel mid swype, very useful unlisted feature.
  158. In the Warning Pop-Up, Add Option to Delete Word
  159. Danish dictionaries for Nokia 500, same OS as others, so why not?
  160. Idea: Select words by frequency of use or blacklist
  161. Size of the keyboard on tablets
  162. Configurable time for switch between the leter/single special char/special chars
  163. Tablet Portrait Mode - allow keyboard to be moved anywhere on screen.
  164. Multiple Views on Tablets
  165. Swype vs. SlideIT
  166. Enable auto spacing when entering URL
  167. Persian numbers when layout is Persian out Arabic
  168. Persian numbers when layout is Persian out Arabic
  169. Personal dictionary sync
  170. Ability to remove words from preloaded library
  171. Usability Issue: Cursor blocks word selection
  172. Switch contacts automatically
  173. instead of $ on main ABC screen when using the english (uk) language?
  174. paste gesture
  175. Issues installing on Verizon Galaxy Nexus
  176. Prediction while sliding + word prediction + multithreading
  177. Swype s60v5 bugs
  178. Compound word addition to dictionary
  179. Requirement: Provide option to enable/disable diacritic marks
  180. SmartSwype - learns commons words and prioritizes predictions based on usage
  181. Do not autocorrect words that are typed letter by letter
  182. swype from backspace key to backspace entire word
  183. plurals
  184. Remap keys
  185. Space bar too SMALL! Disable language/voice button
  186. Change turkish national layout to standart qwerty
  187. Change time to hold to get secondary characters
  188. Swype with an Alphanumeric (0-9 keys) keyboard
  189. Mini-Keyboard left , middle, right position remembered ....
  190. remove DC from the default dictionary please
  191. Swype + Swiftkey Ultimate Combination ? Better word prediction ....
  192. natural order of the alphabet
  193. Just got the updated Swype, some ideas.
  194. Beyer (better), gaby (baby), coils (could) etc are too common
  195. Remove autospacing when correcting words
  196. Swyping upwards from i results in Kinda/Kilo
  197. Language request -> Afrikaans
  198. Skinning?
  199. Disable special accenting
  200. Support Vietnamese Telex IME
  201. Swype Beta update : Review, ideas and suggestions
  202. Back to auto-inserting typed words in personal dictionary?? O_o
  203. Swype is now untemeable
  204. Delete Word Back
  205. Autospace after punctuation
  206. German and French Swiss keyboard layout missing
  207. several issues when typing rapidly with autocorrection
  208. Optimize feature "Disable Auto-spacing" for german language
  209. Going back more than one word with the Swype Key by pressing it multiple times
  210. Numeric keyboard - please swap decimal point and space
  211. Add Personal Dictionary functionality to Thai
  212. Suggestion for Chinese KB layout.
  213. Ability to make letters more visible.
  214. [VIETNAMESE] Improvements request
  215. Please restore "home" and "end" keys
  216. Add support to add words to dictionary directly
  217. Please - a bigger landscape keyboard...
  218. A few suggestions
  219. Eliminate the moving target problem.
  220. Make Swype less sensitive to the finger accidentally letting off
  221. Replace Dragon with Google
  222. Dragon Dictation and directly Send Message
  223. Can you please birng back the numpad keyboard from the previous build?
  224. Why is percent hidden behind TWO menus?
  225. Trust me when I don't type double letters or Apostrophe
  226. Spaces in url bar
  227. keyboard is to big
  228. Tab button
  229. macron support: add vowels āēīōū to the diacritics list on long key press IMPLEMENTED
  230. Text edit tab covers word suggestion
  231. Disable suggestions
  232. Language toggle button
  233. Accuracy change
  234. Gesture to type "" in the italian keyboard
  235. Changing the symbols location on keys
  236. continuous swyping
  237. different keyboard layout/language
  238. Changes to german layout
  239. Swype Button no longer highlights a word
  240. Option to Move character suggestion bar to bottom for Chinese handwriting input
  241. Please correct the chinese cangjie keypad array
  242. Theme support
  243. Keyboard in landscape: place it on one side (R or L) within reach of the thumb
  244. just want urdu language in latest swype beta
  245. Several Ideas.. probably said before though
  246. PLEASE put back the dictionary editing feature!
  247. Writting ALL the sentence in once...! !
  248. Disable sound on failed recognition
  249. Word combinations
  250. skip autospacing